LUFC Predictor – Rules, Points & Prizes


What you need to predict

Score of the game
1st Goalscorer (any player on any team)
Time of 1st goal

Ways you can predict


You will notice there’s a box for a Password on the Predictor Page – the reason for this is that essentially you could cheat and put in any prediction for anyone else…to prevent this, please choose a password with your first prediction (don’t use anything massively personal to you or anything you use as a proper password anywhere else as I will be able to see it). Then continue to put this password in every time you predict. I will be checking that the same password has been entered each time to ensure that no-one is putting predictions in for someone else.

Prediction Deadline

You will have until ONE HOUR BEFORE KICKOFF of each game to get your predictions in. All predictions must have been received either by Online Form/Facebook/Email/Text by me otherwise they will not be counted. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

By “ONE HOUR BEFORE KICKOFF” this means that, for example, on a 3pm game, all predictions must be in BEFORE 2pm…so a prediction submitted at 13:59:59 will be accepted, but any at 14:00:00 will not. We have to be strict about this due to the fact that all the Team Sheets are usually published at 2pm so we have to have a fair cut off for all players.

  • Online Form – On submission, you will receive an on-screen confirmation. I receive a “Feedback” log showing what you have predicted which I can export into my Database
  • Facebook Messenger/Text Message/Email – I will always reply to confirm receipt of them.
  • Facebook Group – Check that any Facebook prediction is posted on the group. If they are not posted, they will not be counted!

Any prediction can be altered right up until the 1-hour-before-kickoff Deadline. Please post alterations to existing predictions in as a NEW post and not by editing the previous prediction. This makes it easier for me to keep track.

All posts are timestamped – Online forms are timestamped at the moment they are submitted. Facebook posts/messages, emails, texts all are timestamped too.

Points Allocation

Home goals correct : 1pt
Away goals correct : 1pt
BOTH Home & Away correct : Bonus 3pts (totalling 5pts)
Correct result predicted (Home, Away, Draw) : 2pts
New for 2020/21 – Exact number of Goals in the game : 1pt

THEREFORE – an EXACT SCORE prediction will collect the full 8 points for all the above being correct.

1st Goalscorer (any team) : 2pts
1st Goal Time : 5pts if exact, 1pt if within 5mins either way.
Attendance : 10pts if exact, 5pts if within 25, 4pts if within 50, 3pts if within 100, 2pts if within 250, 1pt if within 500

Own Goals Rule

If an own-goal is scored, the time will be used to determine the 1st Goal Time, however the 1st goalscorer prediction will move to the next goal scored (if any).

0-0 Prediction Rule

You are fully entitled to predict 0-0 in any game. If it finishes 0-0 you will score the full 7 points. Alongside a 0-0 prediction, you also need to pick a Scorer and a Goal Time. Obviously you can’t predict “0-0, No Scorer, No Goal Time” but you could predict “0-0, Bamford, 8th minute”, then you can still score points for first goals.


For each game, an event will be put up on Facebook. It will be sent to everyone in the group located here – Facebook automatically sends a reminder to anyone who has accept the event as “Going” one hour before the “Deadline”

Advance Predictions

If you are going on holiday and need to predict in advance, just get all your predictions in in good time in advance on the Predictor Page. Remember, you can bulk predict at the beginning of the season if you wish to do so too, all pre-predictions can still be altered prior to the 1hr deadline. You last prediction will always be your final one.
REMEMBER : Your final prediction before each game deadline is the final one and will overwrite any previous predictions.

Placeholder Predictions (Not in World Cup Predictor)

New for this year, you can put in a Placeholder Prediction. This is a blanket prediction for all the games across the season. To do this, email me on or just go to the Predictor Page and enter into each match what you want. Maybe you want to do a different prediction for all Home games to what you want for all the Away games…that’s fine…just let me know.
REMEMBER : Your final prediction before each game deadline is the final one and will overwrite any previous predictions.

My predictions

As I also play the game, I will put my predictions in as early as possible each week. Any disputes, I will be able to show the timestamp from the actual submission on the Prediction Page. This is to alleviate any issues due to the fact that I have access to all predictions as they come in and I want to assure everyone that other predictions will not influence my own. No-one (except myself) will have access to any of the predictions other than those posted publicly on Facebook. I 100% guarantee this information will not be shared with anyone.


Entry Fee split

Everyone who enters will need to pay £15 – this can be paid by Paypal by going to  or messaging me on for bank details.

£10 will go towards the League Prize Fund
£2.50 will go towards the Cup Prize Fund
£2.50 will go towards the Predictor Of The Month Competition

League Competition & Prizes

All points scored each week will go towards building up a League Competition throughout the whole year. Prizes will be as follows :

1st place = 50% of League Prize Fund
2nd place = 25%
3rd place = 15%
4th place = 6%
5th place = 4%

Every game will contribute to the League, whether it’s a Championship match, a Carabao Cup match, a FA Cup match, or a Playoff Game. In the event of Playoffs, all decisions will be made after the last game that Leeds play.

In the event of a draw, the deciding factor will be the closest to the overall attendance figure across the entire season.

Cup Competition & Prizes

– There will be 7 Rounds in the Cup.
– Each round will be made up of the FIRST THREE games in each calendar month starting in September
– Every name will go into a random draw sometime before the first game, draw will be published as an online video.
– The points you score in your normal predictions will also go towards your Cup points.
– If your total score over the three games is greater than your opponent’s, you will progress to the next round. If it isn’t, you will be eliminated from the Cup.
– In the event of a points tie, whoever was closest to the total attendance over the three games will progress.
– A further draw will commence for each subsequent round
– Cup will continue through September, October, November, December, January, February and March

Cup winner will win 75% of the Cup Prize Fund
Cup runner up will win 25% of the Cup Prize Fund

Predictor Of The Month & Prizes

– Every calendar month, the player across the whole game who scores the greatest number of points will win 1/9th of the Predictor Of The Month Prize Fund.
– Months included will be : August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March and April – any games played in May will be included in April’s Predictor Of The Month competition – this includes any playoff games.