Leeds United Prediction League

Hello and welcome to the Leeds United Prediction League game.

Latest News

  • The draw for the 3rd round of the cup is coming soon

Latest Result
Wolves 0-1 Leeeds, Roofe, 70th min, 23607 attendance
Click Here to see all results and points

Next Match
Leeds Vs Norwich – EFL Cup – Tuesday 25th October – 7:45pm kickoff
All Predictions must be in by 6:45pm
To predict : Click Here

Still to predict as at 3pm 23/10 (66 players – People with Placeholder Predictions will not show on the below regardless):

Chris Allan David Goodbody Kevin Richardson
Luke Armitage Chris Gooding Ollie Roberts
David Benn Scott Hall Chris Roberts
Louis Bosworth James Hazelgrave Ciaran Roche
Adam Brown Dale Henderson Phil Saville
George Butler John Hession Oliver Scarth
David Carter Jeff Horton Andy Shaw
Graham Carter Anthony Hough Rob Stead
Gareth Clark Phill Huxall Ryan Summerscales
Paul Clark Anthony Ibbitson Steve Teale
Steve Cooke Selim Isaac Jamie Tebbenham
Chris Coombs Kev Keens Matt Thompson
Jonny Cooper Gary Ketchley Gemma Waterhouse
Peter Crawshaw Daniel Kirk David White
Andrew Dalton Nick Kooseenlin Steve Wilcock
Janet Davies Paul Leveridge Gav Wilson
Bradley Emmonds James Lomax Amy Wilson
Terry Fenton Shaun McParland David Woollin
Scott Flockton Neil Merton Chris Woollin
Saul Freeman Chris Pearson Sue Woollin
James Garner Joe Penny Ste Wright
Satty Ghatrora Thomas Pitts Paul Wright

Latest League Table


Prize Money & Current Leaders

League Prizes – See above for positions
1st = £425
2nd = £212
3rd = £127
4th = £51
5th = £34

Cup Prizes – Starts September
Winner = £160
Runner Up = £50

Predictor Of The Month
£24 per month
August : Andrew Beverley (27 points)
September : Paul Clark (28 points)
October : Kev Keens – 20 points – 2 games to go


Free Entry  next year – Single Highest One Game Prediction score across the entire season will win a FREE ENTRY into next year’s game.

Current Leader – Paul Wright (15 points)


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