Downton Abbey Binge Season 2

Season 2

Episode 1

War is here. 1916.
Matthew Crawley is in the trenches. He writes home to say he has met someone he wants to marry.

At Downton, O’brien is as sour faced as ever.

William is helping Lord Grantham in Bates’ absence who has lost his mother. Grantham gets called back into the army. William wants to fight for his country.

Branson is helping Edith learn how to drive.

Lady Violet Crawley seems quite perky with life.

Carson is overworking himself.

Sybil receives a letter telling her someone she knew is dead and wants to go to York to train as a nurse but first helps out Mrs Padmore in the kitchens before leaving for York when an opportunity opens up. Branson drives her up before confessing how much he likes her. She can’t say it back to him.

Ethel is a new servant played by the lovely Amy Nuttall 😍😍😍. O’brien sends her upstairs to the drawing room whilst all the ladies are there, to cause her some embarrassment.

Edith breaks the news to Mary about Matthew coming to Downton with his new Fiancee. Mary seems to be interested in a Sir Richard Carlisle but when everyone leaves, she breaks down to Anna. This meeting with Matthew ain’t going to go too well is it?

Matthew turns up with Lavinia Swire, his fiancee who immediately comments on how grand everything is.

Two women cause a scene by branding William and another cowards at a concert.

Bates returns. His wife had reappeared and his inheritance will pay for the divorce. Bates wants to marry Anna. He is ready to plan a life with Anna….. Then Mr Bates’ wife turns up, threatening to expose Anna’s part in the cover up of the Turk’s death last season! 😯 Bates is blackmailed into going back with his wife leaving Anna heartbroken. Wow.

Mrs Hughes overhead everything that happened between Bates and his Wife though… She tells Carson.

Mary gives Matthew a little toy that is her lucky charm for when he is out at war on the promise that he bring it back…. Hmmmm.

Daisy kisses William who is thinking of going to enlist.

In the trenches, Thomas turns up as a medic (yay! Everyone is back!) , bumping into Matthew. Thomas purposefully gets his hand shot so he can be sent home.

Lady Crawley gets Mr Moseley to put his name down to enlist. Moseley makes up news of his lungs being dodgy to avoid it.

Lord Grantham has received a Colonol position in the army but thinks he is going to war but he isn’t. Carson then tells Lord Grantham about how Bates took a fall to stop the name of Downton falling but he wouldn’t tell him why.

Episode 2

William leaves Downton to go speak to his mother, ready for his medical, leaving Carson rushed off his feet. He is excited.

Mrs Padmore’s nephew has been presumably killed in action and it turns out he was killed for being a coward.

Moseley is acting strange around Anna, giving her a book and wanting to spend time with her alone. He later tells her that he would like to see her but she explains she is still in love with Mr Bates.

Edith starts helping out at a local farm… 100% gonna end up falling for a lowly man…and she does, kissing the farmer but being seen by his wife is not going to go down well, so much so that the wife cancels Edith’s employment.

Thomas returns to Downton with a hold through his hand.

Jorah from Game Of Thrones turns up as Sir Carlisle, the owner of a few newspapers and the object of Mary’s new affections. He wants to marry her but Mary isn’t sure. She knows he isn’t in it for love but more for the business side of things.

Carson is completely run off his feet. A new servant Henry Lang is helping out but causes Carson more stresses leading to him having a funny turn. It’s revealed Lang is suffering from shell shock.

Thomas is hit by the suicide of a fellow soldier in the hospital.

Sybil’s hospital moves to Downton. But Lady Crawley as Head of the house forbids it, yet Cora says its her house now and she says it will go ahead.

Episode 3

Branson gets called up but declares he will be a conscientious objector. He then finds out he has a heart murmur which won’t let him serve anyway.

Downton is to be turned into a hospital. Cora is talked into letting Thomas be in charge of it all by O’brien, who still feels guilt over costing her the baby lady season.

