World Cup Prediction League

Hello and welcome to the brand new World Cup Prediction League game.

Latest News

  • World Cup Prediction League is here.
  • SIGN UP FOR LUFC Predictor 2018/2019 NOW!
    • Go to the Signup Page to register your interest in the game for the next season.
    • Put the person who referred you into the referrer name field and they may win their entry fee back this year.
    • Send your £15 payment to and you guarantee your place

Latest Result
Germany 2-1 Sweden, Toivonen, 32nd min

Next Match
Poland vs Colombia 7pm – Sunday- All predictions need to be in by 6pm

Click Here to see all previous results and points

League Table

Predictor Of The Month

No Predictor Of The Month in the World Cup game

Prize Breakdown
Total Players = 49 @ £10 each
Total Prize Fund = £490

League Prizes
1st = £300
2nd = £100

Highest overall single-match score = £90

Current Leader – Maximum 14 points – Chris Pearson (Croatia Vs Nigeria)

Predictor History
Check out all the history of the LUFC Predictor on our History page


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