Downton Abbey Binge Episode by Episode

Season 1

Episode 1
So here we go, finally inside Downton Abbey. One of the most talked about shows in years that I have never actually watched a single minute of.

Will I enjoy the period drama of the century?

The Titanic has sunk, taking the lives of the heir of the family. Mary, Lord Grantham’s daughter was meant to be marrying the guy who died but that means there is now no heir to the wealth…or something like that… Lord Grantham is worried about that but at the same time sets on his former war pal Bates as his valet, much to the chagrin (first time I have ever used that word by the way) of the rest of the serving staff who want him out… They almost do get rid but Grantham has a change of heart at the last second.

The young lad servant Thomas aint happy as he wanted the job and they are all trying to bad mouth Mr Bates (childish snigger) to the family in order to make him look like he’s not up to the job.

An Earl turns up and wants Thomas to be his aide whilst there…which seems ominous. He has served him before… There’s a story there…… And there it is, they are having a relationship

The Earl also has some history with Mary previously, but then when he realises there’s no money in it, needs another plan.

Not going to lie… I quite enjoyed that… It had plenty of recognisable faces in it too… Her from Rita Sue and Bob Too, her from every show set up North, her from Harry Potter, her from Game Of Thrones and loads others I recognised.

I think this might actually be quite good!

Episode 2
The Crawleys come to Downton.

I love Maggie Smith. Her scathing remarks are amazing as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham (that’s not going to get boring to type at all….). Literally speaking her mind and not giving a single shit.

The Crawley son is the heir to the fortune and thinks he will start being attempted to be married off to one of the Grantham family in order for the money to stay in the family. He also doesn’t particularly like the servant and master lifestyle he has to now become adjusted to. He soon realises that Moseley, his butler is unhappy at being left out so he starts to praise him and allow him to continue his duties as his man.

Mrs Crawley throws herself into nursing in the hospital.

Mr Carson is seen knicking apples…its later revealed his ex stage partner Charlie has turned up. They used to perform together as the Cheerful Charlie’s haha. Love it. Interesting though that Lord Grantham suggests that everyone has something in their past… I expect that may come back eventually.

Then we see some kind of historic episode of Casualty as a rudimentary operation goes ahead in front of everyone in the hospital. Luckily no-one dies. Mrs Crawley is appointed a spot on the board….which she is happy to take as a swipe at Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, who is really not happy

Mary is exchanging letters with some posh guy somewhere.

Episode 3

Her from Game of Thrones who told Jon Snow he knew nothing is seen posting something secretly at a post office. She has bought a typewriter to allow her to get another job as a secretary. “What’s wrong with being in service?”

Evelyn (the posh guy Mary is writing) is hunting in the local area and is invited to Downton. The hunt arrives in town.

Bates goes to get a Limp Corrector. He asks what it does…. And gets told it corrects limps! Classic Downton!

Carson later reveals he has invested in it and is struggling with the pain of the pins into his legs so he lobs it into the lake.

Edith gets friendly with Matthew.

Thomas gets friendly with Kemal, the friend of Evelyn. Also though Kemal doesnt like it awkwardly.

Kamal tries it on with Mary but she is having none of it. He is persistant though and she gives into him before announcing that she has found him dead to servant Anna 😯. Mary and her mother and Anna move the body but get seen by Daisy! Shit is really going down now!!!!

Evelyn realises that Mary and Kamal had something going on.

Things have certainly picked up on old Downton!

Episode 4

Downton Fair is coming… Hold the phone… Its obviously all going to go down at the fair!

Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham is concerned that Mary’s problem is that she is too preoccupied with the whole scenario regarding finding a heir. This is before she has a fight with a swivel chair 😂

Mrs Crawley spots a problem with Moseley’s hand. She diagnoses something to fix it but the Dowager later realises it an allergy to a herb, allowing the Dowager to have another swipe at Lady Crawley.

William is about to ask Daisy to the Fair but Thomas jumps in and asks her first… Told you shit was about to hit the fan around this fair… I am half expecting another person to turn up dead… Later in the episode, Mr Bates walls up Thomas for showing William up. Mrs Patmore tries to talk Daisy out of swooning over Thomas, trying to tell her that he is gay before giving up.

