The 100 Movie Challenge 2018

2018 – a year filled with some amazing looking, and some not so great, films.


I have a Cineworld Unlimited Card…which means I can see as many films as I want in the year. For a film fan, this is amazing…and something I am going to abuse like crazy.

So the challenge was originally laid down by my friend Yvonne who said that she wanted me to see 52 films in the year…one a week…but as I started my journey in 2018, I realised that I was going to be able to smash that 52 target in no time!

So I altered the target myself…and #100MoviesChallenge2018 was born.

So far, I am well on the way…


19 films down in 2 and a half months. On current form, that will be 89 in the year…but with a few coming in quick succession in the next couple of weeks, that should rise a little.

Looking forward to the challenge!

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Peter Rabbit – Movie Review


Peter Rabbit makes his big screen debut in the new self-titled Live Action (with some animation obviously) film. Adapted from the Beatrix Potter books, this film captures the feel of the source material well.

We see the story of Peter Rabbit (Voiced by James Corden) and his friends battling with Mr McGregor, the neighbour who hates all animals.

And that’s the entirety of the story. It’s not a stretch, but it’s a kid’s film, despite us seeing two deaths in the opening half hour, and the much raised issue of the EpiPen where people have been complaining that it’s not an issue that should be used for comedy purposes.

Personally, I loved the film. I thought it was very funny in places. James Corden’s delivery of the lines was perfect and some of the smaller characters, such as the Rooster JW Rooster II who has some amazing lines that literally had me laughing out loud.

My issue with the film though…was that Peter Rabbit is a bit of a dick! When Domhnall Gleeson’s Mr McGregor begins to fall for Rose Byrne’s Bea, I genuinely wanted the bad guy to come out on top. He seemed likeable in the grand scheme of things…and when you think about it, he walks into his house to see if overrun with rabbits, badgers, hedgehogs etc……..I think anyone would be wanting to get rid of them! Factor into this that Peter Rabbit just completely takes it upon himself to terrorise him for no actual reason, even as far as inducing an anaphylactic shock, and electrocuting him repeatedly.

I found I felt sorry for Mr Mcgregor!

But that aside, it’s a great laugh. There’s obviously loads of slapstick for the kids, my little one stayed seated throughout and loved it. There’s also plenty in there for adults to laugh at too.

Gleeson and Byrne are fantastic in role, making the film feel unbelievably English (despite being filmed in New Zealand).

Rating : 7/10

Will definitely see myself watching this again!

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Walk Like A Panther – Movie Review


Who remembers World Of Sport? Saturday afternoons, ITV, British Wrestling at it’s finest. Who remembers the big characters? Who remembers the bad guys?

Yeah…me neither!

I am way too young, but as a wrestling fan who grew up watching the WWF/WWE through the 90’s and still to this day, I am a big Wrestling fan and I can appreciate what came before it.

British wrestling was massive. It drew huge TV audiences and live event audiences but the draw of it started to die off in the late 80’s, which is when the American shows began to come to prominence.

Walk Like A Panther (12A) is the story of a fictional group of British wrestlers, long past their prime, who come out of retirement for one last show. It coincides with the story of their local pub, the Full Nelson, being sold to developers and ultimately set to be knocked down.

The film is funny, and it brings plenty to the table. The story of the pub being taken away should have been brought into the main focus of the story, as the reason they are all getting back in the ring in the first place is just to honour a dead friend…surely you have the saving of the pub being the reason why they do it…otherwise, don’t have that development in there at all!

Stephen Graham is great at just being Stephen Graham. His scouse charm comes through as Mark Bolton, son of the great Trevor “Bulldog” Bolton. He’s never had his shot at the big time and wants to prove himself to his father and all his friends.

To be fair, the acting in the film isn’t really a stretch for anyone. Everyone is literally just playing caricatures of themselves. Julian Sands is fun, Jill Halfpenny plays a great part and all the support are fantastic.

One thing that the film lacks however is that it never seems to get out of the 2nd gear of comedy. I wanted it to be funnier. Sure, there were moments of brilliance and genuine laughs in there, but for example, the “training montage” scene just wasn’t as funny as it could/should have been.

