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Wreck It Ralph – Film #1,194

Disney have done it again. Following the massive success of the Toy Story Trilogy, with its all-round appeal to kids and adults alike, along comes Wreck It Ralph, the story of Ralph (Voiced by John C. Reilly) an arcade game … Continue reading

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#1193 – Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt2

Not being a teenage girl with “boy troubles”, Twilight never really appealed to me in the early days. I watched the first one just because my little sister told me to, and it was one night when I literally had … Continue reading

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Santa’s coming…already?

Every year, Christmas begins earlier than the last. With Advent calendars now gracing the Supermarket shelves for weeks, and the slow inclusion of subliminal jingle bells on TV adverts, the festive season is fast becoming broader and longer. Today I … Continue reading

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Struggling writer, creepy house in the middle of nowhere, odd kids…deja vu? Having finally got around to seeing Sinister, I approached it very much in the way I though the film would pan out from the trailer…B-movie type yarn with … Continue reading

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Argh! Temptation

I gave in! Girl in the office has brought in home made Cinder Toffee, Buns, Lemon Drizzle Cake and Rocky Road. I couldn’t resist and had a piece of Cinder Toffee, a slice of lemon drizzle and a piece of … Continue reading

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