Downton Abbey Binge Season 3

Season 3

Episode 1

Plans are in place for the Matthew/Mary wedding.

O’brien knows someone who may be ideal for the footman job at the house.

Lord Grantham has to go to London for something that seems a little secret. The family have lost a lot of business though an investment in Canada. Most of Cora’s inheritance has now been lost.

Brandon and Sybil return. He doesn’t quite fit in properly but does his best.

Matthew finds out about his ex’s inheritance he was named on. He stands to make a lot of money if the last heir cannot be found.

The Grey family is coming to stay. The son of the family, Larry, used to be keen on Mary.

Brandon gets drunk afyet he gets his drink spiked and rants at the dinner table. It gets revealed and everyone turns on Larry after Sir Anthony exposes him. Edith admires him even more for it.

Bates has a little bit of aggro with his cellmate.

Mary and Matthew get married.

Episode 2

The married Matthew and Mary return in a brand new flashy car.

Lady Violet isn’t enjoying the fact that Cora’s mother is still at the house. She asks Mary to attempt to ask her to help the family out with money as she is absolutely loaded.

She is also not happy with Edith dating the older fella. Edith invites him to dinner though. Lord Grantham writes to him and tells him that he is not enough for his daughter. Edith is heartbroken but begs her dad to let him back. He agrees.

Mrs Hughes finds a lump on her breast and goes with Mrs Patmore. The Doc is worried but it will take months for the results to come back.

Mary is still confused as to why Matthew won’t accept the inheritance money he is due.

Thomas is setting up the new footman for another fall. He causes him to damage some shirts on purpose. O’Brien realises. She plots to bring him down… Because a miserable O’brien is a happyh O’brien.

Mrs Hughes kicks off with Carson when he moans about the staff.

They send for Moseley. Lord Grantham let’s Carson know they won’t be getting any more staff anytime soon.

Cora is up for downsizing the house and the grounds by selling and moving but Mary is having none of it.

Lady Crawley is running a refuge for prostitutes. Ethel turns up looking like she needs their help after what happened with her child.

Thomas “loses” all Grantham’s dress shirts. He has to wear another one and everyone is ribbing him about it.

Bates is being intimidated by his cell mate but threatens him back aggressively. He plays on the fact he is in there for murder.

Episode 4

Edith’s wedding is coming but the finanicial problems hang over the house.

Thomas tells Moseley that O’brien is leaving. Moseley brings it up with Cora who didn’t know anything about it obviously. O’brien finds out and is obviously not happy, but then when would she be happy?

Matthew meets with the Lawyer with the death certificate.

A letter turns up from Lavinia’s father that said why he was added to the inheritance. Its clear now that he is fully entitled to it. He agrees to tell Lord Grantham abouy it after Edith’s wedding to the old guy…something is telling me that this isn’t going to end well.

Sir Anthony bails out just as the wedding starts. He doesn’t want Edith to throw her life away with him. Lady Grantham says it’s for the best but Edith is heartbroken.

Matthew talks to Lord Grantham, saying he will give him the money. Lord Grantham says that instead of giving him it, he should invest in the house and they can keep it all together.

Daisy clearly likes footman Alfred but it’s clear he like Edith.

Mrs Hughes gets the all clear

Episode 4

Carson has advertised for a new footman.

Edith tells her grandma that she is a bit bored at the house. She gets told to find something to do.

Anna get a promotion when a new maid will be set on. But she is upset as she hasn’t heard from Bates for a while.

Branson turns up soaked at the door. Something has happened but the family are entertaining so he doesn’t want to interfere. He hides out until later. He has been involved in some civil unrest and protests that he has had to run away from. They got out of hand and he didn’t want to be involved.

Ethel’s baby daddy’s parents show up with some money, especially with Ethel now prostituting herself. She turns down the money get still let’s them have Charlie.

Carson interviews a new footman. Everyone seems very taken to him (well the ladies do). He is called Jimmy. He will be trouble

The guards hadn’t been giving Bates his letters. He writes a reply to every one of them.

New kitchen maid Ivy starts just after Daisy was about to talk to Alfred but he clearly likes the new girl.

Episode 5

Cybil is getting ready to have her baby.

The prison guard and Bates’ cellmate are plotting against him.

Bates thinks he has the ticket out of prison now.

Matthew is worried that he is infertile following his inability to get Mary pregnant.

Anna tells Lord Grantham about hearing of Bates’ potential freedom fight.

Edith gets granted a column in the newspaper following her letter to the Times.

Mrs Bird, the cook at Lady Crawley’s residence refuses to work with Ethel because of her previous prostitution work. Lady Crawley lets Mrs Bird go then.

In the kitchen, Daisy likes Alfred, Alfred likes Ivy, Ivy likes Jimmy and Jimmy is giving nothing away… That’s not gonna get awkward at all!

Alfred doesn’t like how Daisy is being with Ivy so he causes something to Curdle, then helps Ivy recover it so Daisy has to. Start admiring her.

Bit of Doctor on Doctor action when the family Doctor Clarkson is worried about Sybil and the baby, but Sir Philip, a doctor hired by Lord Grantham, says everything is OK. Clarkson gets Cora involved. Clarkson wants Sybil to go to the hospital for a C-section.. The family decide that the decision lies with Branson. Cora is on Clarksons side. Grantham is on Sir Philips side.

Carson finds out about what has happened with Mrs Bird.

Ethel is trying new things in the kitchen that’s mixing things up a little.

Sybil stays at the house and gives birth to a baby girl. Sir Philip is looking a little smug. Sybil is tired.