The characters the film creates were all great and worked well. The wrestling was passable for a bunch of oldies throwing each other around, and it did kinda capture that old school fun of the sport.

Worth a watch, but not the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.

Rating 6/10

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Love, Simon – Movie Review


This evening I have the pleasure of attending another Cineworld Secret Screening of a film not yet released in the cinema.

Love, Simon (12A) is the story of Simon Spier, an ordinary teenager who is harbouring a huge secret…he is gay. He is keeping it a secret from his entire family and circle of friends for fear of being shamed for his sexuality. Following an online post on their school’s intranet, Simon learns that another student at the school is also gay and in fear of coming out. Simon, under the pseudonym of “Jacques”, emails “Blue” and the pair of them strike up a relatioship akin to the one in “You’ve Got Mail”. Back and forth emails, tell a story of secret love and admiration…until one day when all that is threatened and his secret is on the verge of being broadcast across the school for everyone to see.

What I love about this film is the love and pain flowing through the heart of the film. We have Simon who is conflicted, yet not overly so. We have the bunch of friends who Simon has to lie to in order to throw them off the scent. We have the loving family who you know will be OK with everything in the end…but this is also it’s downfall somewhat. Everything is a little too sickly sweet. As a heterosexual man, I cannot begin to understand what anyone in that situation can be feeling during their own “coming out” struggle. This film paints it all a little too nicey-nicey, with soft taunting of the other openly gay character in the school, to a conclusion that ends up being a little too “oh right, so EVERYONE is OK with this are they?”

Real life it ain’t, but I think it does enough to cover the topic at hand well. The acting is great. Nick Robinson is sweet enough in the main role, Logan Miller carries the stupid-kid role with gusto, and all the adults are portrayed as comedy characters, from the over-the-top Vice Principal, to the “do I really need this shit job” Drama Teacher, to Josh Duhamel’s comically teasing father.

It’s got a lot of heart, plenty of comedy moments to raise enough belly laughs to have something for everyone, but it’s all a little too flowery for a representation of real life.

Still, it’s very much worth a watch and I am pleased that Cineworld put this film on for us tonight.

Rating : 7/10

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Veronica – Movie Review


For a while now, I have been suspicious about so called “scariest thing ever seen…” type comments about films on Netflix. Every now and then, posts pop up on social media saying things like this:


Comments like “So scary viewers can’t finish it” may make you think that there’s a brand new horror out there that is genuinely scary. But here’s where my dubiousness rears it’s head…all the articles are talking about how horrific it is…..yet view any comments by real people underneath and they tell a different story. People slating the film as one of the worst they have ever seen, saying it’s not remotely scary etc.

Unfortunately I read the comments that people were making AFTER watching Veronica!

Last night, after a viewing of Red Sparrow at the cinema (click here to see my review of that) I went back to my mate’s house and with his fiance we started to watch Veronica. We had seen the “Scariest movie ever” comments from articles online and thought it would be fun to watch in Surround Sound on Netflix and really get into it.

Oh how wrong we were.

Veronica is a supernatural tale of four siblings, one of which is called Veronica who are left to their own devices when their mother works long hours, leaving the titular character to effectively bring up her younger relations herself. One night however, her friends and her decide to dabble in a Ouija board (remember those, from every other shit film where the Ouija Board is the main character?). Naturally things go wrong and shit starts to hit the fan.

The problem is that the “shit” happens to be the entire rest of the movie!

It’s a Spanish film, subtitled for us non-Spanish speaking film watchers. It was directed by the same guy who brought us “[REC]”, a truly scary, fairly original horror.

But this film offers nothing original at all.

It’s a generic Ouija Board story about possession and a young girl seeing things, kids being in danger etc etc etc etc etc etc etc…you know how it all goes.

The only thing that this has going for it is that it was supposedly based on a true account of paranormal going-ons. That’s the only thing that gives the film any legitimacy at all.

It’s so unoriginal, I found myself pre-empting set pieces long before they played out on the screen and when the antagonist finally shows itself, it’s just not scary at all.

