LUFC Predictor Cup

£160 Winner
£50 Runner Up



Lee Grimes pipped Louise Othick to the post in the final cup match of the season

It’s been a cracking run in the cup…but now it’s all over…until next year!

Cup Final 3


Semi Final


We have our Finalist…all will be sorted out in March


Quarter Final

We have found our Semi Finalists!
The draw for the Semi Final will be done before the first game in February.

Who went through… :


4th Round

The 4th round is over…Who made it through? Check below!

The draw for the Quarter Finals will be made before the end of December.


The cup works by pairing up people to play against each other. We take the first three League Games every month for each round of the cup. If your total score across those three games beats your opponent you go through to the next round. In the event of a tie we will go on the total aggregate attendance and whoever is closest will progress.

3rd Round – Complete

One matchup is tied. Amy Claire Wilson and Bradley Emmonds tied on 10 points. As ever it goes to the closest to the overall attendance over the three games. Overall attendance was 73418, Amy was 6529 away and Bradley was 2619 away…Bradley goes through to the 4th round.
Through to the 4th Round : Louise Othick, David Goodbody, Chris Allan, Reuben Warren, Joe Eccles, Steve Teale, Luke Sherman, Scott Flockton, James Hazelgrave, George Butler, Rob Stead, Lee Grimes, Simon Hitchen, Janet Davies and Bradley Emmonds


2nd Round – Complete

The 2nd Round of the Cup is complete…check below to see if you went through…we have 32 players moving into November and the third round.

Three matchups ended in draws, so we go to the total overall Attendance and who was the closest.

The total attendance over the three games was : 78381

Benjamin Britton and Lee Grimes drew on 5 points. Ben was 30627 away from the total attendance. Lee was just 9209 so Lee progresses to the 2nd Round.

Nick Kooseenlin and Ryan Summerscales drew on 6 points. Nick was 21765 away on the attendance. Ryan just 636. Ryan progresses to the 3rd Round.

Sue Woollin and Kevin Richardson drew on 5 points. Kev was 24873 away from the total attendance and Sue was 9571 so Sue progresses to the 3rd Round.


1st Round

The first round is over!

Below are the final scores.

Two ties ended up with the same points…the game between Gemma Waterhouse and Jonny Cooper and between Joe Eccles and Luke Armitage so we go to whoever was the nearest on the overall attendance. The total attendance across the three games was 64131

Gemma had 46845 and was 17286 away in total
Jonny had 21403 and was 42728 away

Gemma goes through to the second round.

Joe had 64512 and was 381 away
Luke had 48599 and was 15532 away

Joe goes through to the second round.

The draw will be done for the second round in the coming weeks.