Mary Poppins Returns – Film #109

Practically Perfect in every way, or a nanny too far?


Mary Poppins is back. The classic from 1964 has been watched time and time again by this film fan and the songs are as much in my musical vocabulary as many of my other favourite songs.

So when I heard that there was a new Poppins film coming out, the worry was real. How could they take one of the most beloved childrens films ever and remake it? Well thankfully they didn’t do a remake…they made a sequel with Emily Blunt stepping into the role of the magical nanny.

Faith was restored…but I couldn’t help stepping into the cinema on Sunday with trepidation. Was the ethos of everything Poppins about to be ruined.

This film is pure magic!

What they have done is taken characters that we all know and love and moved them forward a few years. Jane and Michael are grown up. Michael has three kids and a dead wife. He’s struggling to make ends meet and is about to lose the Banks house that everyone in the family grew up in. And in comes Mary Poppins to help out in the way that she can do best, by whisking the kids away on a fantastical adventure of wonder whilst teaching them life lessons along the way.

I found myself smiling almost immediately as the film started and the only time I wasn’t smiling was when I was crying. Yeah I cried at Mary Poppins Returns. It’s sentimental and lovely all at the same time. There’s some amazing cameos too, which are just phenomenal to see.

Then there’s the songs…done so well and fitting into the Mary Poppins world perfectly. There was only one song I wasn’t a massive fan of where Mary went all Cockney, but the story of the song was very fitting…it just felt a little strange to have Mary acting like a cross between a Pearly Queen and Catherine Zeta-Jones in Chicago.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was fantastic as Jack, the lamplighter, effectively taking up the Bert role from the original. His story is that he was actually an apprentice of Bert when he was younger.

I keep using the word magical but there’s really no other way to describe this.


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