DC finally get it right, oh so very right!


Aquaman splashed onto our screens a while back, but I have just had the chance to go see it myself…and I am glad I did.

DC has struggled recently. Batman vs Superman was laughable in places, Wonder Woman was a shining light, Justice League was shite. So how was Jason Momoa going to fare in his second outing as the land-dwelling, water-dipping, ripped-torso’d Arthur.

Well I am pleased to say that this film is absolutely everything I wanted it to be. Big, bold and beautiful. You have Momoa glistening and smouldering in equal measures, Amber Heard channelling her inner-Ariel, and Patrick Wilson Conjuring up a tidal wave of hatred…see what I did there?

The film had everything, enough back-story that it didnt feel drawn out, some phenomenal set pieces, and plenty of Screen X footage to make that extra £3 worth every single penny.

Willem Dafoe, Dolph Lundgren and Nicole Kidman are thrown into the mix too to bring everything together wonderfully…even if I was expecting Nicole Kidman to be named “Martha”….

If you haven’t seen this film yet, get yourself to the cinema. IMAX, Screen X, whatever you need to see it in…it’s well worth the effort and hopefully you won’t be disappointed either.

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