Welcome To Marwen

Steve Carell goes serious (kinda!)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Marwen, a doll town set up in the back garden of Mark Hogencamp (Carell), a man who was horrifically beaten by a group of men for being different. He was beaten that bad, that he lost all memory of everything from before that night.

Based on a true story, I am not entirely sure how much realism is lent to the story of the troubled soul that is Mark Hogencamp. The true story goes that Mark used to be an illustrator, but the only way to get his art across when he couldn’t draw anymore was to turn his hand to photography, using dolls and his World War 2 minature backdrop. And this is where Director Robert Zemeckis takes the biggest leap. We get to see the dolls like they were real life action heroes. We see motion-captured versions of Steve Carell’s Mark (known as Cap’n Hogie) and all of his Marwen’s girls.

Its a very difficult film to explain. It’s ultimately Steve Carell playing with dolls, which come to life and the lives of the dolls mirror that of Mark and his surroundings, expanding on the real life world to show emotions and story between the lines of what we are shown.

Just go watch it…I loved it. There’s some nice little nods to Back To The Future in there too, which is always more than welcome!

Overall : 7/10


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