LUFC Predictor Cup

The Final

George Butler wins £160
Gary Overend wins £60

Semi Finals

2 ties

Quarter Finals

4 ties

Daniel Richardson beat Mark Stratton 1-0 in the Wolves game playoff

Fourth Round

8 ties

Third Round

16 ties

Chelsea game was a Tie Breaker for two games:

Mark Stratton def Simon Hitchen 3-2
Paul Wright def Sam Shaw 3-0

These matchups ended properly with the winners progressing:
Paul Coombs def David Parkin 12-0
George Butler def Keith Taylor 10-2
Alice Kelly def Georgia Stubbs 7-4
Louise Othick def Luke Deeney 5-3
Peter Arundel def Amy Hitchen 7-4
Gary Overend def Zac Conway 6-2
Mark Stratton def Paul Wright 6-5
Saul Freeman def Kris Whitehead 4-3
Paul Robinson def Ruth Allan 6-3
Daniel Richardson def Julie Todd 10-4
Jimmy White def Andrew Beverley 4-3
Danny Jones def Amy Wilson 6-4
Thomas Pitts def Chris Roberts 7-1
Shane Ketchley def Scott Hall 7-3

Martin Dearie and Chris Woollin drew 10-10
Kevin Richardson and Petra Pryce drew 5-5

These were decided in the Manchester United game

Martin Dearie def Chris Woollin 3-1
Kevin Richardson def Petra Pryce 3-0

Second Round

32 ties

Matthew Thompson & James Kuechel were separated from the 1st round by James scoring 2 in the Leicester game and Matthew only scoring 1

6 matchups in the 2nd Round ended in a tie…

Everton game :
Julie Todd def Gemma Waterhouse 4-2
George Butler def Alistair Kuechel 1-0
Petra Pryce def Chris Allan 2-0
David Parkin def Tracy Tomlinson vs 1-0

Sam Shaw vs Paul Wright ended in a draw 1-1
Simon Hitchen vs Mark Stratton ended in a draw 0-0

First Round

38 Byes
52 others in 1st round ties

Matthew Thompson & James Kuechel will carry forward to the next match to see who makes it through to the 2nd Round