Welcome to the Buster League, run by LUFC Predictor.

Current Game

New game started 2nd January.

Covid and FA Cup Breaks everywhere…maybe this will be a longer game…

Fulham are storming into the lead with two games where they won £286 and then £26 for Dave Woollin after scoring 7 and 6 in two consecutive games….surely they will bust soon. The second win of £26 is still open for any other teams before the end of Thursday to score 6 or more and share the prize.

Current Prize fund = 2 weeks – £92 (increases by £46 on 21/01/22) – won when a team lands on 21 goals exactly at the end of any single day. If they go over 21, they Bust and will be eliminated from this game and will need to wait for the redraw.
90% of this Prize fund goes to the winner(s) and 10% goes to the bottom placed team

Bonus 6 Prize fund = 1 weeks – £26 (increased by £26 on 21/01/22) – runs Friday to Thursday to ensure fairness. If any of the teams labelled “Bonus” on the below list score 6 or more goals in any single game between Friday-Thursday, they will win the Bonus 6 Prize Fund. Prize shared between players were more than one team does it in the time period.

League updated at the end of 15/01/2022

Here’s your teams.

Game 3

Game 3 is over!

In just 4 weeks, Emma Harvey-Pugh wins with Man City. No team even had a chance to bust!

4 players all tied on Zero goals at the bottom.

Emma wins 90% of the £184 prize fund, taking home £165.60 where the four at the bottom share £18.40 between them.

League Table updated as at the end of 01/01/2022

Game 1

Won by Shane Ketchley and MK Dons. Sarah Dalziel picked up the wooden spoon.

Shane Ketchley : £372.60
Sarah Dalziel : £41.40

League at end of 02/10/2021

2021/2022 Game

So here goes for the new game in 2021/22. We’ll be going from the very first game of the season. The 46 players who were in this year will get first refusal of playing again next year, but please confirm with me if you are in or not. Next year will be the same, £1 a week to be paid by Direct Debit, or if you are feeling flush, you can pay up front or in part chunks or all up front. There’s usually about 39 weeks to the season but that will be confirmed down the line.

The new game alongside

I am also introducing a well used game format of the “Bonus 6+” game. This will be an EXTRA £1 a week. This will be paid into a separate pot of money, so lets say 30 of the 46 players pay in, that pot will increase by £30 a week. The money is won if any team scores 6 or more goals in a single game, which does happen quite often. This will be run on a Gameweek basis and not on a day-to-day basisIf you want into the main game, and indeed the Bonus 6+ game, please let me know ASAP.If you no longer want to take part, please also confirm this as we have a waiting list of people who want to take part and I will let them join.

Prize Money

With 46 players putting £1 a week in, the Prize money rises by £46 every Friday. 90% goes to the winner and 10% to the wooden spoon winner. Here’s a breakdown of the prize money at each week of the game. Once someone hits 21 exactly, we restart from Week 1 again.

Game 1 finished on 5th April, Game 2 started again on 6th April with the first payment in on 9th April and will continue until won.

The Rules

The rules are simple. We split out the 92 League teams across all players. Follow your team’s goals…all you have to do it hit 21 goals WITHOUT going over! Each gameweek ends at the end of each day…so if you hit 21 on a Saturday and someone hits it on Sunday, the team on Saturday wins it.

I will publish the league up here as often as needed and will keep everyone in the loop.

£1 per week, or pay up front if easier for you. Payments by Direct Debit or Paypal. I will keep tabs of who has paid each week.

Ideal player numbers :

92 players (1 team each) – £92 a week into the Prize Fund
46 players (2 teams each) – £92 a week into the Prize Fund
23 players (4 teams each) – £92 a week into the Prize Fund

Any numbers in between those will mean we have “No Player” allocated to some teams, and these ones cannot win…so if we have 30 players, there will be 3 teams per player, with 2 teams allocated No Player. This will mean the Prize Fund will go up £30 per week.

Once the game has been won, all teams are re-drawn for all players and we go again. If a game ends on, say, a Saturday, the new game begins on the Sunday. The Prize Pot gets added to every Friday….there’s the VERY unlikely situation of someone winning on a Saturday and then a team banging in 21 goals before the next Friday so it should be safe to restart the next day.

If no team reaches 21 a decision will be made on the team that scores the most by the end of the season cutoff.

To play:

Set up a £1 Direct Debit recurring on Fridays to the following account:
Sort Code: 04-00-04
Account Number: 47451606

It will need to be made for 14 week to cover 6th August to 7th May.

Or send £39 to cover up to 7th May when the last game is played.

Any refunds that need to be made at the end of the game will be returned accordingly.

Previous games

2020/21 – Game 2:

2020/21 – Game 1: