Horror Month – The Omen ♥♥♥♥♥

Throughout October I will be attempting to watch 31 horror movies, one per day for the month. I will be trying to watch as many ones I haven’t seen as possible.

First up….

1/31 The Omen

Yes the simple story of the devil child. Done so many time after this, but having watched this for the first time, the original was definitely the best.

Officially the first ever Gregory Peck film I have seen too, this was a creepily horrific delight. There were moments of genuine suspense, and almost all the death scenes were of the highest class of cinema mortality.

I actually gasped in awe at a few of them, not because of what happened, but how it was done. To say this film was released in 1976, the quality and effect of practical special effects is still so good that this horror fan was truly taken aback by some of them.

I have heard people say “it’s not as good as The Omen” before…. And now I know why.

Great acting, spot on suspense and a genuine sense of dread every time Damien is present.

A great start to the month of horrors!

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Downton Abbey Binge Watch Season 6

Season 6

Episode 1

This is it…. The last season!


A hut is happening. Lord Grantham is ignoring his hospital visits.

A woman is hanging around noone knows.

Mrs Hughes and Carson don’t have a wedding date yet.

Mrs Patmore guesses something is wrong with her. She is worried about sex. She asks Mrs Patmore to speak to Carson.

Anna is crying on the stairs. She thought she was pregnant but wasn’t. She thinks she is unable to have kids.

Mary falls off her house whilst looking at the odd woman.

The Yorkshire County hospital wants to. Take over Downton’s hospital

The woman approaches Mary. She was a chambermaid in the hospital when Mary stayed there with Gillingham. She wants £1000

Thomas has been entertaining the kids.

Grantham mentions to Carson that he needs to think about reducing the staff numbers.

Mrs Patmore goes to speak to Carson but struggles to ask properly.

The woman blackmailing Mary poses as a maid from another house. She gets into Mary’s bedroom. She threatens with the newspaper story again. Anna comes and escorts her out. Her name is Bevan.

The police come. Another woman has confessed to Mr Green’s murder but Anna isn’t sure.

The farm and house that Daisy often goes to work on is going to be sold.

Mrs Patmore eventually tells Carson and he wants the “full marriage”

The woman turns up again but Mary isn’t home. Lord Grantham speaks to her and ends up paying her off. It’s then revealed he only gave her £50 as he threatened to go to the police about her. Grantham is actually proud of his daughter for standing up to her.

Lady Violet winds up her maid by suggesting that if there’s the staff cuts she is gossiping about, she will get fired.

There’s an auction at the Mallerton House. The Henderson who have bought the house are there. Daisy goes to speak to them about the farmers they are getting rid of. Lord Grantham tells her to stop but she carries on. Mr Henderson says that she has not helped her cause.

The police turn back up. The confession is real and Bates and Anna are free! Bates is thankful to Moseley and Baxter.

All the family are really happy about the acquittal and break open the booze, toasting them all downstairs.

Carson mentions sacking Daisy but Cora talks him into just giving her a telling off.

Episode 2

Rose is living in New York.

A Mr Finch turns up to speak to the agent. Mary takes charge.

Moseley speaks to the school headmaster. He gets some old exam papers for Daisy.

Thomas is worried about being fired. He keeps trying to help out with Andy but he can already do everything. He goes for an interview but realises the world is changing.

Mary offers Carson the house for their wedding reception. She then offers to take Anna to hospital in London to see about the surgery she had.

Mrs Hughes doesn’t want the wedding at the house. Carson tells Mary but she insists it will be.

At a livery fair, Marigold goes missing. Lady Drewe has taken her back to her house. Grantham agrees that they have to sever ties with the Drewes

Episode 3

Anna is pregnant. Once she gets to 12 weeks she will go for the procedure.

Lord Grantham is getting his chest pains again.

Edith runs into Bertie Pelham in London and agrees to go for a drink with her.

Thomas goes to look at another house but everything is very dilapidated now.

Edith sacks her editor and therefore cannot meet properly with Pelham. He agrees to go with her back to the office to help out.

The police come to see Spratt. His sisters son has been in prison. He has recently escaped and is on the run.

Mrs Patmore ordered a dress for Mrs Hughes but it wasn’t great. Anna mentions it to Mary who looks to try to sort a dress out for Mrs Hughes.

Cora returns home to catch Mrs Hughes, Anna and Mrs Patmore trying on her clothes. She isn’t happy, fueled by the problems she is having with arguments with Lady Violet abiut the hospital. Mary goes to speak to her mother about it.

Cora brings Mrs Hughes the outfit.

Carson and Mrs Hughes get married. Yay!

Brandon turns up with little Sybil for the wedding and says he would like to stay back for good.

Episode 4

The arguments rage on about the hospital. Lady Violet doesn’t want the Hospital to be handed over but others do.

Gwen comes back to Downton with her husband. She is now Mrs Harding. She refuses to tell Mary who she is when she asks if she recognised her. Thomas notices.

Branson obviously notices and Mary sees him talking to her. Thomas drops the bombshell at dinner to everyone.

Gwen talks fondly about Sybil and their secrets from the early series. She speaks fondly of her.

Gwen goes down to say hello to everyone in the kitchen.

Anna starts to get some sharp stomach pains. She starts to panic about the baby. They need to get to the doctors. Anna won’t tell Bates but they pretend something is wrong with Mary.

Daisy is adament at having a go about the farmer being moved along.

Upstairs Cora is wanting to give the farm to Mr Mason.

Daisy storms upstairs but Lord Grantham stops them and tells them her the news that Mr Mason will be getting the farm.

Lord Grantham continues to struggle with his stomach and chest.

Anna hasn’t lost the baby. The doctor is optimistic that the procedure he has done will help her.

Bates figures out what Anna. Has been hiding and is really happy. The Carsons return home (we will carry on calling her Mrs Hughes).

They agree to be Carson and Mrs Hughes to. Make life easier.

Carson slips off to check his room. He has moved out of the house he has lived in for years.

Episode 5

Lady Violet tells Lord Grantham she wants Neville Chamberlain, the minister for health to come to Downton as he tours the North.

Mrs Baxter is called to be a character witness in a trial for someone from her past. When she got there she didn’t need to stand as the defendant changed his plea to guilty.

Andy wants to learn about the pigs with the farmer.

Lady Violet sacks Her maid after its reported back to her that she called the doctor a traitor.

Branson notices that Mary and Henry Talbot are making excuses to see each other and just basically tells them to get together.

Edith and Pelham kiss.

Lord Grantham is not looking forward to the coming meal with Chamberlain. He isn’t feeling too great.

Thomas finds out Andy can’t read despite hiding it. Thomas offers to help him learn.

The Chamberlain meal arrives. Lady Violet moves around the seating plan.

Neville Chamberlain arrives. Lady Violet argues with him at the dinner table.

Lord Grantham looks ill.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT Lord Grantham suddenly jumps up and spits blood everywhere. His ulcer has burst and needs urgent medical attention.

Everyone waits around at the house for news of Lord Grantham. He has had an operation but will be alright.

Mary overhears something being talked about by Lady Violet and Cora. She pieces things together and realises about Edith and the child.

Episode 6

Lord Grantham is laid up in bed. They are planning on opening the house to the public.

Henry Talbot begins to woo Mary. They kiss after she tells him the reason she doesn’t want to watch the car racing is because of the fact Matthew died in a car.

The open day happens and its clear the family don’t actually know that much about half of the things in the house.

Baxter gets a letter from the guy who got sent down asking to see her.

A young lad gets into Lord Grantham’s room.

Lady Violet is mad with Cora for everything regarding the hospital.

Mr Bates is always moaning about Mrs Hughes cooking and housekeeping.

Episode 7

Henry Talbot has invited the family to London to watch him racing.

Mrs Patmore has opened up a B&B.

Baxter can’t decide what to do about meeting Coyle. Moseley keeps telling her not to but she can’t decide.

They all go to the racing. Edith new female editor joins them.

Talbot is making it clear he wants Mary.

Andy struggles to read. The headteacher invites him to come to help.

As Talbot races, him and Rogers are neck and neck as there’s a big crash. Charlie Rogers’ car is on fire. Talbot tries to get him out but can’t and Rogers dies in the fire.

Moseley passed a test to be a teacher at the school. Thomas is upset. He has been trying to get out for so long but hasnt been able to make it.

Mrs Hughes hurts her arm. She tells Carson he can cook and she will talk him through it. She loves ordering him around.

Henry phones Mary and says he needs to know if she will be with him. She says no that they ain’t right. Branson catches her. She says she was glad that it when she found out the other guy died and not Talbot. Branson tries to talk her around.

