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FINALLY! Back to a Leeds United away day. It’s been a few years since I last went to an away match. This time it was the FA Cup 4th round over in Bolton. I wanted to get over there in … Continue reading

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2016.1.29 – blowing in

The weather is starting to turn. You can feel it getting colder and windier in the air. Hope the game tomorrow isn’t too cold.  Getting through my rewatch of “Heroes” now. Over halfway through the first series. Will keep going. … Continue reading

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2016.1.28 – Really nothing

Seriously nothing really happened today. Nothing notable, nothing exciting.  One bloke at work told a new kid that he was a Vietnam veteran and the kid believed him…that’s about as exciting as today got.  I find that with a Thursday … Continue reading

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2016.1.27 – 2 years service

Today I clocked up my 2 years service at ASDA. That has absolutely flown by. The amount I have learnt in that time too has been phenomenal.  I literally went in for an accounts assistant role but got brought back … Continue reading

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2016.1.26 – 100 pics – help me!

Been playing a quality game called 100 pics. You get a new game every day but I keep getting so far with them them they get too hard. Can you help me out with any of these (the category is … Continue reading

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2016.1.25 – The Royal Rumble loses it’s crown

The below post contains spoilers for the Royal Rumble 2016…if you ain’t seen yet, don’t read on.  I’ve always been a fan of the Royal Rumble since I was a kid. One of the guys who lived on our street … Continue reading

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2016.1.24 – Fortnight Film #2

So the first Fortnight Film is done and dusted. We had a fair few people watch True Romance and drop us a review and film voted for during the second vote is The Experiment.     Decided to not mess around … Continue reading

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