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Almost there…

My self-imposed hiatus from Facebook and Twitter to avoid all Star Wars spoilers is almost complete.  I watched A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back this weekend in preparation for tomorrow’s viewing of The Force Awakens.  In other news today, … Continue reading

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Shout, shout, let it all out

So we’re onto Day 2 of my Social Media blackout all with the aim of avoiding spoilers for Star Wars.  I’m actually finding it tricky not to just pop into Facebook when I want then it got me thinking…why do … Continue reading

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Blackout Day 1

So we’re on with my Social Media blackout. I’m only going on Facebook to sort my football prediction league out, I’ve completely logged out of all Twitter accounts (by all I mean my @FameAsser one and the @ToplessMovies one that … Continue reading

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Don’t be a Homer!

So there’s a film coming out tonight…just a small continuation of a tale of good vs evil, of family and friends, of Wookies and Robots.  Yup…Finally it’s here. Star Wars : The Force Awakens    The hype surrounding the blockbuster … Continue reading

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Took the little lady to Sundown Adventure Land today to see Santa…would she enjoy it… Set off early doors this morning. I’ve never been to Sundown but I have heard good things about it. Got there about half 10 and … Continue reading

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Welcome back!

Yesterday, something came back into my life…a true love…something I have been without for way too long.  I embraced it with open arms and will never let it go again… Welcome back…Cineworld Unlimited Card!    Yup I got rid of … Continue reading

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