Downton Abbey Binge Watch Season 4

Season 4

Episode 1

O’brien leaves unexpectedly. Everyone is a little shocked. Rose said she knew about her wanting to go travelling.

6 months have passed since Matthews death.

There’s a new Nanny in town looking after the babies. Thomas runs into Nanny West and she talks down to him which he isn’t happy about. He later reports that the nanny may be endangering the children. Clra hears the Nanny talking nasty to the child so sacks her.

Moseley has no-one to look after with Matthew gone so is worried about his job. He goes back to. Lady Crawley to ask for his old job back. Lady Violet is there and says she will keep him in mind. She goes to see him. Lady Shackleton is coming to the house and her Butler is retiring so says its a chance for Moseley to impress. Spratt is Lady Shackleton’s butler and he isn’t impressed with Moseley bring brought in. Spratt tries to infiltrate him whilst Lady Violet is singing his praises.

Lord Grantham mentions that is Lady Crawley wants to see Baby Sybil, she needs to come to the house.

Rose puts an advertisement in a local shop window.

Mrs Crawley cannot get used to the loss of her son.

Carson receives a letter. He acts strange. When he leaves, Mrs Hughes reads it. She later goes to a workhouse. She meets a Mr Grigg who had written to him.

Daisy receives a valentines card from someone. She thinks it’s from Alfred. But Mrs Patmore sent her it as she knew that she wouldn’t get one from Alfred.

Bates and Anna receive cards too that are unsigned, presumably from each other.

Edith goes back to London and meets Editor Michael. They are together now. He asks whether she would go to Germany with him on a writing trip if he moved out there.

Ivy goes to the pub with Jimmy and gets hammered. Alfred announces that he sent he the Valentines Card even though Jimmy is letting her think it was him.

Edna turns back up looking for the ladies maid job. She gets the job. Mrs Hughes isn’t happy. She only wrote a good reference because Branson asked her to.

Mary holds it together until she finally breaks down on Carson’s shoulder. He gives her a pep talk. She eventually gets back into the business of the family.

Mrs Patmore struggles with a new bit of kit that Daisy can work. She worries that she will be left behind by the younger staff.

Episode 2

News comes that Gwen (the girl who left to be a receptionist) has gotten married.

Anna cautions Edna about Thomas who showed her no time previously but is doing in her new role.

A box of things from Matthews office arrives at Downton. Lord Grantham goes through it first. He finds a letter. It was a letter that he intended Mary to be his sole heiress. Lady Violet tells him to show it to Mary but he doesn’t want to. Violet says it’s because he doesn’t want to share the estate with Mary.

The letter gets read to the family. It states that he wanted to write a will but didn’t have one and because the baby would be a baby he left everything to Mary. Lord Grantham states though that it’s not a legal will.

Grantham begins to call out Mary’s thoughts on the business that she doesn’t know anything about.

Thomas starts to plot against Anna now… Because what would a series on Downton be without Thomas being a prick?

Anna and Moseley both comment on Bates being a little too nice. It turns out that he is forging a letter that showed Moseley lent him £30. He is doing it to help him out.

Rose takes Anna to a dance hall in York. Jimmy follows them in. Rose dances with a local guy. Jimmy asks Anna. Rose pretends she works at Downton as she dancers with a farmer. Another guy wants to dance with her and a fight breaks out.

Branson shows Mary the farmlands.

Lord Grantham comes to talk to Bates about Anna and what he has heard ultimately from Thomas.

The farmer turns up later and asks to speak to the maid Rose. Thomas is confused but Anna intercepts. She goes to tell Rose. She gets Rose dressed up in a maids uniform. She manages to tell him that there’s someone else to get rid of him. She kisses him, knowing that she fan never truly have him.

Legally the letter from Matthew stands.

Episode 3

A party is arranged at Downton for the weekend.

Mrs Patmore has a moment in the kitchen with a suspected heart attack.

Mary gets asked out for dinner when she is in London.

A cardsharp takes a lot of money off the guests but Michael manages to win a load of money back from him, much to Lord Granthams pleasure.

Lord Gillingham’s valet Green sexually assaults Anna in the kitchens whilst everyone is listening to their guest singing. Mrs Hughes wants to tell Bates but Anna begs her to not say anything as Bates will get himself in more trouble.

Episode 4

Mary is ready to go to London. Cora wonders if she will meet Lord Gillingham.

Thomas catches Branson talking to Edna about them hooking up before. That’s his new scheming set then!

Anna is asked to help Rose whilst Mary is in London. She also won’t let Bates near her. He is worried.

Lord Gillingham comes back to Downton and asks Mary to marry him but she can’t. He eventually asks for a kiss to remember her by

Episode 5

Baxter is the new ladysmaid that Thomas suggested. She tends to Cora.

Baxter brings an electric sewing machine to the house too.

Alfred gets word through of a cookery test at the Ritz. He cooks and presents to the family. They love his cooking.

Carson suggests setting Moseley on.

Evelyn Napier comes to Downton. Remember him from season 1???

Bates takes to Mrs Hughes and says he has to leave because Anna no longer loves him. She tells him what happened at the house party. He now knows who it was but Mrs Hughes says it’s an outsider who broke in. She swears on it.

Bates asks Anna and she says it wasn’t Green too. She is protecting him from getting sent down again.

Alfred gets notice that he didn’t make it into the Ritz. Jimmy is happy.

Lady Violet has a knife go missing. She blames the young gardener Pegg.

Bates vows to Mrs Hughes that he will find out who did it to Anna.