Lord Grantham isn’t too keen on the idea of giving up his house. Cora isn’t happy either with the plans. Lord and Lady Grantham want to allow a family friend to be transferred there but it gets shot down before Lord Grantham puts his foot down. There is also some concern about the dog (called Isis) not getting into the areas with the injured soldiers.

Matthew turns up as he is touring the area.

Anna heard that Bates is working at a local pub. She goes to meet him. He has found out about his wife cheating on him so can divorce her properly.

Branson is going to attack the general but is stopped at the last moment.

Daisy and William get engaged.

Lord Grantham asks Matthew to take William as his footman in the war.

Episode 4

Downton is set to put on a show! The wounded soldiers are going to put a concert on to raise spirits.

William is now in the trenches with Matthew… I can’t see this ending good.

Mrs Padmore and Daisy bump into Mrs Bird running a soup kitchen for soldiers in town.

Notice gets to Downton that Matthew and William went missing when they headed out.

Mrs Hughes catches the Major in bed with Ethel who then is fired.

Lord Grantham sets Bates back on to help out through these hard times.

Matthew and William return! YAY!

Ethel is pregnant!!!!!

Episode 5

Time moves forward a little.

William and Matthew are injured when they go “over the top” of the trenches. Both survive but with leg damage and lung damage its not great news. Both are brought to Downton.

Ethel has had her baby and wants to meet the Major at Downton.

Matthew breaks the news to Lavinia that he has essentially lost the use of his todger because of the blast and can’t truly marry her.

Dodgy newspaper guy Sir Jorah from Game of Thrones strikes up a deal with Bates’ wife Vera about her story about Mary in order to protect them.

Jorah from GoT puts it in the papers they they are now engaged.

William says he needs to marry Daisy because he is dying and needs to marry her so she can get a widows pension.

The ceremony goes ahead and that evening William passes away. 😭😭😭

Episode 6

Following Williams passing, Matthew feels bad.

A Canadian comes to Downton. He knows Edith. He claims to be their long lost cousin Patrick who drowned on the Titanic…causing all the uproar about the inheritance in the first place….£10 bet he isn’t….

Sir Jorah of Iain Glen offers Carson a job if he buys a house locally with Mary. Carson wants to wait to see what Mary says first…Mary agrees to buy the house with him. Wa

Carson catches Mrs Hughes helping Ethel out.

Obrien, in typical sour faced fashion listens in on Bates and Anna planning to run away based on the fact that due to a few things he speaks about with his lawyer, the divorce from Vera can’t go through.

Lord Grantham meets the Canadian, noticing something odd he does. He clearly has his doubts…. That £10 is going to be safe.

In fact, I have a feeling old Newspaper Mogul Sir Whatshisface from Game Of Thrones is behind this.

The war is Over!!! Woohoo.

Lady Crawley and Lady Violet speak with Cora. Crawley says that she cannot run Downton anymore herself.

Sir Newspaper threatens to ruin Mary if she gets in his way.

The Canadian disappears with a letter left for Edith signed P Gordon… But is it Peter or Patrick????

Carson tells Lord Grantham he will be leaving but not until a replacement is found.

Bates received a telegram. His wife is dead.

Episode 7

The hospital has now left Downton with the war now over. Matthew remains at the house but Cora is worried about Mary.

Lord Grantham is meloncholy about the war in general..

Ian Glenn (Sir Richard) turns up to try to get Anna to work for him, spying on what Mary is up to. She refuses him.

O’brien is sour faced about Thomas now the war is over. Never known a woman look lie she has been sucking lemons as much as that miserable cow. Thomas is going to work on the black market.

Sir Richard pulls Anna into a room. He wants to know more about Anna before they wed.

Carson decides to not go with Mary and Sir Richard to the new house.

Holy hell! Lord Grantham kisses the new maid Jane. Wow.

