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Easy to play, fun to compete, great to win.

Latest News

  • 2018/19 is OVER! Who won all the money? Read on!
    • You can now sign up for the 2019/2020 season. Head to the Signup Page to get into the game for next year. Tell everyone you know, those you sit around at Elland Road, anyone you work with, anyone and everyone welcome.
    • Refer-a-friend – If your friend signs up and refers you, you will go into the draw at the end of next season to win your entry fee back! Make sure they add your name. You get one entry for every person you refer!

Latest Result
Leeds 2-4 Derby, Dallas, 24th minute, 36326 attendance

Next Match
Next Season Coming soon – sign up for the new season now!

Click Here to see all previous results and points

League Table

Predictor Of The Month

potm 9.9

Prize Breakdown
Total Players = 87 @ £15 each
Total Prize Fund = £1,305

League Prizes
1st = £450 – Gary Overend
2nd = £200 – Paul Whitehead
3rd = £100 – Paul Wright
4th = £60 – Paul Coombs
5th = £30 Chris Pearson

Cup Prizes
Winner = £150 – Sue Woollin
Runner Up = £60 – Andy Moston

Referral Prize = £15 – Chris Allen

Highest overall single-match score = £15 – Reuben Warren (15 points)

Predictor Of The Month = £25 per month
August – Chris Pearson – 38 points
September – Sue Woollin – 20 points
October – Oliver Edwards – 29 points
November – Amanda Forbes – 22 Points
December – Gary Coleman – 29 points
January – Paul Whitehead – 27 points
February – Gary Overend – 32 Points
March – James Kuechel – 27 points
April/May – Gary Overend – 32 points

Predictor History
Check out all the history of the LUFC Predictor on our History page


4 Responses to LUFC Predictor

  1. Nigel Heathcote says:

    I’ve just joined and paid £15
    I have not been asked for a password yet
    I can not see my name in the section when I try to predict

    • You are in there now.

      The password is just one you use each time so I know it’s you predicting, that way it cuts down on any mistakes if someone predicts using your name by accident as I can cross reference the password used etc.

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