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Tomb Raider – Movie Review

Lara Croft is Back…but is she any good? Ever since 1996, gamers have loved raiding tombs, and in many cases, marvelling at how sexy a pixellated woman in short shorts can look whilst wielding dual pistols and shooting dinosaurs….yeah, us … Continue reading

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Competition King?

I often see stories of people winning their entire lifestyle through competitions. In the past I have been pretty lucky…but mainly through Gameshows. I’ve been fortunate enough to appear on all the following shows : Deal Or No Deal, Are … Continue reading

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Mission £100

OK…so here goes…I have just come up with a grand idea. I am going to try a little experiment to see how far I can go with this. Starting with just £1…I have to turn it into £100 before the … Continue reading

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Nerve (2016) – Are You A Watcher Or A Player?

Hands up if you’ve played Pokemon Go, Flappy Bird or Appysnap… Thought so…and just for the record, if you played Appysnap you are the coolest of the cool. All three were apps that changed the way people used their mobile … Continue reading

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Who you gonna call?

So last night I went to see a film a few years ago I never thought would have been possible…a new Ghostbusters film. This, however was not the highly anticipated Ghostbusters 3 that had been banded about for years. Rumours … Continue reading

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Alien Isolation – Completed

Just turned off the Xbox One after FINALLY completing Alien Isolation.  What a game! Simply put, it’s the most frightening, atmospheric experience I have ever witnessed on a game.  You really are there. You feel part of the crew aboard … Continue reading

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Prediction League 2016/17 now live

So excited! Launched the 2016/2017 version of my Leeds United Prediction League. Click the logo to check it out : £15 for the season to play. Predict the score, 1st scorer, time of 1st goal and attendance of each Leeds … Continue reading

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Independence Day : Resurgence

The following review is spoiler free  (ish) so feel free to read away.  I just got back from the cinema after spending almost 6 hours in the company of aliens attempting to wipe out humans on Earth.  Yup, there’s a … Continue reading

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Cash (and Car Park) Trapped

Audition day today! I’d got an audition for a brand new show but had to travel all the way down to Bristol for the audition as I missed the Manchester auditions whilst I was away in America last week and … Continue reading

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Day 5 : Shareholders

The day had finally arrived. The whole reason we were here in America for a week…the final Shareholders meeting.  It was a super early start today…4am meet up to check out of our dorms and check into our flights. They … Continue reading

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