Bumblebee – Film #110

Transforming greatness, or buzz off?


The Transformers films have been a bit of a guilty pleasure since they first launched in 2007 (yeah I know there was previous OLD films but I wasn’t a massive fan of the cartoon).

Dumb action, massive robots fighting on earth…what’s not to like. They also always included some of the best special effects around…the amount of work it must take to get all the moving parts into position is crazy!

So here’s the first Transformers Origin story, starring the real hero of all the films…Bumblebee.

As the one who can’t talk who communicates only using music and speech from the radio, Bumblebee was always going to be a fun character to visit and here’s where it culminates. Early doors we are shocked to hear Bumblebee’s ACTUAL VOICE…before he suffers in battle and loses that as well as his memories.

He crashes on earth and transforms into a VW Beetle before eventually being found by 18 year old Charlie played by Hailee Steinfeld. She fixes him up and befriends him, whilst the military and some Decepticon bounty hunters come looking for him in order to find out where Optimus Prime is heading.

This film is really well done. The way that portions of the film are filmed with Bumblebee not being able to communicate other than using physical movement is brilliant as you can still fully read his emotions. It also explores enough of the relationship between girl and car to make it believable.

John Cena is basically playing John Cena….so he is more than acceptable here without having to stretch himself too much. He will never make it as big as The Rock but he is alright trying.

Its a great addition into the series and one of the better films amongst some duds.


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