Episode 6

Napier is coming to Downton again soon.

There’s a surprise party for Lord Granthams birthday. Rose is secretly preparing a band. I expect the party won’t go as planned.

Alfred gets into the Ritz eventually. Daisy is upset.

Carson is pressured into asking Moseley but he says he has been given the chance.

The Bates’ go for a meal but get told they don’t have a booking. Cora is there and manages to get them booked in.

Edith receives a letter from the doctor telling her she is pregnant.

Ivy and Jimmy kiss. He tries it on but she has none of it. Daisy kicks off when Ivy says Alfred would have never been like that.

The band turn up to Downton. Rose is super excited but the fact the singer is black initially caused a little bit of confusion before everyone accepts it and dances along.

Branson is ready to call it a day but Lady Crawley seemingly talks him into staying.

Mary catches Rose kissing the singer in the servents area.

Episode 7

Lord Grantham is summoned by Cora’s mother. He doesn’t quite know why.

Mary talks him into taking Thomas as Valet instead of Bates.

Lady Violet is not feeling well…. Oh nooooooo.

Alfred is doing well in London. He will be popping in at some point.

Violet won’t see the doctor.

Rose is seeing the singer.

Edith is planning on having an Abortion but when she gets down to London she bails out.

A politician comes to York for a speech. Branson goes to listen to him talk

Green comes back to Downton and Anna sees him. Bates looks at him oddly and Mrs Hughes leaves the room. Will Bates realise? X

Episode 8

It’s Season 4 finale time. What is going to go down? With Green back and Bates getting closer to figuring things out….

Anna tells Mary about Green. She says that she is worried Bates will realise and attack Green with the consequences him being hung.

Isobel offers to take Edith to Switzerland with her to cover up the pregnancy.

Green is a little cocky whilst around the dinner table with everyone. It’s all a little awkward.

Mary gets told about Rose’s relationship. She says she will marry him and looks forward to seeing her mothers face.

Gillingham heads off. Mary asks how he feels about Green but leaves it at that.

Alfred’s father has died. He has asked Ivy to marry her but she has declined. Oh I hope he sees Daisy as a potential partner.

Bates asks Carson for the day off so he can go to York….. Hmmmmmmmm.

Rose asks if she can go to London with Mary but she won’t let her.

Branson runs into Sarah Bunting, the schoolteacher he sat next to at the speech.

Mary turns up at the club where Mr Ross is set to perform. He says he will not be getting married to Rose. He knows how people will react to her and him together. He loves her and wants her to be happy.

Mary talks to Gillingham without telling him exactly why he needs to fire Green.

Carson mentions Bates took his time in York. Anna asks what he was up to but he is a little cagey……

There is a summer bazaar in the Downton Gardens. Mary speaks to Rose who isn’t happy with her.

Lord Grantham returns from abroad with Thomas. He says he didn’t make much difference over there. He says he has missed Bates, with Thomas being his man whilst Way.

Everyone is so happy again…… Its absolutely going to go tits up shortly…. I expect Green is dead…..

Alfred is at the house too looking for Ivy. He understands that they are just friends. He then asks for Daisy. Daisy is with Mr Mason on the farm having a picnic. He sends her back to the house to say goodbye to Alfred. He says he will take her back…. Could they get their happiness?????

Gillingham is at the Bazaar… He wants to talk to Mary. He tells her that Green is dead. He fell into the road and died. He asks Mary why she wanted him sacked.

Mary goes to speak and tell Anna. Anna is relieved. She suspects Bates.

Jimmy can’t hit the bell on a fair game. Moseley does it and wind the affection of Baxter. Thomas starts chatting to her again but Moseley whisks her away.

Daisy gets back and sees Alfred. He says he could never see her affections. But she says that she loved him but it’s passed now. He leaves with a basket of food that she brought him.

Anna hangs around for Bates. She asks him what he was up to yesterday. She doesn’t tell him.

Episode 9 – The London Season

It’s summer.

The house and servants are going down to London.

Edith is back from Switzerland having given the baby girl up for adoption.

Madeline Alsopp, a friend of Rose’s introduces Rose to the Prince Of Wales.

As usual Branson stays at the house but he doesn’t want to trouble the servents. Thomas isn’t happy.

Cora’s mother (with no maid) is in London with her son Harold (played be Paul Giamatti). He was the one who ran into some trouble that Grantham had been over to sort out earlier.

Gillingham is there too. Blake is hanging around with Mary but with Gillingham there it could mix it up.

There’s a fun triangle going on with those now.

The cardsharp Samson knows Madeline’s Dad.

Branson is showing Sarah around the house. Thomas is there too….scheming.

Sampson steals a letter written to Rose by the Prince Of Wales.

Rose is presented at Buckingham Palace.

Lord Grantham hatches a plot to get the letter back by distracting the cardsharp and forging their way into his flat.

Thomas tells Lord Grantham about seeing Branson in the house with Sarah.

Mary, Rose and Blake get into the room as the card game takes place.

They don’t find the letter… But then Bates realises the guy would have had it in his pocket at all times. Bates pickpockets him as he helps him on with his coat… Samson then realises he has lost it.

It’s revealed that Bates was in London at the time of Green’s death.

Mary learns that Blake is set to become one of the richest men around when he gets his inheritance.

Edith is set to go over to Europe to bring back her baby but to bring the child back as a secret with Mr Drewe.

All the servants spend the day down at the beach.

Ivy takes a chance that Daisy won’t take to go to America to cook for the Levinson.

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