Bertie Pelham ask Edith to marry him. She asks if she can bring Marigold with her. He says she can.

Someone is watching Mrs Patmore’s comings and goings from the B&B.

Lady Crawley brings a letter from Lady Violet who has gone travelling. Spratt is bringing a present over. Its down in the Servant hall. It’s a new dog!

Wait…. When did Isis die? Oh shit… When Lord Grantham and Cora let Isis into bed with them at the end of Season 5 episode 7, that was the dogs death… Now I feel sad!

Episode 8

The police come to talk to Mrs Patmore about the guests she had in the B&B. They were having a dodgy affair and now the hotel. Has got a bad name already.

Daisy has passed all her exams.

Pelham’s cousin has died. Edith has invited him over. Pelham has now inherited a title which means Edith will outrank everyone.

Edith is worried though that he won’t now want her.

Mrs Patmore is called Beryl! That’s the first time I have heard her name mentioned! There’s a reporter watching the B&B and they are having cancellations coming through.

Mr Moseley goes to the school to teach for the first time.

Talbot turns up… Branson knew he was coming. Mary is acting funny around him.

At the table, Mary pushed Edith into telling Pelham that Marigold is her daughter. Pelham isn’t happy that Edith didn’t trust him enough and he leaves.

Edith has a go at Mary, calling her a bitch 😱😱😱

Thomas is found in a bath having tried to commit suicide by cutting his wrists.

Moseley finds common ground with the kids and everything starts working out well. Daisy overhears him.

Lady Violet returns home and tells Mary to make peace with Edith and herself. She had been summoned by Branson.

Carson and Lord Grantham feel guilty for what happened to Thomas and want to ask him to stay.

Mary writes for Henry to come back. They get back together.

Mary and Henry are set to be married.

Episode 9 – the Finale

Well here we are. Almost 50 hours of Downton comes down to the final episode.

Edith offers Spratt a larger column in the magazine.

Andy asks Mrs Patmore about if Daisy is interested in men.

Mr Moseley is offered a bigger job at the school.

Carson is seen shaking as he handles a cup of tea.

Thomas is leaving at the weekend. The family are going to meet Pelham’s family so they all say goodbye to Thomas.

Carson is struggling. He has Palsy, causing his hands to shake. It’s a condition in his family.

Pelham’s mother causes a few awkward moments with Pelham.

Thomas goes to work at a new house with only another couple of members of staff.

Edith and Pelham’s engagement is announced.

Times shifts to Christmas.

Rose turns up with Aldridge. She has left the baby back in America.

Moseley is back at the house whilst it’s the school holidays.

Anna is ten days away from giving birth.

Carson has told Lord Grantham and Mary he will be stepping down after the wedding..

Talbot and Branson buy a car showroom together.

Rose takes Lord Grantham into town to show him Cora at work talking to the people about the hospital.

Daisy sneaks off to Cora’s room to borrow the new hairdryer. She wants a new hairstyle for the wedding. She starts cutting her owm hair. She makes a complete mess of it.

Anna sorts it out for her. And Andy likes her! He takes a lock of her hair! Awwww

Edith’s wedding arrives in the house… Anna is feeling a little warm…… I bet I know where this is heading….

Carson continues to struggle with pouring. Thomas turns up and offers his services. Lord Grantham asks Thomas to be the Butler and tells Carson that he will continue to be paid to stay home in retirement.

I love how everyone forgives Thomas for all the shit he has caused over the years haha.

Anna goes to see Mary and her waters break. The baby is coming and there’s no time to go anywhere. She will have the baby in Mary’s bedroom.

The farmer chats up Mrs Patmore. Daisy arranges to go work at the farm too.

Edith throws the bouquet and it’s caught by the woman who has been chatting Branson up all day.

Anna has had the baby. They have a little boy. Bates is happy.

It’s New Years Eve and everyone is set to see the new year in.

Lady Violet hands over the hospital to Cora.

Everyone is happy everywhere. They all.sing Auld Lang Syne


And that’s it…. The entire collection of Downton in just over a week! Wow

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Downton Abbey Binge – Season 5

Season 5

Episode 1

Edith is visiting the family who are looking after her child, the mother of the family not knowing its Edith’s child.

Gillingham has clearly won Mary’s affections.

Carson has been asked to attend a ceremony meeting regarding a war memorial. They want him to be chairman of the memorial to be put on the land. Lord Grantham seems a little put out by it.

Thomas is determined to get the secrets out of Baxter about Bates and Anna.

Tim Drewe reveals to Edith that he knows about the child being hers. He suggests they might be able to find a way for her to see the child without doing it secretly.

Daisy is wanting to learn maths.

Gillingham is coming with no Valet (Green died remember) and Bates is given the job… Uh oh.

The Grantham’s Wedding Anniversary is looming and they want a younger person’s party. Rose asks Sarah to come, without Branson knowing.

Lady Violet brings Lady Shackleton to town to steal a Lords affections away from Lady Crawley.

Sarah sparks debate with Grantham at the party regarding the war memorial.

Edith accidentally starts a fire. Whilst evacuating, Lord Grantham catches Jimmy in bed with Lady Anstruther who had been passing him notes earlier. Grantham tells Carson to fire him.

Episode 2

Jimmy leaves, presumably over his dalliance with the Lady.

Tim Drewe and Edith hatch a plan to get Edith seeing the child more.

Mrs Patmore asks Rose to see if Sarah Bunting wants some extra work. Daisy needs the maths help.

Anna goes for some female contraception.

Lord Grantham allows Edith to bring the child to the house.

Gillingham concedes he has lost to Mary.

Richard E Grant turns up as Simon Bicker, a friend of Gillingham who has been travelling.

Baxter’s past as a jewel thief comes under scrutiny by both Moseley and Cora. She won’t say why she did it.

Lord Grantham is angry that Branson is still seeing Sarah and also that Richard E Grant is playing with the dog.

There’s a lot of discussion about where the war memorial will be going.

The house gets its first wireless. Grantham only agrees when he finds out that the King will be doing speeches on it.

Mary goes to Liverpool and checks into. A hotel. She meets Gillingham there for a naughty night.

A witness has turned up in the case for Green’s murder.

Episode 3

Gillingham and Mary have spent a week together in Liverpool.

Thomas uses the phone and is clearly up to something again.

Rubbish Butler Spratt spots Mary and Gillingham together.

The police say that the witness said “why have you come” was said by Green before he died.

A business proposition comes in for bidding 50 houses on some of their land.

Spratt tells Lady Violet that he saw Mary and Gillingham. She makes up a story about why they were together.

Mrs Patmore wants Carson to add the name of her friends Son who was shot as a coward in the war to the memorial.

The police officer wants to question Bates after it is told to him that Green had a fall out with Bates.

Cora is hanging around with Richard E Grant….. Hmmmmmm.

Lord Grantham has come to London to surprise Cora and he is jealous.

Tim Drewe tells Edith she needs to stay away due to her causing problems with his wife.

Sarah Bunting is about to cause problems at a party but the situation is rectified by the showing of some precious artifacts from Russia before a Russian prince turns up and knows Lady Violet from her past… This allows Mary to kinda get away with what she has been up to.

Episode 4

Lord Merton comes to try to woo Lady Crawley but she is having none of it.

Lord Grantham is not keen on selling his land for housing still.

Thomas is in a bad place. Baxter catches him and it looks like he is up to something dodgy. She later finds an advert for “choose your own path” which is linked to the phonecall he made before.

Edith is keen to know what has happened to Michael over in Germany.

Mary heads off to London to let one of her suitors down. Whilst down there she tells Isobel about Edith and the child.

Mary sends Anna off to take a letter to Gillingham whilst she bumps into Blake. Anna goes to visit the scene of Green’s death, trying to visualise it. She is seen and followed by someone.

Moseley is being run off his feet as he quickly realises that being first footman is a busy job.

The farmer tells Edith that his wife thinks she is unsettling the child.

Mrs Patmore talks to Grantham about the situation with her family friend.

Mary tells Blake she has chosen him. She is going to tell Gillingham tomorrow. I expect something is going to change her mind….

Rose’s parents, Shrimpie and Sarah, are set to divorce.

Bricker chats Cora up some more.

Gillingham is ditched by Mary. He isn’t happy as he says he loves her and doesn’t accept that it’s over and will fight for her.

Grantham is arguing with Sarah Bunting around the dinner table saying she is causing problems with Mrs Patmore and Daisy. They eventually call for them both from the kitchen. Daisy talks about how much Sarah has taught her. Sarah continues to wind Grantham up and he eventually snaps and tells her he would like her to leave the house.