Everyone is happy about the new arrival.

Thomas is chatting to Jimmy a lot, being touchy feely, but Jimmy doesn’t like it.

Sybil is in a lot of pain in the middle of the night. Sir Philip can’t believe it. Clarkson was right.

Sybil dies 😭😭😭

Cora blames Lord Grantham

Episode 6

It’s the day of the memorial.

Cora and Lord Grantham are still not talking.

Branson announces that he wants to name the baby Cybil and that she will be Brought up a Catholic.

Mrs Bartlett changes her story that will be the one that gets Bates off.

Mrs Patmore allows Ethel to cook a meal for the family, but Carson flips out about it and tells Lord Grantham. Grantham kicks off and tells the women of the family who are dining. They all stick by her.

Mary isn’t happy with the plans that Matthew has for the house.

Ivy is putting makeup on, which Mrs Patmore doesn’t like.

Thomas continues to touch Jimmy against his wishes.

Bates gets a reprieve and can come home.

Doctor Clarkson admits that even if they had listened to him, then it was likely she would have died anyway.

Episode 7

Bates is released.

Edith heads to London to see about the column she has been invited to write.

Ivy is taken out by Alfred.

Thomas is stewing on liking Jimmy more after O’brien stirs things with him. He goes into his room late at night and kisses him as he sleeps. As he does, Alfred comes into the room and Thomas pretends they have a thing going on.

O’brien pressures Alfred into reporting the behaviour to bring Thomas down.

Brandon’s brother Keiran comes to town. Feeling more at home downstairs he hangs with the servants but then Branson gets him upstairs and sorts him out with a job.

Sybil is baptized with Mary as Godmother.

Episode 8

Theres a Cricket Match coming! The House vs the Village.

But more importantly, Lady Violet’s Great Neice Rose turns up…. The lovely Lily James 😍😍😍🌹❀️❀️❀️

Carson asks Thomas to resign and he will. Give him a decent reference.

O’brien tells Jimmy he needs to speak out in order to defend his own honour, when she knows that if he does it will likely lead to Thomas’ dismissal. She tells him that people will start to think things about him if he doesn’t

Moseley is excited to be on the House team for the cricket match.

Lord Grantham tries talking Branson into playing cricket but Branson says he has never played before.

Jimmy goes to Carson demanding he gives Thomas the bad reference, threatening the police.

Matthew wants to accompany Edith to London. They are all staying with Lady Rosamund.

Rose is clearly up to something when they are down there.

The newspaper editor is clearly hitting on Edith.

Bates and Anna are getting their marital house in order.

Rose goes out partying in London. Edith, Rosamund and Matthew go see her at the club. Matthew tells her she needs to be careful cavorting with married men.

Mary and Matthew both go see the same doctor about fertility. They bump into each other. Mary has had a small operation on the side. It was her problem that they couldn’t conceive.

Lady Violet overheads Rose and Edith talking about London.

Everyone in the kitchen is asking questions about the Thomas and Jimmy situation.

Brandon and Matthew are looking to expand the farming business but Lord Grantham isn’t happy with it.

Edith is prying into her editor’s private life.

Bates talks to O’brien to get her to talk Jimmy out of his thing against Thomas. He threatens O’brien with letting the Secret out about O’brien and the soap from Season 1.

She talks to Jimmy about it. Jimmy speaks to Carson.

The house cricket team are still 2 men down. They try to talk Branson into playing. Thomas will also be playing at Lord Granthams request.

Ethel gets a job in a house near where her Son is now staying.

Edith tells the editor that she knows he is married and that she has handed in her resignation. He says his wife is in an asylum.

The cricket match finally arrives. Thomas smashes 100 runs.

Bates tells Anna that he was told to tell O’brien about “her ladyships soap” although he doesn’t know what it means.

Lord Grantham promotes Jimmy to first footman.

York police turn up. Alfred has reported Thomas to the police. Grantham intercepts and speaks to Alfred to get him to drop the charges.

The house win the cricket match.

Episode 9 – A Journey To The Highlands

The family are going to Scotland on holiday to visit Rose’s parents. Some of the servants are staying at the house whilst some accompany them up.

Mary is 8 months pregnant.

A new delivery man turns up. Its that bloke who is in everything that’s set up north. He starts flirting with Mrs Patmore. The kitchen girls love it. She eventually gets asked on a date with him to a fair.

Alfred was hoping for some time off with most people away but Carson puts them to work polishing the silver.

Branson bumps into servant Edna in the pub. It sounds like there’s a story about to start there. She asks if he is ashamed of who is he and why he won’t eat with the rest of them when he is the only one left in the house.

Doctor Clarkson is seen hanging out with Lady Crawley. Another storyline about to start there.

All the men go hunting for stag in the Highlands. Rose’s father admits to Grantham that him and the wife do not get along.

Bates and Anna go for a nice picnic by the river.

Branson comes to eat with the servants. He eventually ends up kissing Edna but they know they can’t be together now.

Thomas takes a beating for Jimmy after a tug of war contest.

Mary goes into labour on her return. After what happened with Sybil everyone is a little worried. She goes to the hospital.

The baby is born…. Its a Boy!!!!!!

Finally a heir to the family fortunes! Wooooohoooooooo!

Matthew and Mary are all loved up.

A nice happy ending to the Christmas Episode.

Back in the house everyone is excited to see the baby.

Matthew is driving back to the house and is in an accident with a delivery truck, crashing and dying.

Oh nooooooo 😭😭😭😭

Utterly heartbreaking and the second time this series that they have had outright tragedy!

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