Spiderman into the Spiderverse – Film #106

Swinging into action, or falling off the buildings?


So here’s my honesty…I have never been a massive Spiderman fan. I never used to watch it as a kid, I thought the Tobey Maguire films were just OK, Andrew Garfield’s a mess, and despite Spidey being one of the best things in the Avengers films, Homecoming just didn’t cut it for me.

So oh look, another film with the web-slinging superhero…joy of joys…

But wait…this film is like nothing you have seen before. If you’ve seen the trailer, you will know how the animation is presented to the audience. It literally looks like someone has scanned a comic into the screen and we’re seeing it come to life in front of our eyes.

Its a simple story….there’s a Spiderman, then another Spiderman from another dimension comes along, but a supervillain wants to bring his family back from another dimension and opens a dimension portal which brings more Spidermen into the same dimension and these dimensions converge and dimension dimension dimension.

You get the idea.

Graphically, this film his ALL the right notes. Pure perfection and storytelling throughout. It’s also very funny. I laughed a lot throughout. There’s a few shocks along the way, and everything comes together nicely.

It also has a lot of heart too. There’s many nods to family life, and there’s so many nods to previous Spiderman movies. It just works

Oh…and stay for the end credits!

Pure comic book perfection.


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Mortal Engines – Film #105

Immortal, or early death?

The rights to the movie adaptation of the book of the same name were bought back in 2009…but it’s only now that this is being released. Its been a long time coming, but was it worth it.

In a short word…yes it was…but it’s flawed in many places too.

Lets start off by saying that this film is huge and fun. From the opening scene where “London” is chasing a smaller European settlement, aiming to consume it in order to fuel its own existence (Something that is oddly never mentioned again despite London travelling miles and miles even though they said they were almost out of fuel), right through to the climactic battle scenes…this is IMAX-worthy through and through.

Its got Peter Jackson’s stamp all over it. He produced it and handed over the directing to one of the Second Unit directors from the Hobbit movies…so there’s always going to be a shared vision there.

I haven’t read the source material, but definitely fancy doing so after seeing this.

But here’s the flaws…there’s so many influences from anything that has come before this, that it just takes you out of the action slightly. Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings feel present throughout, and as a fan of the Final Fantasy game series, there’s a significant feeling of those games, especially Final Fantasy 8 with the moving cities and airships.

There’s really no surprises either. Everything that comes to pass, you can see coming a mile away…but that’s not to say it isn’t well executed, it just maybe doesn’t hold up as well as it could do.

Decent cast though, and some awesome sound and music throughout.

Go see it, voice your own opinion and let me know what you think

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Green Book – Film #104

Deep South, or gone South?

Green Book

A while back, Viggo Mortensen was hot property. On the back of the Lord Of The Rings films and A History Of Violence, he was set to take on the world then never really set everything alight.

Now here he is in one of the films of the year.

The story is an Italian New Yorker (Mortensen) has been working little quick jobs to earn money for his family. One day, classical pianist Mahershala Ali tasks him with a simple job, to drive him on a simple tour of America for 8 weeks…in the Deep South. Naturally the two of them clash as different sides of the track come together. But as they venture on their journey, and the pianist faces discrimination along the way, they are brought closer together.

Everyone in this film is great. Mortenson is spot on and Ali comes across great, whilst hiding the fear behind his eyes.

Also to think that this is directed by Peter Farrelly of the Farrelly Brothers who is more known for gross-out comedies, it really shows that he can turn his hand to anything.

Its based on a true story and very much highly recommended


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Creed 2 – Film #103

Knockout, or throwing in the towel?


Rocky 4 was my favourite Rocky film. I will literally fight anyone over it…WWE Wrestlers, Mr T, anyone!

Rocky vs Drago is perfect. It’s brutal and brilliant all in one. It’s like a 2hr long music video with some fighting in it.

I enjoyed Creed 1, so when they announced a second one, I was looking forward to it…but when they announced it would feature Adonis vs Drago Jr, this was truly too perfect.

And this film is too well done to pick any fault with it. It handles the story following Rocky 4 in a really good way. Creed is wanting to avenge his father’s death in someway, but Rocky knows what it’s like to fight a Drago and warns him off.

Cue training montage (no 80s power ballads here though).

The fight scenes are immense. The story is great.

Go see this


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Ralph Breaks The Internet – Film #102

Fix it or Wreck It?


6 years ago, Disney released a film which didn’t feel like it had been made for kids…Wreck It Ralph was clearly aimed at me and you. Thirty-somethings who grew up with arcades and those old school videogame cabinets, with our hands firmly on joysticks, bashing red buttons, shovelling 10p pieces into the slots.

It worked on such a great level…so finding out that there was a sequel coming, naturally I was excited.

Here we move along 6 years, the same length of time since the first film was released, and when the owner of the arcade plugs in a WiFi router, and Venelope’s game breaks, they head into the Internet to find a replacement part and ship it back to the arcade so that the machine doesn’t get switched off.

And it’s inside the internet where most of the film’s action takes place. The product placement is crazy…but who wouldn’t want their product inside the latest Disney film? The Cameo Count is absolutely off the charts. If you have seen the trailer you will have seen loads of them. The Disney Princesses are actually some of the best parts of the film. There’s a scene of them having a slumber party and all the princesses are wearing PJs with slogans on them that relate to their films. Great little nods to all the references in there.

And this film is full of little nods. Chocka-block full of them.