I have seen more horrifying episodes of Supernatural than this!

Don’t waste your time…but more importantly, don’t believe bullshit articles claiming that anything is the most talked about, the scariest or anything at all that has printed!

Rating: 2/10

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Red Sparrow – Movie Review

James Bond this ain’t! There’s no shaken Martini’s in sight, nor are there gadgets galore.

But Red Sparrow is a spy film of the highest calibre.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Russian ballerina Dominika who, following a horrific accident which sets the tone for the rest of the film, struggles to come out of rehab with any real purpose in life.

This is where her Uncle Vanya (Matthias Schoenaerts) comes in. He gives her a small job to do for him which ultimate goes very wrong. Because of her actions, her uncle recruits her to the Russian spy network known only as “The Sparrows”

Here Dominika is taught, along with other women and men, how to use the art of seduction to get whatever you want from the other sex.

Then Dominika is sent on her mission to find a missing Mole in the Russian Spy Network who has been working with American Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton)

We are then treated to a strange yet compelling story of double crossed, seduction and often times brutal account of Dominika’s mission.

First of all, let me say that Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant in this. She is vulnerable whilst remaining in control of some situations. She is unbelievably sexy when it calls for it and she really carries off the part so well that she can be forgiven for the dodgy Russian accent which keeps slipping back to her native American

Joel Edgerton, clearly in the role to also be the eye candy for the ladies, carries the CIA Agent role well without stretching himself too far. It’s a role that anyone could have played. There’s not much depth to his character at all but it serves a purpose.

There’s a great supporting cast from Joely Richardson to Jeremy Irons and to Charlotte Rampling who is nasty, yet understanding as the Matron of the school Dominika is sent to.

The film does get pretty confusing mid way through. There’s a lot of Russian names thrown about which can have you tilting your head thinking “who are they talking about again?”

Some of the set pieces are brutally brilliant. This is not a nice film that you would take your Granny to watch. It’s violent and gritty.

Great performances, gripping storyline and everything comes together nicely at the end.

A solid 8/10 from me for Red Sparrow

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Game Night – Movie Review


Sibling rivaly will always be high on the list of family dysfunctions. I cannot even look at a Monopoly board without having horrible nightmare inducing flashbacks to my younger sister flipping the board and sending tiny houses, paper money and a metal cast of an iron flying across the room…or arguments over whether half the words that went down onto the Scrabble board were actually words at all (this was before the days of just looking it up on your phone by the way).

So instantly, I saw the appeal of “Game Night” the movie. This isn’t a live-action recreation of a frantic game of Battleships….that’s been done before…this is the story of Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams), a couple who were brought together through their love of quizzing and board gaming. They host a weekly Game Night where they get together with other couples and play their favourite board games, from Taboo to charades, from Monopoly to anything else they can use to keep a competitive evening up and running.

There’s a side story about how Max and Annie are struggling to conceive, which gets put down to Max’s stress at his brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) coming to town. Max has always struggled to beat Brooks at anything, and is the perfect example of what a successful older brother should be…flash cars, big houses, amazing job.

But when Brooks introduces the group to a new game, one in which one of the group will be kidnapped.

Everything goes wrong.

There’s a real life kidnapping and the group have to race against time to figure out how and why everything has been turned on it’s head.

Now, from that description you would think we were talking about a thriller here…but we’re not…we’re dealing with a full on, no holds barred comedy. It’s brutally funny in places and the characters are perfect. From Ryan who brings a different date to every Game Night, to the life-partner couple Kevin and Michelle who find out a few truths about their relationship and move the comedy forward through that.

There’s the creepy next door neighbour who just wants some friends, played to chilling perfection by Jesse Plemons.

Game Night is laugh out very loud funny from start to end. I was laughing before the title card even showed on the screen, and was laughing all the way to the end of the end credits for the post-credits scene (stay in your seats boys and girls)

Possibly the funniest film I have ever seen…this is going straight in with a 10/10.

If you enjoyed Horrible Bosses, you will love this delight from the same guys.

The film is released on March 2nd in the UK.

Go see it in the cinema…comedy works better in a group setting!

Check out the trailer here :

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