LUFC Predictor Cup

Fourth Round

16 players

Third Round

32 players

Nathan Parkin vs Keith Taylor went to the Arsenal game and incredibly….they both didn’t predict….so it went to the Burnley game.
Nathan beat Keith at the Burnley game and progressed to the January round

Second Round

64 players

We had 4 ties to be resolved before the next round. This is how they went:
Chris Allan beat Gav Wilson 2-0
Chris Pearson beat Kevan Taylor 4-2
Joe Eccles beat Louise Othick 8-2
Stewart Conway beat Paul Clark 3-2
Those 4 make up the final 32 in the cup.

First Round

43 Byes
42 others in 1st round ties

We had 4 games which needed to have a tiebreaker. This went on Arsenal game and here’s the results:
Peter Arundel vs Sarah Dalziel – Sarah won 8-2
Chris Woollin vs Joe Eccles – Joe Eccles won 3-2
Nathan Owen-Brown vs Andy Main – Andy won 3-0
Mark Wardle vs Shane Ketchley – Mark won 3-2