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057/2014 : Networking

Got the WWE network up and running properly, even through the iPad, which is quality. Without being too crude, it is good to see that Benoit’s matches are still intact. Before anyone starts, I don’t condone what he did. We … Continue reading

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056/2014 : The Raw after the Chamber

As I talked about yesterday, I really enjoyed the Elimination Chamber PPV but the Raw the following night has something a little special to greet you all with. Yes…Hulk Hogan is back. He opened the show to a fantastic reception … Continue reading

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055/2014 : Validation Chamber

Four week validation at work. Went really well, which is cracking. No issues there at all. **Warning WWE Elimination Chamber Spoilers ** Elimination Chamber was on last night. Didn’t watch it live as I would have been knackered today. One … Continue reading

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054/2014 : Lego & Monuments

Had a double cinema run today. Went over to Xscape and saw the Lego Movie and Monument Men. First up, The Lego Movie. I thought it was a very good film, even if it seemed to lack a certain level … Continue reading

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053/2014 : Around The World In 80 Beers

Elle was going to London for the weekend and I was having a day on the beer. Yvonne came over and we met up with Kelly and Jamie. Started off in the Hourglass to watch a pretty boring Leeds game. … Continue reading

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052/2014 : Sitdown Standup

Played Sitdown bingo in the huddle at work today. I got down to the last five with a chance to win £30 but then I got eliminated. Booooo! If you don’t understand the rules of Sitdown Bingo it’s dead easy. … Continue reading

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051/2014 : David Thorne

As happens around once every six months, one of David Thorne’s comedy email chains starts doing the rounds on the internet…and it gets me quite mad. Usually there’s a link to a “Viral Funnies” type website with no actual link … Continue reading

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