Leeds United Prediction League

Hello and welcome to the Leeds United Prediction League game.

Latest News

  • We have our Cup Finalists! Check the cup page to see who made it.
  • Who will win the February Predictor Of The Month? One game to go!

Latest Result
Ipswich 1-1 Leeds, Sears, 9th min, 18748 attendance
Click Here to see all results and points

Next Match
Leeds Vs Sheff Weds – Saturday 15th February – 12:30pm kickoff
All Predictions must be in by 11:30pm

To predict : Click Here


Prize Money & Current Leaders

League Prizes – See above for positions
1st = £425
2nd = £212
3rd = £127
4th = £51
5th = £34

Cup Prizes – Starts September
Winner = £160
Runner Up = £50

Predictor Of The Month
£24 per month
August : Andrew Beverley (27 points)
September : Paul Clark (28 points)
October : George Butler (30 points)
November : Rob Stead (30 points)
December : Peter Crawshaw/Scott Hall/Luke Sherman (32 points) – Peter wins on attendances
January : Scott Hall (39 points)
February : Current leader – Louise Othick & Reuben Warren (26 points) – 1 game to go


Free Entry  next year – Single Highest One Game Prediction score across the entire season will win a FREE ENTRY into next year’s game.

Current Leader – Paul Wright (15 points)

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