Episode 5

Mrs Patmore inherits a few hundred quid from an aunt.

An inspector comes from Scotland Yard to talk to people about Green’s death.

Branson calls it off with Bunting as he doesn’t like the position she puts him in with the family. Daisy is unhappy that Bunting has decided to leave.

Mary gives her account of things at the fair when she was told about Green. They are asking whether Bates was down there.

Rose bumps into a guy called Aldridge whilst buying cakes for the Russian refugees.

Carson suggests Mrs Patmore invests in a building company. She ends up wanting to invest in a cottage.

Thomas is interested in why Anna and Bates keep getting questioned by the police.

Daisy tells Branson about Bunting leaving. He goes to see her off.

Bricker is back in Downton. Grantham is away for the night…..

Bricker is sneaking around the house late at night and gets into Cora’s room….. But Grantham is back early. He heads upstairs and catches Bricker in her room. Bricker winds Grantham up telling him he has been ignoring his wife. Grantham decks Bricker and the two of them fight. Grantham says he will sleep in a separate room.

An event is being held in the house.

Episode 6

Sue Johnston (Mrs Royle from the Royal Family) turns up as Lady Violets new Maid.

The police want to come back but this time want to talk to Baxter. I expect Thomas has said something.

Michael Gregson has been killed in Germany. Edith inherits his publishing company.

Isis is getting poorly….. Oh no…..

Bates tells Anna he wanted to go to London to kill Green but he didn’t.

Thomas has been taking injections to try make himself less gay. He has a few complications.

Tim and Edith tell his wife that Marigold is Edith’s child. She isn’t happy. Edith takes the child.

Aldridge’s parents are invited by the Granthams after a horse race. Aldridge is Jewish and it could cause some problems.

Carson suggests to Mrs Hughes about investing in a house together.

Edith goes missing. Lady Violet goes to the farm to see if she can find out about Edith but they don’t know where she may have gone. She turns up in a hotel somewhere.

Isis isn’t dead yet….

Episode 7

Rosamund and Violet talk about Edith. Violet suggests telling Cora everything.

Mabel Fox and Gillingham are suited, according to Blake. Gillingham tells Blake he can’t break it off with Mary.

Bates has been left Tenant-less…. Could come in handy with Patmore, Carson and Hughes wanting to buy somewhere.

Cora is told everything about Edith and the baby.

Mrs Hughes mentioned the ticket she gave to Mary. Baxter overhears. The ticket was proof of Bates’ innocence as it was never turned in.

Lord Merton and Aldridge’s family comes to Downton.

Lady Isobel announces her engagement to Lord Merton.

Lady Violet is upset about Isobels engagement because she actually will miss Lady Isobel’s engagement and potentially losing her as a companion.

Cora and Rosamund find Edith and they hatch a plan.

Isis is still laid funny and is diagnosed as having cancer.

Episode 8

As Aldridge’s family come to Downton there’s tension about the fact they are Jewish and wanting the marriage to Rose to be in a synagogue.

Rose gets sent some photos of Aldridge in a compromising situation with another woman.

Shrimpie accuses Sarah and it comes out that she set up the whole shenanigans with Aldridge to put Rose off him.

At Rose’s wedding, Sarah announces that her and Shrimpie are getting divorced. Aldridge’s father is irate but his mother accepts it and tells him not to stop anything from happening.

The new maid to Lady Violet goes out with her male servant friend Andy and she gets back hammered. Thomas seems interested and suggests he goes with them next time. It’s an underground gambling Hall. Thomas wins a lot of money and gives it to the lad to pay his bill. It then comes out that the lady maid has been playing the casino for free drinks.

The police come to arrest Anna. The witness has said that she was seen on the pavement before Mr. Green died. Anna is taken away.

The war memorial is unveiled. Lord Grantham mentions Mrs Patmore’s friend and unveils a plaque to him.

Lord Grantham sees Edith with her child and gives a funny look. He speaks to Cora and she admits it. Lord Grantham is happy with the situation.

Daisy is set to move away but won’t admit it to the farmer.

Isis isn’t dead yet!

Episode 9 – a Moorland Holiday

Season 5 finale time now.

Mary turns up to York Prison to see Anna.

Lord Sinderby has hired a castle for Grouse Season. The family are heading up.

The servants are Aldridge’s family’s own and they don’t like Branson. Lord Sinderby also talks down to the Downton staff.

Lord Grantham clearly doesn’t like Lord Sinderby either.

Bates visits Anna. The police have found something out about her. Anna was abused by her mother’s fella when she was younger. She stabbed him and it’s on record.

Carson and Mrs Hughes are looking around for properties.

The Russian princess has been found who is the ex wife of the Prince. There’s history with them and Lady Violet.

There’s some nastiness between Lord Sinderby and how he talks to his own staff. Someone has sent a letter to the butler to cock everything up for him. He suspects it to be Thomas but it is not.

Lord Grantham is having a few pains in his chest and stomach. He has been told he might have angina.

Mr Bates leaves, leaving a letter for Lord Grantham. Bates is on the run, which allows Anna to get out of prison on bail.

Christmas 1924 and Andy is now working as a footman at the house.

Moseley and Baxter have been going around all the pubs in York to find the pub that Bates stayed in when he was in York when allegedly he killed Green. The issue is that if they clear Bates, Anna will get re-arrested.

Branson is set to leave.

Mary sings Silent Night in front of everyone.

Carson tells Mrs Hughes he has the house for the two of them. He then asks her to marry him! She agrees to marry him!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Oh wait…. Branson talks to Grantham and Lord Grantham is appreciative of him and tells him that he will always have a home.

Mr Bates returns to the house and surprises Anna.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Isis isn’t dead yet either!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Its September

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Downton Abbey Binge Watch Season 4

Season 4

Episode 1

O’brien leaves unexpectedly. Everyone is a little shocked. Rose said she knew about her wanting to go travelling.

6 months have passed since Matthews death.

There’s a new Nanny in town looking after the babies. Thomas runs into Nanny West and she talks down to him which he isn’t happy about. He later reports that the nanny may be endangering the children. Clra hears the Nanny talking nasty to the child so sacks her.

Moseley has no-one to look after with Matthew gone so is worried about his job. He goes back to. Lady Crawley to ask for his old job back. Lady Violet is there and says she will keep him in mind. She goes to see him. Lady Shackleton is coming to the house and her Butler is retiring so says its a chance for Moseley to impress. Spratt is Lady Shackleton’s butler and he isn’t impressed with Moseley bring brought in. Spratt tries to infiltrate him whilst Lady Violet is singing his praises.

Lord Grantham mentions that is Lady Crawley wants to see Baby Sybil, she needs to come to the house.

Rose puts an advertisement in a local shop window.

Mrs Crawley cannot get used to the loss of her son.

Carson receives a letter. He acts strange. When he leaves, Mrs Hughes reads it. She later goes to a workhouse. She meets a Mr Grigg who had written to him.

Daisy receives a valentines card from someone. She thinks it’s from Alfred. But Mrs Patmore sent her it as she knew that she wouldn’t get one from Alfred.

Bates and Anna receive cards too that are unsigned, presumably from each other.

Edith goes back to London and meets Editor Michael. They are together now. He asks whether she would go to Germany with him on a writing trip if he moved out there.

Ivy goes to the pub with Jimmy and gets hammered. Alfred announces that he sent he the Valentines Card even though Jimmy is letting her think it was him.

Edna turns back up looking for the ladies maid job. She gets the job. Mrs Hughes isn’t happy. She only wrote a good reference because Branson asked her to.

Mary holds it together until she finally breaks down on Carson’s shoulder. He gives her a pep talk. She eventually gets back into the business of the family.

Mrs Patmore struggles with a new bit of kit that Daisy can work. She worries that she will be left behind by the younger staff.

Episode 2

News comes that Gwen (the girl who left to be a receptionist) has gotten married.

Anna cautions Edna about Thomas who showed her no time previously but is doing in her new role.

A box of things from Matthews office arrives at Downton. Lord Grantham goes through it first. He finds a letter. It was a letter that he intended Mary to be his sole heiress. Lady Violet tells him to show it to Mary but he doesn’t want to. Violet says it’s because he doesn’t want to share the estate with Mary.

The letter gets read to the family. It states that he wanted to write a will but didn’t have one and because the baby would be a baby he left everything to Mary. Lord Grantham states though that it’s not a legal will.

Grantham begins to call out Mary’s thoughts on the business that she doesn’t know anything about.

Thomas starts to plot against Anna now… Because what would a series on Downton be without Thomas being a prick?

Anna and Moseley both comment on Bates being a little too nice. It turns out that he is forging a letter that showed Moseley lent him £30. He is doing it to help him out.

Rose takes Anna to a dance hall in York. Jimmy follows them in. Rose dances with a local guy. Jimmy asks Anna. Rose pretends she works at Downton as she dancers with a farmer. Another guy wants to dance with her and a fight breaks out.

Branson shows Mary the farmlands.

Lord Grantham comes to talk to Bates about Anna and what he has heard ultimately from Thomas.

The farmer turns up later and asks to speak to the maid Rose. Thomas is confused but Anna intercepts. She goes to tell Rose. She gets Rose dressed up in a maids uniform. She manages to tell him that there’s someone else to get rid of him. She kisses him, knowing that she fan never truly have him.

Legally the letter from Matthew stands.

Episode 3

A party is arranged at Downton for the weekend.

Mrs Patmore has a moment in the kitchen with a suspected heart attack.

Mary gets asked out for dinner when she is in London.

A cardsharp takes a lot of money off the guests but Michael manages to win a load of money back from him, much to Lord Granthams pleasure.

Lord Gillingham’s valet Green sexually assaults Anna in the kitchens whilst everyone is listening to their guest singing. Mrs Hughes wants to tell Bates but Anna begs her to not say anything as Bates will get himself in more trouble.

Episode 4

Mary is ready to go to London. Cora wonders if she will meet Lord Gillingham.

Thomas catches Branson talking to Edna about them hooking up before. That’s his new scheming set then!

Anna is asked to help Rose whilst Mary is in London. She also won’t let Bates near her. He is worried.

Lord Gillingham comes back to Downton and asks Mary to marry him but she can’t. He eventually asks for a kiss to remember her by

Episode 5

Baxter is the new ladysmaid that Thomas suggested. She tends to Cora.

Baxter brings an electric sewing machine to the house too.

Alfred gets word through of a cookery test at the Ritz. He cooks and presents to the family. They love his cooking.

Carson suggests setting Moseley on.

Evelyn Napier comes to Downton. Remember him from season 1???

Bates takes to Mrs Hughes and says he has to leave because Anna no longer loves him. She tells him what happened at the house party. He now knows who it was but Mrs Hughes says it’s an outsider who broke in. She swears on it.

Bates asks Anna and she says it wasn’t Green too. She is protecting him from getting sent down again.

Alfred gets notice that he didn’t make it into the Ritz. Jimmy is happy.

Lady Violet has a knife go missing. She blames the young gardener Pegg.

Bates vows to Mrs Hughes that he will find out who did it to Anna.

Episode 6

Napier is coming to Downton again soon.

There’s a surprise party for Lord Granthams birthday. Rose is secretly preparing a band. I expect the party won’t go as planned.

Alfred gets into the Ritz eventually. Daisy is upset.

Carson is pressured into asking Moseley but he says he has been given the chance.

The Bates’ go for a meal but get told they don’t have a booking. Cora is there and manages to get them booked in.

Edith receives a letter from the doctor telling her she is pregnant.

Ivy and Jimmy kiss. He tries it on but she has none of it. Daisy kicks off when Ivy says Alfred would have never been like that.

The band turn up to Downton. Rose is super excited but the fact the singer is black initially caused a little bit of confusion before everyone accepts it and dances along.

Branson is ready to call it a day but Lady Crawley seemingly talks him into staying.

Mary catches Rose kissing the singer in the servents area.

Episode 7

Lord Grantham is summoned by Cora’s mother. He doesn’t quite know why.

Mary talks him into taking Thomas as Valet instead of Bates.

Lady Violet is not feeling well…. Oh nooooooo.

Alfred is doing well in London. He will be popping in at some point.

Violet won’t see the doctor.

Rose is seeing the singer.

Edith is planning on having an Abortion but when she gets down to London she bails out.

A politician comes to York for a speech. Branson goes to listen to him talk

Green comes back to Downton and Anna sees him. Bates looks at him oddly and Mrs Hughes leaves the room. Will Bates realise? X

Episode 8

It’s Season 4 finale time. What is going to go down? With Green back and Bates getting closer to figuring things out….

Anna tells Mary about Green. She says that she is worried Bates will realise and attack Green with the consequences him being hung.

Isobel offers to take Edith to Switzerland with her to cover up the pregnancy.

Green is a little cocky whilst around the dinner table with everyone. It’s all a little awkward.

Mary gets told about Rose’s relationship. She says she will marry him and looks forward to seeing her mothers face.

Gillingham heads off. Mary asks how he feels about Green but leaves it at that.

Alfred’s father has died. He has asked Ivy to marry her but she has declined. Oh I hope he sees Daisy as a potential partner.

Bates asks Carson for the day off so he can go to York….. Hmmmmmmmm.

Rose asks if she can go to London with Mary but she won’t let her.

Branson runs into Sarah Bunting, the schoolteacher he sat next to at the speech.

Mary turns up at the club where Mr Ross is set to perform. He says he will not be getting married to Rose. He knows how people will react to her and him together. He loves her and wants her to be happy.

Mary talks to Gillingham without telling him exactly why he needs to fire Green.

Carson mentions Bates took his time in York. Anna asks what he was up to but he is a little cagey……

There is a summer bazaar in the Downton Gardens. Mary speaks to Rose who isn’t happy with her.

Lord Grantham returns from abroad with Thomas. He says he didn’t make much difference over there. He says he has missed Bates, with Thomas being his man whilst Way.

Everyone is so happy again…… Its absolutely going to go tits up shortly…. I expect Green is dead…..

Alfred is at the house too looking for Ivy. He understands that they are just friends. He then asks for Daisy. Daisy is with Mr Mason on the farm having a picnic. He sends her back to the house to say goodbye to Alfred. He says he will take her back…. Could they get their happiness?????

Gillingham is at the Bazaar… He wants to talk to Mary. He tells her that Green is dead. He fell into the road and died. He asks Mary why she wanted him sacked.

Mary goes to speak and tell Anna. Anna is relieved. She suspects Bates.

Jimmy can’t hit the bell on a fair game. Moseley does it and wind the affection of Baxter. Thomas starts chatting to her again but Moseley whisks her away.

Daisy gets back and sees Alfred. He says he could never see her affections. But she says that she loved him but it’s passed now. He leaves with a basket of food that she brought him.

Anna hangs around for Bates. She asks him what he was up to yesterday. She doesn’t tell him.

Episode 9 – The London Season

It’s summer.

The house and servants are going down to London.

Edith is back from Switzerland having given the baby girl up for adoption.

Madeline Alsopp, a friend of Rose’s introduces Rose to the Prince Of Wales.

As usual Branson stays at the house but he doesn’t want to trouble the servents. Thomas isn’t happy.

Cora’s mother (with no maid) is in London with her son Harold (played be Paul Giamatti). He was the one who ran into some trouble that Grantham had been over to sort out earlier.

Gillingham is there too. Blake is hanging around with Mary but with Gillingham there it could mix it up.

There’s a fun triangle going on with those now.

The cardsharp Samson knows Madeline’s Dad.

Branson is showing Sarah around the house. Thomas is there too….scheming.

Sampson steals a letter written to Rose by the Prince Of Wales.

Rose is presented at Buckingham Palace.

Lord Grantham hatches a plot to get the letter back by distracting the cardsharp and forging their way into his flat.

Thomas tells Lord Grantham about seeing Branson in the house with Sarah.

Mary, Rose and Blake get into the room as the card game takes place.

They don’t find the letter… But then Bates realises the guy would have had it in his pocket at all times. Bates pickpockets him as he helps him on with his coat… Samson then realises he has lost it.

It’s revealed that Bates was in London at the time of Green’s death.

Mary learns that Blake is set to become one of the richest men around when he gets his inheritance.

Edith is set to go over to Europe to bring back her baby but to bring the child back as a secret with Mr Drewe.

All the servants spend the day down at the beach.

Ivy takes a chance that Daisy won’t take to go to America to cook for the Levinson.

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Downton Abbey Binge Season 3

Season 3

Episode 1

Plans are in place for the Matthew/Mary wedding.

O’brien knows someone who may be ideal for the footman job at the house.

Lord Grantham has to go to London for something that seems a little secret. The family have lost a lot of business though an investment in Canada. Most of Cora’s inheritance has now been lost.

Brandon and Sybil return. He doesn’t quite fit in properly but does his best.

Matthew finds out about his ex’s inheritance he was named on. He stands to make a lot of money if the last heir cannot be found.

The Grey family is coming to stay. The son of the family, Larry, used to be keen on Mary.