At the fair, Matthew talks to Mary about the Dowager’s proposal whilst she was wrestling the chair earlier.

Mrs Hughes bumps into a guy called Joe at the fair (that bloody fair!). He is an ex who she never married. He is widowed.. The sly dog. He gives her all the charms and wins her a horrible little toy on a hoopla game. To be fair it still looked nicer than anything I have ever won at a fair! He says he will be staying at the pub until he hears from her… Which will be a long while as she makes. The decision that he isn’t for her…. The ultimate Downton Friendzoning.

Anna feels unwell so doesn’t go to the fair (which is probably a good thing or she would have ended up married to someone by now).

Lady Sybil is starting to talk about women’s rights…. That will definitely be a big storyline down the line. Personally I can’t ever see women getting to vote…..

Episode 5

Daisy feels uneasy in the room where she knows that Kamal died with Mary. Everyone is wondering what is the matter with her.

Lady Sybil pushes Her from Game Of Thrones (Gwen) into starting her own women’s revolution by going for the job. She goes to the interview in a new frock that makes her look like Mary bloody Poppins. They get stranded in the middle of nowhere when Dragon (ironically not a dragon, but a horse) loses a shoe. They eventually get back. Anna has been covering for Gwen.

Mr Bates catches Thomas nicking a bottle of wine. Mr Carson tells everyone later that, shock horror, one of Lord Granthams snuff boxes has gone missing. Mr Bates looks shifty… He has it. Anna suggests he gets it and they can either slip it into Thomas’s belongings or O’briens. They both realise that it’s likely they were framed. Bates keeps the box and puts it back, knowing he taught them a lesson.

There is a Flower Show coming to town. Holy shit… How does this town cope with all these activities going on. It leads to Violet Dowager of Grantham and Mrs Crawley….you know what, I am just going to call Maggie Smith Mrs Grantham from now on…. It leads to Mrs Grantham and Mrs Crawley to go head to head again. They have great chemistry in screen. I love it. Mrs Crawley has a go at Mrs Grantham for always winning the prize for the best flowers at the show, but Mrs Grantham insists they always choose the actual best flowers and she isn’t just given the award.

Mrs Patmore drops a chicken on the floor and blames Daisy. A cat licks the chicken. They put the chicken on the serving plate for the family…. Brilliant!

When dessert gets served, Mrs Patmore puts salt on the dessert instead of sugar… Again blaming Daisy… Where is this going?

Oh…. She is going blind. That’s quite sad.

Mary doesn’t like that Edith was courting with Sir Anthony at a dinnerparty so wades into the discussions to ensure she is seen as the better sister.

Anna reveals she loves Mr Bates… Well, That came as a bit of a shock. He basically Friendzones her too. Although he is like twice her age…the fool

The flower show voting comes to a conclusion and the winner is……… Mrs Grantham!!!! But she announces the winner as Mr Moseley! She does have a heart after all.

Edith pens a letter to the Turkish ambassador…. Uh-oh!

Episode 6

Sybil is at a voting rally, arguing her point, driven there by Branson. Lord Grantham finds out about it and kicks off. I expect he will eventually come around to the idea. She manages to lie about another trip with Branson and dupes him into letting her to a by election vote count but it all kicks off when some Labour guys turn up and cause a ruckus, leading to Sybil getting hurt. Matthew is there and Mary realises that Sybil and Matthew might care for each other. Mary mentions to Matthew that she thinks Sybil has a thing for him before they start kissing.

Carson has received a letter all linked to the Turkish minister. Cora intercepts if from him, Knowing what she already knows. Cora tells Mrs Grantham everything about how she helped too.

Mary reveals she was proposed to but needs to come clean to Matthew about the death of the Turk in order to move on.

O’brien and Thomas plan to get Bates out by bringing it up the missing wine with Carson before Bates can. There’s loads of skullduggery leading to Carson calling a meeting. Bates won’t give up the fact that he knows Thomas stole the wine. Bates confesses that he cannot drink because he was imprisoned as a thief and was a drunk years ago and won’t now touch a drop.

Thomas and O’brien vow to get Bates out though still.

Sir Anthony turns up with tickets to a concert and invites Edith who is loving the idea.

Bates and Anna almost kiss…… Almost!

Episode 7

This is it…..the entire 1st season in one post-work evening…. That’s 6hrs and 8 minutes straight.

