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Day 4 : Fair Ball

Lie in! Lie in! Lie in! Yup we didn’t have to up and about until 10am this morning which was very welcome indeed.  Pretty relaxing day all around…until the last hour…but here’s the story of the day.  First up was … Continue reading

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Playing with “free” money!

After work today I had been invited to the Sky Bet offices to help them with a little bit of Market Research.  They wanted a customer’s opinion on some items related to multiple betting and I was happy to help. … Continue reading

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Giving up!

Right…the novelty has worn off. The plan was to do a daily blog…but this year has been especially tough. I’m finding very little to talk about on here so I’m stopping the daily updates on here. But I will still … Continue reading

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069/2014 : Driving fun

Got chance to play plenty of Forza tonight. I love it. I am rubbish at it though. I am doing OK in career mode and have nearly managed gold in half of the first championship set of races. I have … Continue reading

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061/2014 : Slumdog & Slumming

Slummed about all day. Played catchup on loads of TV. Also watched Slumdog Millionaire which Elle has never seen. Watched more Dodgers Spring Training. I am still watching so the game isn’t over yet. 1-0 to the Dodgers vs Padres … Continue reading

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058/2014 : Back To Baseball

The Dodgers are back! Last night the first Spring Training game was played…but I missed it so it was tonight’ game that I watched. Greinke pulled something after just two pitches and had to be pulled from the game. Withrow … Continue reading

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044/2014 : Early Valentines

As we’re usually running around like mentalists on Thursday and Friday mornings, we did our Valentines presents at night tonight. Elle got me this cracking. Mousemat to take to work : as well as a tour of the Black Sheep … Continue reading

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