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Gains, Train and Automob-eels

Can I just start off by saying I think I might have excelled myself in the Headline stakes here – “Gains, Train and Automob-eels” might be my greatest moment. Lets see how everything fits together. So Saturday started off, as … Continue reading

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2016.1.16 – Mum’s birthday party

So my Mum turned 60 the other week but they were in Benidorm on holiday so we celebrated it today.  All the family went to Sambuca’s in Morley. It was a lovely meal and a great night.  Watched up to … Continue reading

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2016.1.6 – Big Brother anyone?

Nah not the Celebrity one I banged on about last night…but the REAL Big Brother is looking for victims for another series.  I auditions years ago for it. It was back for Series 5 I believe. The auditions were happening … Continue reading

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074/2014 : Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Headed down to London today on the coach with Elle’s work to see Charlie And The Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. Won £65 on the bandits in Watford Gap services. Nicely done. Got dropped off in London … Continue reading

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064/2014 : Lent me your ears

I ain’t a religious person. I don’t go to church other than occasions that call for it. But lent is a cheeky little one. It’s an excuse to start a diet. I’ve abolished chocolate, crisps and takeaways for it. Hopefully … Continue reading

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063/2014 : Pancake overload!

That time of year again when we all stuff our faces with batter-based products stuffed with everything from chocolate to peanut butter to strawberries to cream. Pancake day. A religious ceremony to use up all the contents of the cupboard … Continue reading

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046/2014 : Black Sheep Brewery

Headed up to Masham today to visit the Black Sheep Brewery. It was my valentines present from Elle. We had booked into a pub for the night too. The tour was really informative. They told us loads of stuff about … Continue reading

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044/2014 : Early Valentines

As we’re usually running around like mentalists on Thursday and Friday mornings, we did our Valentines presents at night tonight. Elle got me this cracking. Mousemat to take to work : as well as a tour of the Black Sheep … Continue reading

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037/2014 : Turn the table

Used the microwave at work today as I had taken my own lunch into work…but the microwave really confused me. It had no turntable in it. What kind of microwave has no revolving turntable? Seriously? I wasn’t sure whether the … Continue reading

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034/2014 : Starting the burn

Back to work after the weekend. Took my own lunch into work so I wasn’t having another week of eating ASDA cafe dinners. They are bloody lovely but any hard work I was attempting to put into losing weight was … Continue reading

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