Welcome to the Buster League, run by LUFC Predictor.

2022/2023 Game

Game 1

We are underway with Game 1

All teams have now played at least one game and the game is properly afoot.

Barrow and Peterborough top the league on 6 goals for Matthew Thompson and Paul Robinson accordingly. There’s a long way to go yet until that 21 gets reached though.

Everyone else plays again from Friday onwards…by the time the next games are played, the below prize money will have increased again!

Current Prize Fund
Main Game – 2 weeks – £92 (increasing by £46 every Friday)
Buster Game – 2 weeks – £72 (increasing by £36 every Friday)
Next Prize Fund increase – 12/08/2022

Game 1 Teams

So here goes for the new game in 2022/23. We’ll be going from the very first game of the season. The 46 players who were in last season will get first refusal of playing again next year, but please confirm with me if you are in or not.

So, to cover everything, we’re looking at 43 weeks starting on Friday 29th July. This will cover right through to final payment being on 26th May 2023.

You can pay this Up Front, or in chunks, or alternatively set up a Standing Order. Ask for my Bank account or us last year’s details if you wish to do this.

So if you want to pay up front for the normal game, that’s £43 for the entire season. If you want to play the Bonus 6 game too, thats another £43

Please Be Aware – If either of the games are won between the end 6th May and 28th May, they will not go into a new round and refunds will be given to those who have paid up front. This is because the EFL will have ended and we wouldn’t have enough teams to continue fairly.

So if you want to pay up front and guarantee your place, here’s the payment links. Alternatively, ask me for the Bank Account details:

JUST the Normal Buster game : https://paypal.me/lufcpredictor/43

BOTH Buster and Bonus 6 : https://paypal.me/lufcpredictor/86

If you want to pay in any other denominations, just change the number at the end of that Link. Please be aware that if you pay direct through Paypal yourself, please choose “Friends And Family” which means I receive the full amount.

Prize Money

With 46 players putting £1 a week in, the Prize money rises by £46 every Friday. 90% goes to the winner and 10% to the wooden spoon winner. Here’s a breakdown of the prize money at each week of the game. Once someone hits 21 exactly, we restart from Week 1 again.

The below is assuming that 24 players are in the Buster but this could go up or down as I confirm players.

The Rules

The rules are simple. We split out the 92 League teams across all players. Follow your team’s goals…all you have to do it hit 21 goals WITHOUT going over! Each gameweek ends at the end of each day…so if you hit 21 on a Saturday and someone hits it on Sunday, the team on Saturday wins it.

I will publish the league up here as often as needed and will keep everyone in the loop.

Once the game has been won, all teams are re-drawn for all players and we go again. If a game ends on, say, a Saturday, the new game begins on the Sunday. The Prize Pot gets added to every Friday….there’s the VERY unlikely situation of someone winning on a Saturday and then a team banging in 21 goals before the next Friday so it should be safe to restart the next day.

If no team reaches 21 a decision will be made on the team that scores the most by the end of the season cutoff.

Bonus 6 will run Friday to Thursday – this allows any other team that scores 6 to be in with a share of the money. This is important as if we pay out on a team scoring 6 on Saturday, there’s no money in the Bonus 6 pot until the following Friday, so if a team won on the Sunday, they wouldn’t be able to be paid out.

To play:

Set up a £1 Direct Debit recurring on Fridays to the following account:
Sort Code: 04-00-04
Account Number: 47451606

It will need to be made for 43 week to cover 6th August to 26th May.

Any refunds that need to be made at the end of the game will be returned accordingly.

2021/2022 season

Game 6

Main Game Update
£207 goes to the winner who was not decided by a 21 goal win, but by the end of the season Most Goals Wins rule. Man City pick up the £230 for Phil Barr! Congratulations Phil

The Wooden Spoon £23 goes to Chris Pearson with Plymouth Argyle.

Bonus 6 Game Update
Bristol Rovers for Geraint Harvey-Pugh and Fulham for Max Guest are sharing the final £104 prize.

Game 5

Game 4

Game 3

Game 1

Previous games

2020/21 – Game 2:

2020/21 – Game 1:

Current Prize fund = 3 weeks – £138 (increases by £46 on 18/03/22) – won when a team lands on 21 goals exactly at the end of any single day. If they go over 21, they Bust and will be eliminated from this game and will need to wait for the redraw.
90% of this Prize fund goes to the winner(s) and 10% goes to the bottom placed team

Bonus 6 Prize fund = 3 weeks – £78 (increased by £26 on 18/03/22) – runs Friday to Thursday to ensure fairness. If any of the teams labelled “Bonus” on the below list score 6 or more goals in any single game between Friday-Thursday, they will win the Bonus 6 Prize Fund. Prize shared between players were more than one team does it in the time period.