But where the film grinds to a little bit of a halt for me is the lack of real peril. There’s no antagonist in the film which was such a fundamental part of the first one. It just feels like it’s lacking any kind of evil to counteract Ralph and Venelope’s good.

The film does work though…and top tip…watch ALL the credits until the very end. There’s a nice little mid-credit scene…then one at the VERY end which is not to be missed.

Decent, but just missing out on something that could have made it special


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Escape From New York – Film #101

Snake… Solid or not?

So let me start off by telling you that I have never seen this movie… It came out in the year that I was born and in all these 37 years I haven’t got around to watching it.
So when Cineworld had it on for a one night special, it seemed perfect to go and catch it.
Is a fun romp which feels pretty dated but is still very watchable.
The score was brilliant and the whole film ferrite like it was pumping with the same piece of synthesised beat throughout. It is definitely a John Carpenter thing as well as being an 80’s thing. You just don’t get iconic tunes thrumming through a film like this and the likes of Beverly Hills Cop… Tunes which became iconic and made superstars of their composers.

If you haven’t got around to seeing Snake Pliskin in action yet, give it a go

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The #100MoviesChallenge2018 – COMPLETE

I did it!

I was set the goal of hitting 100 different movies throughout 2018 and after watching The Crimes of Grindelwald tonight…I did it!

02/01/2018 1 Three Billboards…
07/01/2018 2 My Little Pony
09/01/2018 3 Downsizing
14/01/2018 4 Coco
15/01/2018 5 The Commuter
27/01/2018 6 Maze Runner : Death Cure
31/01/2018 7 The Shape Of Water
03/02/2018 8 Early Man
05/02/2018 9 Winchester
06/02/2018 10 I, Tonya
13/02/2018 11 Black Panther
13/02/2018 12 The Mercy
23/02/2018 13 The Greatest Showman : Singalong
26/02/2018 14 Game Night
02/03/2018 15 The Greatest Showman
09/03/2018 16 Red Sparrow
13/03/2018 17 Love, Simon
16/03/2018 18 Walk Like A Panther
17/03/2018 19 Peter Rabbit
22/03/2018 20 Tomb Raider
25/03/2018 21 Blockers
26/03/2018 22 Isle Of Dogs
27/03/2018 23 Unsane
29/03/2018 24 Ready Player One
03/04/2018 25 A Quiet Place
11/04/2018 26 Duck Duck Goose
12/04/2018 27 Thoroughbreds
12/04/2018 28 Rampage
12/04/2018 29 Death Wish
12/04/2018 30 Pacific Rim: Uprising
14/04/2018 31 Truth Or Dare
14/04/2018 32 Ghost Stories
26/04/2018 33 Infinity War
01/05/2018 34 The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
04/05/2018 35 The Strangers: Prey At Night
05/05/2018 36 Tully
09/05/2018 37 I Feel Pretty
12/05/2018 38 Sherlock Gnomes
13/05/2018 39 Life Of The Party
14/05/2018 40 Book Club
15/05/2018 41 Deadpool 2
17/05/2018 42 Breaking In
28/05/2018 43 Show Dogs
29/05/2018 44 Solo: A Star Wars Story
06/06/2018 45 Jurassic World 2
08/06/2018 46 Kaala
16/06/2018 47 Hereditary
20/06/2018 48 Incredibles 2
22/06/2018 49 Ocean’s 8
05/07/2018 50 The First Purge
06/07/2018 51 Tag
10/07/2018 52 Hotel Artemis
15/07/2018 53 Secret Of Marrowbone
16/07/2018 54 Soorma
17/07/2018 55 Skyscraper
22/07/2018 56 Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again
25/07/2018 57 Mission Impossible: Fallout
02/08/2018 58 Ant Man & The Wasp
06/08/2018 59 Equalizer 2
10/08/2018 60 Teen Titans Go To The Movies
10/08/2018 61 The Meg
11/08/2018 62 Dog Days
11/08/2018 63 The Darkest Minds
12/08/2018 64 Sgt Stubby
16/08/2018 65 Unfriended: Dark Web
20/08/2018 66 Christopher Robin
23/08/2018 67 The Festival
24/08/2018 68 The Spy Who Dumped Me
02/09/2018 69 Luis & The Aliens
03/09/2018 70 BlackkKlansman
04/09/2018 71 Yardie
06/09/2018 72 The Nun
09/09/2018 73 Hotel Transylvania
09/09/2018 74 Happytime Murders
09/09/2018 75 American Animals
12/09/2018 76 Searching
17/09/2018 77 Crazy Rich Asians
19/09/2018 78 The Predator
23/09/2018 79 Aladdin
23/09/2018 80 The Little Stranger
23/09/2018 81 Mile 22
25/09/2018 82 A Simple Favour
27/09/2018 83 A Star Is Born
04/10/2018 84 Venom
07/10/2018 85 The House With A Clock In It’s Walls
13/10/2018 86 Smallfoot
14/10/2018 87 Johnny English Strikes Again
15/10/2018 88 Bad Times At The El Royale
18/10/2018 89 Night School
21/10/2018 90 Goosebumps 2
23/10/2018 91 Halloween
31/10/2018 92 The Evil Dead
02/11/2018 93 Mirai
06/11/2018 94 Bohemian Rhapsody
09/11/2018 95 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms
12/11/2018 96 Assassination Nation
14/11/2018 97 Widows
16/11/2018 98 Overlord
18/11/2018 99 The Grinch
20/11/2018 100 Fantastic Beasts 2 : The Crimes of Grindelwald
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