Page 55/365 : Stag done

And that was it, my Stag Do all over and what a weekend it was. The last two posts really didn’t do it justice so here we go.

My highlights :

  • Being dressed as a Hooters Girl
  • Being stood in the toilets at the Hourglass having my makeup put on by Craig Cawood whilst unsuspecting drinkers came for a piss
  • Crashing an Asian wedding whilst being dressed as a Hooters Girl
  • Going to Hooters dressed as a Hooters girl
  • Having my wig taken off me in Pitcher & Piano by the doorman because it didn’t fit in with their dress-code!
  • ~Saturday~

  • Having to get the hotel to Unblock the toilet in our room after Lawlor and I sang too many torpedoes, dropped too many kids off at the pool etc
  • Being dressed as Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz
  • Spending AGES waiting for my Dad to get out of bed in the morning
  • Agreeing to have a coach pick us up at 11:15 and getting to Adrenalin Jungle way too early for our activities and having to wait, in the freezing cold, in a dress, for a long time
  • Attempting to go up and over the A-Frame cargo net, in a dress, whilst 17 lads chucked Acorns at me and one lad filmed it (See Facebook for the film)
  • Realising I am pretty awesome at Archery and given the right equipment and training…could be a contender!
  • Realising that it took me being the brains of the operation to win the Team Construction Challenge
  • Lawlor being the best damned blindfold 4×4 navigator the world has ever seen
  • Rob being the Worst damned blindfolded 4×4 navigator the world has ever seen
  • Realising the activity day finished over an hour before the coach had been booked to pick us up (another epic timing fail by me)
  • Going to the Nottingham Dogs dressed as a Hen on her hen do
  • Getting a forecast up at the dogs on the race we sponsored
  • Having a photo taken with the winning dog
  • THAT screaming woman at the Dogs “Come On” (See Facebook for the video)
  • ~Sunday~

  • Finding out that chip shops have to pay VAT of chip butties but jot if they give you the chips and bread cake separately!
  • The entire weekend was absolutely phenomenal and I couldn’t have spent it with a better group of lads. Will always remember and cherish it…now…onto the next time…!

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