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Page 58/365 : F&B’S & iPod

Went to Frankie & Benny’s after work today for Tracey’s leaving do. She’s ready to drop shortly so she’d arranged a meal. As I was completely off the diet on the weekend, I decided I couldn’t be bothered pissing about … Continue reading

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Page 57/365 : Catch up, caught up

Bit of a catchup day today really. Felt much better after an early night last night and plenty of sleep. Really needed it. Started reading Tales From the Edge of America, Part 1: New York to Montana by Paul Smith … Continue reading

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Page 56/365 : Sleeeepppyyyyzzzzzzzz!

Absolutely shattered today. So bloody tired after the weekend. Hardly slept last night though which didn’t help. Was waking up every two minutes either having a bad dream or being elbow by Elle for snoring too much! Not much to … Continue reading

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Page 55/365 : Stag done

And that was it, my Stag Do all over and what a weekend it was. The last two posts really didn’t do it justice so here we go. My highlights : ~Friday~ Being dressed as a Hooters Girl Being stood … Continue reading

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Page 54/365 – Stag Do Day 2

Woke up full of the joys of spring this morning, no hangover or anything, which was massively surprising following the amount we drank yesterday. Went down for Breakfast but I couldn’t really face food so didn’t bother eating much. It … Continue reading

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Page 53/364 – The Stag Do Day 1

And it’s here finally. Stag Do time in Nottingham. Met up with everyone at what I told everyone was the Hogs Head in Leeds, but when we got there it was The Hourglass. After being told to pack minimum amounts … Continue reading

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Page 52/365 : Train arrives in Leeds

Finished up at work for the week today. It’s always nice to stick the Out Of Office on the emails. Then it was time for a gig I have been looking forward to for absolutely ages! Train were in town … Continue reading

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