Brandon gets drunk afyet he gets his drink spiked and rants at the dinner table. It gets revealed and everyone turns on Larry after Sir Anthony exposes him. Edith admires him even more for it.

Bates has a little bit of aggro with his cellmate.

Mary and Matthew get married.

Episode 2

The married Matthew and Mary return in a brand new flashy car.

Lady Violet isn’t enjoying the fact that Cora’s mother is still at the house. She asks Mary to attempt to ask her to help the family out with money as she is absolutely loaded.

She is also not happy with Edith dating the older fella. Edith invites him to dinner though. Lord Grantham writes to him and tells him that he is not enough for his daughter. Edith is heartbroken but begs her dad to let him back. He agrees.

Mrs Hughes finds a lump on her breast and goes with Mrs Patmore. The Doc is worried but it will take months for the results to come back.

Mary is still confused as to why Matthew won’t accept the inheritance money he is due.

Thomas is setting up the new footman for another fall. He causes him to damage some shirts on purpose. O’Brien realises. She plots to bring him down… Because a miserable O’brien is a happyh O’brien.

Mrs Hughes kicks off with Carson when he moans about the staff.

They send for Moseley. Lord Grantham let’s Carson know they won’t be getting any more staff anytime soon.

Cora is up for downsizing the house and the grounds by selling and moving but Mary is having none of it.

Lady Crawley is running a refuge for prostitutes. Ethel turns up looking like she needs their help after what happened with her child.

Thomas “loses” all Grantham’s dress shirts. He has to wear another one and everyone is ribbing him about it.

Bates is being intimidated by his cell mate but threatens him back aggressively. He plays on the fact he is in there for murder.

Episode 4

Edith’s wedding is coming but the finanicial problems hang over the house.

Thomas tells Moseley that O’brien is leaving. Moseley brings it up with Cora who didn’t know anything about it obviously. O’brien finds out and is obviously not happy, but then when would she be happy?

Matthew meets with the Lawyer with the death certificate.

A letter turns up from Lavinia’s father that said why he was added to the inheritance. Its clear now that he is fully entitled to it. He agrees to tell Lord Grantham abouy it after Edith’s wedding to the old guy…something is telling me that this isn’t going to end well.

Sir Anthony bails out just as the wedding starts. He doesn’t want Edith to throw her life away with him. Lady Grantham says it’s for the best but Edith is heartbroken.

Matthew talks to Lord Grantham, saying he will give him the money. Lord Grantham says that instead of giving him it, he should invest in the house and they can keep it all together.

Daisy clearly likes footman Alfred but it’s clear he like Edith.

Mrs Hughes gets the all clear

Episode 4

Carson has advertised for a new footman.

Edith tells her grandma that she is a bit bored at the house. She gets told to find something to do.

Anna get a promotion when a new maid will be set on. But she is upset as she hasn’t heard from Bates for a while.

Branson turns up soaked at the door. Something has happened but the family are entertaining so he doesn’t want to interfere. He hides out until later. He has been involved in some civil unrest and protests that he has had to run away from. They got out of hand and he didn’t want to be involved.

Ethel’s baby daddy’s parents show up with some money, especially with Ethel now prostituting herself. She turns down the money get still let’s them have Charlie.

Carson interviews a new footman. Everyone seems very taken to him (well the ladies do). He is called Jimmy. He will be trouble

The guards hadn’t been giving Bates his letters. He writes a reply to every one of them.

New kitchen maid Ivy starts just after Daisy was about to talk to Alfred but he clearly likes the new girl.

Episode 5

Cybil is getting ready to have her baby.

The prison guard and Bates’ cellmate are plotting against him.

Bates thinks he has the ticket out of prison now.

Matthew is worried that he is infertile following his inability to get Mary pregnant.

Anna tells Lord Grantham about hearing of Bates’ potential freedom fight.

Edith gets granted a column in the newspaper following her letter to the Times.

Mrs Bird, the cook at Lady Crawley’s residence refuses to work with Ethel because of her previous prostitution work. Lady Crawley lets Mrs Bird go then.

In the kitchen, Daisy likes Alfred, Alfred likes Ivy, Ivy likes Jimmy and Jimmy is giving nothing away… That’s not gonna get awkward at all!

Alfred doesn’t like how Daisy is being with Ivy so he causes something to Curdle, then helps Ivy recover it so Daisy has to. Start admiring her.

Bit of Doctor on Doctor action when the family Doctor Clarkson is worried about Sybil and the baby, but Sir Philip, a doctor hired by Lord Grantham, says everything is OK. Clarkson gets Cora involved. Clarkson wants Sybil to go to the hospital for a C-section.. The family decide that the decision lies with Branson. Cora is on Clarksons side. Grantham is on Sir Philips side.

Carson finds out about what has happened with Mrs Bird.

Ethel is trying new things in the kitchen that’s mixing things up a little.

Sybil stays at the house and gives birth to a baby girl. Sir Philip is looking a little smug. Sybil is tired.

Everyone is happy about the new arrival.

Thomas is chatting to Jimmy a lot, being touchy feely, but Jimmy doesn’t like it.

Sybil is in a lot of pain in the middle of the night. Sir Philip can’t believe it. Clarkson was right.

Sybil dies 😭😭😭

Cora blames Lord Grantham

Episode 6

It’s the day of the memorial.

Cora and Lord Grantham are still not talking.

Branson announces that he wants to name the baby Cybil and that she will be Brought up a Catholic.

Mrs Bartlett changes her story that will be the one that gets Bates off.

Mrs Patmore allows Ethel to cook a meal for the family, but Carson flips out about it and tells Lord Grantham. Grantham kicks off and tells the women of the family who are dining. They all stick by her.

Mary isn’t happy with the plans that Matthew has for the house.

Ivy is putting makeup on, which Mrs Patmore doesn’t like.

Thomas continues to touch Jimmy against his wishes.

Bates gets a reprieve and can come home.

Doctor Clarkson admits that even if they had listened to him, then it was likely she would have died anyway.

Episode 7

Bates is released.

Edith heads to London to see about the column she has been invited to write.

Ivy is taken out by Alfred.

Thomas is stewing on liking Jimmy more after O’brien stirs things with him. He goes into his room late at night and kisses him as he sleeps. As he does, Alfred comes into the room and Thomas pretends they have a thing going on.

O’brien pressures Alfred into reporting the behaviour to bring Thomas down.

Brandon’s brother Keiran comes to town. Feeling more at home downstairs he hangs with the servants but then Branson gets him upstairs and sorts him out with a job.

Sybil is baptized with Mary as Godmother.

Episode 8

Theres a Cricket Match coming! The House vs the Village.

But more importantly, Lady Violet’s Great Neice Rose turns up…. The lovely Lily James 😍😍😍🌹❤️❤️❤️

Carson asks Thomas to resign and he will. Give him a decent reference.

O’brien tells Jimmy he needs to speak out in order to defend his own honour, when she knows that if he does it will likely lead to Thomas’ dismissal. She tells him that people will start to think things about him if he doesn’t

Moseley is excited to be on the House team for the cricket match.

Lord Grantham tries talking Branson into playing cricket but Branson says he has never played before.

Jimmy goes to Carson demanding he gives Thomas the bad reference, threatening the police.

Matthew wants to accompany Edith to London. They are all staying with Lady Rosamund.

Rose is clearly up to something when they are down there.

The newspaper editor is clearly hitting on Edith.

Bates and Anna are getting their marital house in order.

Rose goes out partying in London. Edith, Rosamund and Matthew go see her at the club. Matthew tells her she needs to be careful cavorting with married men.

Mary and Matthew both go see the same doctor about fertility. They bump into each other. Mary has had a small operation on the side. It was her problem that they couldn’t conceive.

Lady Violet overheads Rose and Edith talking about London.

Everyone in the kitchen is asking questions about the Thomas and Jimmy situation.

Brandon and Matthew are looking to expand the farming business but Lord Grantham isn’t happy with it.

Edith is prying into her editor’s private life.

Bates talks to O’brien to get her to talk Jimmy out of his thing against Thomas. He threatens O’brien with letting the Secret out about O’brien and the soap from Season 1.

She talks to Jimmy about it. Jimmy speaks to Carson.

The house cricket team are still 2 men down. They try to talk Branson into playing. Thomas will also be playing at Lord Granthams request.

Ethel gets a job in a house near where her Son is now staying.

Edith tells the editor that she knows he is married and that she has handed in her resignation. He says his wife is in an asylum.

The cricket match finally arrives. Thomas smashes 100 runs.