And this episode begins in June 1914, just before the first World War. There’s news of an archduke being murdered…

Cora announces she is pregnant…..her having a boy would change EVERYTHING! Matthew Crawley will no longer have a right to the money…and the engagement… Well, who knows?!?!?

Mary reveals she isn’t ready to say whether she will marry Matthew yet. Mary then meets with Evelyn, the hunter from earlier who was friends with the Turk who died when he was with Mary….uh-oh!
He has come to clear his name about the word getting out about Pavel. He tells her it came from Edith!

Thomas and O’brien show Carson a letter they have about Bates. It’s a latter from a maid in his former job. Carson has to show it to Lord Grantham. It is about him stealing Silver. But when Carson is speaking to Lord Grantham he doubts that Thomas’s intentions are legit. Lord Grantham questions Bates about it.

Lord Grantham agrees to give Matthew the Crawley House if he gets pushed out of its a boy he is having. Mrs Crawley isn’t happy

Mrs Padmore has another accident in the kitchen. Mrs Bird, the cook at the Crawly House is called upon. Mrs Padmore. Is. Called to the library. She is really apologetic. Lord Grantham has arranged to send her to an eye specialist. Anna is to accompany her.
Mrs Padmore is to show Mrs Bird around the kitchen but she obviously isn’t happy about it because they work differently.

Daisy, annoyed by Mrs Bird shaves some soap into a cooking pot.

The telephone is being installed at Downton too. The installer mentions he needs a secretary. Sybil overhears and realises this is perfect for Gwen. He receives her application but says she doesn’t have any experience. Sybil eventually organises an interview.

Matthew isn’t happy that Mary hasn’t given him an answer, thinking she is only stalling because of the baby. Mrs Crawley is outraged, knowing that it’s obviously come from Mrs Grantham.

With war coming, Thomas is starting to plot how to not be a footman anymore and how to. Avoid going to war too. He wants to go work with the Doctor.

Anna, whilst in London goes to the army post of Bates’ last job. She finds out about his theft and pretends to be a relative to get the address of his mother. When she goes to see her and asks why everything seemed odd it gets revealed that the original thief was Mr Bates’ wife. He took the blame because his head was all over the place from the war. Anna speaks to Lord Grantham and tells him what she was told.

Edith is confronted by Mary who confesses to writing the letter, calling Mary a slut in the process…… Such a heathen!!!

Edith reveals to her mother that Sir Anthony is about to propose to her.

Mrs Crawley and Mrs Grantham have a head to head about Mary’s intentions.

Moseley catches Thomas messing with a jacket. Moseley reports to Carson.

Everyone eats the food that Daisy put soap into. She gets caught out. Mrs Bird forgives her for being loyal to Mrs Padmore.

When Mrs Padmore returns, her and Mrs Bird find some common ground and start to get along.

Carson keeps playing with the new telephone.

O’brien isn’t happy about the prospect of being pushed out by Cora. Whilst Cora is having a bath, O’brien moved a piece of soap into position so Cora will slip on it and fall as she gets out of the bath. She is about to go back and move it, but Cora gets out and slips and falls and unfortunately loses the baby….. A boy! 😢😢😢

Thomas comes in all obnoxious, not caring about what has happened upstairs. William ends up fighting with him after he has a swipe at his dead mother.


Now there’s a Garden Party in the grounds.

The Doctor has got Thomas in as a doctor in the army and gives him his papers.

The phone rings. Branson answers and Gwen has got the job as the secretary.

Sir Anthony is looking for Edith but Mary mentions that she was hiding from an Old Bore who was going to propose. Outrageous behaviour from her sister there.

Edith can’t understand why he leaves so early before figuring it out.

O’brien does her best to help Cora, more out of guilt before finding out that they were never planning on getting rid of her in the first place.

Moseley asks Bates is there anyone in Anna’s life and Bates says there is, someone who is very keen….

Matthew is set to leave Downton because of Mary. Mary realised she messed up everything.

A letter arrives for Lord Grantham.

He looks shocked.

England is at War with Germany!!!


I think I am hooked!

Season 2 begins tomorrow!

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  1. Carmel Trela says:

    good reviews except for one thing.. It was Bates who went to get the limp corrector.. not Carson..

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