Oh my god! Matthew suddenly gets up from his wheelchair when Lavinia trips up and falls. He manages to stand straight up…i have a feeling he might have been lying all this time!

He then announced he will be marrying Lavinia.

Sybil tells Branson she wants to travel with him.

Ethan storms into the house with the baby when the Major’s Dad is around the table with the family. He says she needs to prove his son who died is the father.

Thomas gives Mrs Padmore some of his goods, looking for money. She will pay if she is happy.

Sir Jorah is pushing Mary for a marriage date. Mary asks why he went after Anna. He thinks she is still in love with Matthew but she says she can’t love someone who loves someone else.

The ingredients Mrs Padmore gets aren’t right. Thomas wrecks the stores. He has been fixed up good and proper. He has lost all his money.

Bates talks to Anna about marrying her.

Mary notices Sybil isn’t in her room. Anna gets the keys and there’s a note left for the family saying she has eloped to Gretna Green.

Must be the marriage episode!

They chase them down and Mary talks Sybil into going back and not making a mistake and to do it properly.

Jane threatens to resign over what happened but Lord Grantham is having none of it.

Episode 8

Sybil wants to tell the family about her engagement to Branson. He turns up and they have to announce it. She wants to move to Dublin with him.

Lord Grantham ain’t happy with it and tries to forbid it.

Ethel’s baby-daddy’s parents want to see the baby.

Cora isn’t feeling too good at the same. Time that Moseley isn’t too. She retires to her room.

Lavinia isn’t well either, neither is Carson!

Oh god! Spanish Flu got mentioned earlier in the episode.

We are going to lose someone soon aren’t we?

Mary dances with Matthew. They kiss. Lavinia almost catches them.

Jane chats up Lord Grantham and they disappear off together, kissing, they are almost caught by Bates which makes him reassess what he is doing and says its not fair on her.

Cora has gotten worse whilst Grantham was gallivanting. O’brien is feeling bad and wants to tell Cora something about last season’s “accident” she caused.

Ethel’s baby’s grandparents come to see the baby. They want her to give the baby up to them.

Lavinia realised Matthew still loves Mary. She heard them talking, dancing and kissing. She says she thinks they shouldn’t get married anymore.

Sir Richard comes to Downton again, worried that is Lavinia dies, Mary will want Matthew.

Thomas starts to help out in the kitchen again.

Anna tells Mary that she was planning on marrying Bates that week. Mary let’s her go.

Cora worsens. The doctor says that if she lasts the night, she will live.

Lavinia dies.

Anna and Bates get married. Awwwww.

Jane leaves Downton. Lord Grantham gives her some money to help her family.

Grantham lets Branson back.

Bates gets arrested for Murder.

Episode 9 – Christmas at Downton

Let’s hope this is a cheery one.

Nigel Havers turns up as Lord Hepworth. Half expecting him to con everyone like he did in Coronation Street. He has lost most of his fortune.

Sybil writes to say she is pregnant.

Sir Game Of Thrones ain’t happy that Mary talks to Matthew a lot. He starts pushing for a marriage date.

It’s Bates’ trial for murder of his wife by poisoning. He gets sentenced to be hanged. The worst part is, the servents ball gets cancelled! Doesn’t rain but it pours!

Thomas locks Isis the dog in a cabin in the woods. But then later can’t find the dog he was going to use to garner favour with Lord Grantham. The dog turns up and he still manages to turn it into his favour.

Anna says she will go with Mary if she goes to new house.

Sir Jorah is threatens Mary with the stories he knows of the Turk being released. He then winds up Matthew about Lavinia not loving him. They fight. Sir Jorah is sent away, leaving Mary.

A telegram arrives. A reprieve for Bates. Life imprisonment and not a hanging.

The Servants Ball is back on!

Nigel Havers gets caught dicking another woman. Rosamund ditches him.

Anna decides to stay on at the house.

Matthew and Mary get back together!!!! Merry Christmas everyone!

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