Bates tells Anna that he was told to tell O’brien about “her ladyships soap” although he doesn’t know what it means.

Lord Grantham promotes Jimmy to first footman.

York police turn up. Alfred has reported Thomas to the police. Grantham intercepts and speaks to Alfred to get him to drop the charges.

The house win the cricket match.

Episode 9 – A Journey To The Highlands

The family are going to Scotland on holiday to visit Rose’s parents. Some of the servants are staying at the house whilst some accompany them up.

Mary is 8 months pregnant.

A new delivery man turns up. Its that bloke who is in everything that’s set up north. He starts flirting with Mrs Patmore. The kitchen girls love it. She eventually gets asked on a date with him to a fair.

Alfred was hoping for some time off with most people away but Carson puts them to work polishing the silver.

Branson bumps into servant Edna in the pub. It sounds like there’s a story about to start there. She asks if he is ashamed of who is he and why he won’t eat with the rest of them when he is the only one left in the house.

Doctor Clarkson is seen hanging out with Lady Crawley. Another storyline about to start there.

All the men go hunting for stag in the Highlands. Rose’s father admits to Grantham that him and the wife do not get along.

Bates and Anna go for a nice picnic by the river.

Branson comes to eat with the servants. He eventually ends up kissing Edna but they know they can’t be together now.

Thomas takes a beating for Jimmy after a tug of war contest.

Mary goes into labour on her return. After what happened with Sybil everyone is a little worried. She goes to the hospital.

The baby is born…. Its a Boy!!!!!!

Finally a heir to the family fortunes! Wooooohoooooooo!

Matthew and Mary are all loved up.

A nice happy ending to the Christmas Episode.

Back in the house everyone is excited to see the baby.

Matthew is driving back to the house and is in an accident with a delivery truck, crashing and dying.

Oh nooooooo 😭😭😭😭

Utterly heartbreaking and the second time this series that they have had outright tragedy!

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Downton Abbey Binge Season 2

Season 2

Episode 1

War is here. 1916.
Matthew Crawley is in the trenches. He writes home to say he has met someone he wants to marry.

At Downton, O’brien is as sour faced as ever.

William is helping Lord Grantham in Bates’ absence who has lost his mother. Grantham gets called back into the army. William wants to fight for his country.

Branson is helping Edith learn how to drive.

Lady Violet Crawley seems quite perky with life.

Carson is overworking himself.

Sybil receives a letter telling her someone she knew is dead and wants to go to York to train as a nurse but first helps out Mrs Padmore in the kitchens before leaving for York when an opportunity opens up. Branson drives her up before confessing how much he likes her. She can’t say it back to him.

Ethel is a new servant played by the lovely Amy Nuttall 😍😍😍. O’brien sends her upstairs to the drawing room whilst all the ladies are there, to cause her some embarrassment.

Edith breaks the news to Mary about Matthew coming to Downton with his new Fiancee. Mary seems to be interested in a Sir Richard Carlisle but when everyone leaves, she breaks down to Anna. This meeting with Matthew ain’t going to go too well is it?

Matthew turns up with Lavinia Swire, his fiancee who immediately comments on how grand everything is.

Two women cause a scene by branding William and another cowards at a concert.

Bates returns. His wife had reappeared and his inheritance will pay for the divorce. Bates wants to marry Anna. He is ready to plan a life with Anna….. Then Mr Bates’ wife turns up, threatening to expose Anna’s part in the cover up of the Turk’s death last season! 😯 Bates is blackmailed into going back with his wife leaving Anna heartbroken. Wow.

Mrs Hughes overhead everything that happened between Bates and his Wife though… She tells Carson.

Mary gives Matthew a little toy that is her lucky charm for when he is out at war on the promise that he bring it back…. Hmmmm.

Daisy kisses William who is thinking of going to enlist.

In the trenches, Thomas turns up as a medic (yay! Everyone is back!) , bumping into Matthew. Thomas purposefully gets his hand shot so he can be sent home.

Lady Crawley gets Mr Moseley to put his name down to enlist. Moseley makes up news of his lungs being dodgy to avoid it.

Lord Grantham has received a Colonol position in the army but thinks he is going to war but he isn’t. Carson then tells Lord Grantham about how Bates took a fall to stop the name of Downton falling but he wouldn’t tell him why.

Episode 2

William leaves Downton to go speak to his mother, ready for his medical, leaving Carson rushed off his feet. He is excited.

Mrs Padmore’s nephew has been presumably killed in action and it turns out he was killed for being a coward.

Moseley is acting strange around Anna, giving her a book and wanting to spend time with her alone. He later tells her that he would like to see her but she explains she is still in love with Mr Bates.

Edith starts helping out at a local farm… 100% gonna end up falling for a lowly man…and she does, kissing the farmer but being seen by his wife is not going to go down well, so much so that the wife cancels Edith’s employment.

Thomas returns to Downton with a hold through his hand.

Jorah from Game Of Thrones turns up as Sir Carlisle, the owner of a few newspapers and the object of Mary’s new affections. He wants to marry her but Mary isn’t sure. She knows he isn’t in it for love but more for the business side of things.

Carson is completely run off his feet. A new servant Henry Lang is helping out but causes Carson more stresses leading to him having a funny turn. It’s revealed Lang is suffering from shell shock.

Thomas is hit by the suicide of a fellow soldier in the hospital.

Sybil’s hospital moves to Downton. But Lady Crawley as Head of the house forbids it, yet Cora says its her house now and she says it will go ahead.

Episode 3

Branson gets called up but declares he will be a conscientious objector. He then finds out he has a heart murmur which won’t let him serve anyway.

Downton is to be turned into a hospital. Cora is talked into letting Thomas be in charge of it all by O’brien, who still feels guilt over costing her the baby lady season.

Lord Grantham isn’t too keen on the idea of giving up his house. Cora isn’t happy either with the plans. Lord and Lady Grantham want to allow a family friend to be transferred there but it gets shot down before Lord Grantham puts his foot down. There is also some concern about the dog (called Isis) not getting into the areas with the injured soldiers.

Matthew turns up as he is touring the area.

Anna heard that Bates is working at a local pub. She goes to meet him. He has found out about his wife cheating on him so can divorce her properly.

Branson is going to attack the general but is stopped at the last moment.

Daisy and William get engaged.

Lord Grantham asks Matthew to take William as his footman in the war.

Episode 4

Downton is set to put on a show! The wounded soldiers are going to put a concert on to raise spirits.

William is now in the trenches with Matthew… I can’t see this ending good.

Mrs Padmore and Daisy bump into Mrs Bird running a soup kitchen for soldiers in town.

Notice gets to Downton that Matthew and William went missing when they headed out.

Mrs Hughes catches the Major in bed with Ethel who then is fired.

Lord Grantham sets Bates back on to help out through these hard times.

Matthew and William return! YAY!

Ethel is pregnant!!!!!

Episode 5

Time moves forward a little.

William and Matthew are injured when they go “over the top” of the trenches. Both survive but with leg damage and lung damage its not great news. Both are brought to Downton.

Ethel has had her baby and wants to meet the Major at Downton.

Matthew breaks the news to Lavinia that he has essentially lost the use of his todger because of the blast and can’t truly marry her.

Dodgy newspaper guy Sir Jorah from Game of Thrones strikes up a deal with Bates’ wife Vera about her story about Mary in order to protect them.

Jorah from GoT puts it in the papers they they are now engaged.

William says he needs to marry Daisy because he is dying and needs to marry her so she can get a widows pension.

The ceremony goes ahead and that evening William passes away. 😭😭😭

Episode 6

Following Williams passing, Matthew feels bad.

A Canadian comes to Downton. He knows Edith. He claims to be their long lost cousin Patrick who drowned on the Titanic…causing all the uproar about the inheritance in the first place….£10 bet he isn’t….

Sir Jorah of Iain Glen offers Carson a job if he buys a house locally with Mary. Carson wants to wait to see what Mary says first…Mary agrees to buy the house with him. Wa

Carson catches Mrs Hughes helping Ethel out.

Obrien, in typical sour faced fashion listens in on Bates and Anna planning to run away based on the fact that due to a few things he speaks about with his lawyer, the divorce from Vera can’t go through.

Lord Grantham meets the Canadian, noticing something odd he does. He clearly has his doubts…. That £10 is going to be safe.

In fact, I have a feeling old Newspaper Mogul Sir Whatshisface from Game Of Thrones is behind this.

The war is Over!!! Woohoo.

Lady Crawley and Lady Violet speak with Cora. Crawley says that she cannot run Downton anymore herself.

Sir Newspaper threatens to ruin Mary if she gets in his way.

