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Red Sparrow – Movie Review

James Bond this ain’t! There’s no shaken Martini’s in sight, nor are there gadgets galore. But Red Sparrow is a spy film of the highest calibre. Jennifer Lawrence plays Russian ballerina Dominika who, following a horrific accident which sets the … Continue reading

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Advent Calendars – Day 1

Merry Christmas everyone. Welcome to the start of December and everyone’s favourite day. You have probably had the Advent Calendars in the house since around August and now it’s finally time to open up Door #1 on the run up … Continue reading

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Blackout Day 1

So we’re on with my Social Media blackout. I’m only going on Facebook to sort my football prediction league out, I’ve completely logged out of all Twitter accounts (by all I mean my @FameAsser one and the @ToplessMovies one that … Continue reading

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Took the little lady to Sundown Adventure Land today to see Santa…would she enjoy it… Set off early doors this morning. I’ve never been to Sundown but I have heard good things about it. Got there about half 10 and … Continue reading

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It’s a Mug’s game…!

So that bet didn’t come in. In fact the Cardinals got beat 4-0, which is just insane as they are easily the best team in the league at the moment. Typical that they choose to lose on the day I … Continue reading

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Playing with “free” money!

After work today I had been invited to the Sky Bet offices to help them with a little bit of Market Research.  They wanted a customer’s opinion on some items related to multiple betting and I was happy to help. … Continue reading

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You Can’t Beat A Bit Of Bully

   Tonight on Challenge TV aired a documentary all about Bullseye, the much-loved darts/general knowledge based show which brought the pub sport to a whole new audience.  Back in 2006, hot on the heels of being a contestant on Deal … Continue reading

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