The Canadian disappears with a letter left for Edith signed P Gordon… But is it Peter or Patrick????

Carson tells Lord Grantham he will be leaving but not until a replacement is found.

Bates received a telegram. His wife is dead.

Episode 7

The hospital has now left Downton with the war now over. Matthew remains at the house but Cora is worried about Mary.

Lord Grantham is meloncholy about the war in general..

Ian Glenn (Sir Richard) turns up to try to get Anna to work for him, spying on what Mary is up to. She refuses him.

O’brien is sour faced about Thomas now the war is over. Never known a woman look lie she has been sucking lemons as much as that miserable cow. Thomas is going to work on the black market.

Sir Richard pulls Anna into a room. He wants to know more about Anna before they wed.

Carson decides to not go with Mary and Sir Richard to the new house.

Holy hell! Lord Grantham kisses the new maid Jane. Wow.

Oh my god! Matthew suddenly gets up from his wheelchair when Lavinia trips up and falls. He manages to stand straight up…i have a feeling he might have been lying all this time!

He then announced he will be marrying Lavinia.

Sybil tells Branson she wants to travel with him.

Ethan storms into the house with the baby when the Major’s Dad is around the table with the family. He says she needs to prove his son who died is the father.

Thomas gives Mrs Padmore some of his goods, looking for money. She will pay if she is happy.

Sir Jorah is pushing Mary for a marriage date. Mary asks why he went after Anna. He thinks she is still in love with Matthew but she says she can’t love someone who loves someone else.

The ingredients Mrs Padmore gets aren’t right. Thomas wrecks the stores. He has been fixed up good and proper. He has lost all his money.

Bates talks to Anna about marrying her.

Mary notices Sybil isn’t in her room. Anna gets the keys and there’s a note left for the family saying she has eloped to Gretna Green.

Must be the marriage episode!

They chase them down and Mary talks Sybil into going back and not making a mistake and to do it properly.

Jane threatens to resign over what happened but Lord Grantham is having none of it.

Episode 8

Sybil wants to tell the family about her engagement to Branson. He turns up and they have to announce it. She wants to move to Dublin with him.

Lord Grantham ain’t happy with it and tries to forbid it.

Ethel’s baby-daddy’s parents want to see the baby.

Cora isn’t feeling too good at the same. Time that Moseley isn’t too. She retires to her room.

Lavinia isn’t well either, neither is Carson!

Oh god! Spanish Flu got mentioned earlier in the episode.

We are going to lose someone soon aren’t we?

Mary dances with Matthew. They kiss. Lavinia almost catches them.

Jane chats up Lord Grantham and they disappear off together, kissing, they are almost caught by Bates which makes him reassess what he is doing and says its not fair on her.

Cora has gotten worse whilst Grantham was gallivanting. O’brien is feeling bad and wants to tell Cora something about last season’s “accident” she caused.

Ethel’s baby’s grandparents come to see the baby. They want her to give the baby up to them.

Lavinia realised Matthew still loves Mary. She heard them talking, dancing and kissing. She says she thinks they shouldn’t get married anymore.

Sir Richard comes to Downton again, worried that is Lavinia dies, Mary will want Matthew.

Thomas starts to help out in the kitchen again.

Anna tells Mary that she was planning on marrying Bates that week. Mary let’s her go.

Cora worsens. The doctor says that if she lasts the night, she will live.

Lavinia dies.

Anna and Bates get married. Awwwww.

Jane leaves Downton. Lord Grantham gives her some money to help her family.

Grantham lets Branson back.

Bates gets arrested for Murder.

Episode 9 – Christmas at Downton

Let’s hope this is a cheery one.

Nigel Havers turns up as Lord Hepworth. Half expecting him to con everyone like he did in Coronation Street. He has lost most of his fortune.

Sybil writes to say she is pregnant.

Sir Game Of Thrones ain’t happy that Mary talks to Matthew a lot. He starts pushing for a marriage date.

It’s Bates’ trial for murder of his wife by poisoning. He gets sentenced to be hanged. The worst part is, the servents ball gets cancelled! Doesn’t rain but it pours!

Thomas locks Isis the dog in a cabin in the woods. But then later can’t find the dog he was going to use to garner favour with Lord Grantham. The dog turns up and he still manages to turn it into his favour.

Anna says she will go with Mary if she goes to new house.

Sir Jorah is threatens Mary with the stories he knows of the Turk being released. He then winds up Matthew about Lavinia not loving him. They fight. Sir Jorah is sent away, leaving Mary.

A telegram arrives. A reprieve for Bates. Life imprisonment and not a hanging.

The Servants Ball is back on!

Nigel Havers gets caught dicking another woman. Rosamund ditches him.

Anna decides to stay on at the house.

Matthew and Mary get back together!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

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Downton Abbey Binge Episode by Episode

Season 1

Episode 1
So here we go, finally inside Downton Abbey. One of the most talked about shows in years that I have never actually watched a single minute of.

Will I enjoy the period drama of the century?

The Titanic has sunk, taking the lives of the heir of the family. Mary, Lord Grantham’s daughter was meant to be marrying the guy who died but that means there is now no heir to the wealth…or something like that… Lord Grantham is worried about that but at the same time sets on his former war pal Bates as his valet, much to the chagrin (first time I have ever used that word by the way) of the rest of the serving staff who want him out… They almost do get rid but Grantham has a change of heart at the last second.

The young lad servant Thomas aint happy as he wanted the job and they are all trying to bad mouth Mr Bates (childish snigger) to the family in order to make him look like he’s not up to the job.

An Earl turns up and wants Thomas to be his aide whilst there…which seems ominous. He has served him before… There’s a story there…… And there it is, they are having a relationship

The Earl also has some history with Mary previously, but then when he realises there’s no money in it, needs another plan.

Not going to lie… I quite enjoyed that… It had plenty of recognisable faces in it too… Her from Rita Sue and Bob Too, her from every show set up North, her from Harry Potter, her from Game Of Thrones and loads others I recognised.

I think this might actually be quite good!

Episode 2
The Crawleys come to Downton.

I love Maggie Smith. Her scathing remarks are amazing as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (that’s not going to get boring to type at all….). Literally speaking her mind and not giving a single shit.

The Crawley son is the heir to the fortune and thinks he will start being attempted to be married off to one of the Grantham family in order for the money to stay in the family. He also doesn’t particularly like the servant and master lifestyle he has to now become adjusted to. He soon realises that Moseley, his butler is unhappy at being left out so he starts to praise him and allow him to continue his duties as his man.

Mrs Crawley throws herself into nursing in the hospital.

Mr Carson is seen knicking apples…its later revealed his ex stage partner Charlie has turned up. They used to perform together as the Cheerful Charlie’s haha. Love it. Interesting though that Lord Grantham suggests that everyone has something in their past… I expect that may come back eventually.

Then we see some kind of historic episode of Casualty as a rudimentary operation goes ahead in front of everyone in the hospital. Luckily no-one dies. Mrs Crawley is appointed a spot on the board….which she is happy to take as a swipe at Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, who is really not happy

Mary is exchanging letters with some posh guy somewhere.

Episode 3

Her from Game of Thrones who told Jon Snow he knew nothing is seen posting something secretly at a post office. She has bought a typewriter to allow her to get another job as a secretary. “What’s wrong with being in service?”

Evelyn (the posh guy Mary is writing) is hunting in the local area and is invited to Downton. The hunt arrives in town.

Bates goes to get a Limp Corrector. He asks what it does…. And gets told it corrects limps! Classic Downton!

Carson later reveals he has invested in it and is struggling with the pain of the pins into his legs so he lobs it into the lake.

Edith gets friendly with Matthew.

Thomas gets friendly with Kemal, the friend of Evelyn. Also though Kemal doesnt like it awkwardly.

Kamal tries it on with Mary but she is having none of it. He is persistant though and she gives into him before announcing that she has found him dead to servant Anna 😯. Mary and her mother and Anna move the body but get seen by Daisy! Shit is really going down now!!!!

Evelyn realises that Mary and Kamal had something going on.

Things have certainly picked up on old Downton!

Episode 4

Downton Fair is coming… Hold the phone… Its obviously all going to go down at the fair!

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham is concerned that Mary’s problem is that she is too preoccupied with the whole scenario regarding finding a heir. This is before she has a fight with a swivel chair 😂

Mrs Crawley spots a problem with Moseley’s hand. She diagnoses something to fix it but the Dowager later realises it an allergy to a herb, allowing the Dowager to have another swipe at Lady Crawley.

William is about to ask Daisy to the Fair but Thomas jumps in and asks her first… Told you shit was about to hit the fan around this fair… I am half expecting another person to turn up dead… Later in the episode, Mr Bates walls up Thomas for showing William up. Mrs Patmore tries to talk Daisy out of swooning over Thomas, trying to tell her that he is gay before giving up.

At the fair, Matthew talks to Mary about the Dowager’s proposal whilst she was wrestling the chair earlier.

Mrs Hughes bumps into a guy called Joe at the fair (that bloody fair!). He is an ex who she never married. He is widowed.. The sly dog. He gives her all the charms and wins her a horrible little toy on a hoopla game. To be fair it still looked nicer than anything I have ever won at a fair! He says he will be staying at the pub until he hears from her… Which will be a long while as she makes. The decision that he isn’t for her…. The ultimate Downton Friendzoning.

Anna feels unwell so doesn’t go to the fair (which is probably a good thing or she would have ended up married to someone by now).

Lady Sybil is starting to talk about women’s rights…. That will definitely be a big storyline down the line. Personally I can’t ever see women getting to vote…..

Episode 5

Daisy feels uneasy in the room where she knows that Kamal died with Mary. Everyone is wondering what is the matter with her.

Lady Sybil pushes Her from Game Of Thrones (Gwen) into starting her own women’s revolution by going for the job. She goes to the interview in a new frock that makes her look like Mary bloody Poppins. They get stranded in the middle of nowhere when Dragon (ironically not a dragon, but a horse) loses a shoe. They eventually get back. Anna has been covering for Gwen.

Mr Bates catches Thomas nicking a bottle of wine. Mr Carson tells everyone later that, shock horror, one of Lord Granthams snuff boxes has gone missing. Mr Bates looks shifty… He has it. Anna suggests he gets it and they can either slip it into Thomas’s belongings or O’briens. They both realise that it’s likely they were framed. Bates keeps the box and puts it back, knowing he taught them a lesson.

There is a Flower Show coming to town. Holy shit… How does this town cope with all these activities going on. It leads to Violet Dowager of Grantham and Mrs Crawley….you know what, I am just going to call Maggie Smith Mrs Grantham from now on…. It leads to Mrs Grantham and Mrs Crawley to go head to head again. They have great chemistry in screen. I love it. Mrs Crawley has a go at Mrs Grantham for always winning the prize for the best flowers at the show, but Mrs Grantham insists they always choose the actual best flowers and she isn’t just given the award.

Mrs Patmore drops a chicken on the floor and blames Daisy. A cat licks the chicken. They put the chicken on the serving plate for the family…. Brilliant!

When dessert gets served, Mrs Patmore puts salt on the dessert instead of sugar… Again blaming Daisy… Where is this going?

Oh…. She is going blind. That’s quite sad.

Mary doesn’t like that Edith was courting with Sir Anthony at a dinnerparty so wades into the discussions to ensure she is seen as the better sister.

Anna reveals she loves Mr Bates… Well, That came as a bit of a shock. He basically Friendzones her too. Although he is like twice her age…the fool

The flower show voting comes to a conclusion and the winner is……… Mrs Grantham!!!! But she announces the winner as Mr Moseley! She does have a heart after all.

Edith pens a letter to the Turkish ambassador…. Uh-oh!

Episode 6

Sybil is at a voting rally, arguing her point, driven there by Branson. Lord Grantham finds out about it and kicks off. I expect he will eventually come around to the idea. She manages to lie about another trip with Branson and dupes him into letting her to a by election vote count but it all kicks off when some Labour guys turn up and cause a ruckus, leading to Sybil getting hurt. Matthew is there and Mary realises that Sybil and Matthew might care for each other. Mary mentions to Matthew that she thinks Sybil has a thing for him before they start kissing.

Carson has received a letter all linked to the Turkish minister. Cora intercepts if from him, Knowing what she already knows. Cora tells Mrs Grantham everything about how she helped too.

Mary reveals she was proposed to but needs to come clean to Matthew about the death of the Turk in order to move on.

O’brien and Thomas plan to get Bates out by bringing it up the missing wine with Carson before Bates can. There’s loads of skullduggery leading to Carson calling a meeting. Bates won’t give up the fact that he knows Thomas stole the wine. Bates confesses that he cannot drink because he was imprisoned as a thief and was a drunk years ago and won’t now touch a drop.

Thomas and O’brien vow to get Bates out though still.

Sir Anthony turns up with tickets to a concert and invites Edith who is loving the idea.

Bates and Anna almost kiss…… Almost!

Episode 7

This is it…..the entire 1st season in one post-work evening…. That’s 6hrs and 8 minutes straight.

And this episode begins in June 1914, just before the first World War. There’s news of an archduke being murdered…

Cora announces she is pregnant…..her having a boy would change EVERYTHING! Matthew Crawley will no longer have a right to the money…and the engagement… Well, who knows?!?!?

Mary reveals she isn’t ready to say whether she will marry Matthew yet. Mary then meets with Evelyn, the hunter from earlier who was friends with the Turk who died when he was with Mary….uh-oh!
He has come to clear his name about the word getting out about Pavel. He tells her it came from Edith!

Thomas and O’brien show Carson a letter they have about Bates. It’s a latter from a maid in his former job. Carson has to show it to Lord Grantham. It is about him stealing Silver. But when Carson is speaking to Lord Grantham he doubts that Thomas’s intentions are legit. Lord Grantham questions Bates about it.

Lord Grantham agrees to give Matthew the Crawley House if he gets pushed out of its a boy he is having. Mrs Crawley isn’t happy

Mrs Padmore has another accident in the kitchen. Mrs Bird, the cook at the Crawly House is called upon. Mrs Padmore. Is. Called to the library. She is really apologetic. Lord Grantham has arranged to send her to an eye specialist. Anna is to accompany her.
Mrs Padmore is to show Mrs Bird around the kitchen but she obviously isn’t happy about it because they work differently.

Daisy, annoyed by Mrs Bird shaves some soap into a cooking pot.

The telephone is being installed at Downton too. The installer mentions he needs a secretary. Sybil overhears and realises this is perfect for Gwen. He receives her application but says she doesn’t have any experience. Sybil eventually organises an interview.

Matthew isn’t happy that Mary hasn’t given him an answer, thinking she is only stalling because of the baby. Mrs Crawley is outraged, knowing that it’s obviously come from Mrs Grantham.

With war coming, Thomas is starting to plot how to not be a footman anymore and how to. Avoid going to war too. He wants to go work with the Doctor.

Anna, whilst in London goes to the army post of Bates’ last job. She finds out about his theft and pretends to be a relative to get the address of his mother. When she goes to see her and asks why everything seemed odd it gets revealed that the original thief was Mr Bates’ wife. He took the blame because his head was all over the place from the war. Anna speaks to Lord Grantham and tells him what she was told.

Edith is confronted by Mary who confesses to writing the letter, calling Mary a slut in the process…… Such a heathen!!!

Edith reveals to her mother that Sir Anthony is about to propose to her.

Mrs Crawley and Mrs Grantham have a head to head about Mary’s intentions.

Moseley catches Thomas messing with a jacket. Moseley reports to Carson.

Everyone eats the food that Daisy put soap into. She gets caught out. Mrs Bird forgives her for being loyal to Mrs Padmore.

When Mrs Padmore returns, her and Mrs Bird find some common ground and start to get along.

Carson keeps playing with the new telephone.

O’brien isn’t happy about the prospect of being pushed out by Cora. Whilst Cora is having a bath, O’brien moved a piece of soap into position so Cora will slip on it and fall as she gets out of the bath. She is about to go back and move it, but Cora gets out and slips and falls and unfortunately loses the baby….. A boy! 😢😢😢

Thomas comes in all obnoxious, not caring about what has happened upstairs. William ends up fighting with him after he has a swipe at his dead mother.


Now there’s a Garden Party in the grounds.

The Doctor has got Thomas in as a doctor in the army and gives him his papers.

The phone rings. Branson answers and Gwen has got the job as the secretary.

Sir Anthony is looking for Edith but Mary mentions that she was hiding from an Old Bore who was going to propose. Outrageous behaviour from her sister there.

Edith can’t understand why he leaves so early before figuring it out.

O’brien does her best to help Cora, more out of guilt before finding out that they were never planning on getting rid of her in the first place.

Moseley asks Bates is there anyone in Anna’s life and Bates says there is, someone who is very keen….

Matthew is set to leave Downton because of Mary. Mary realised she messed up everything.

A letter arrives for Lord Grantham.

He looks shocked.

England is at War with Germany!!!


I think I am hooked!

Season 2 begins tomorrow!

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