Page 52/365 : Train arrives in Leeds

Finished up at work for the week today. It’s always nice to stick the Out Of Office on the emails.

Then it was time for a gig I have been looking forward to for absolutely ages! Train were in town at the O2 Academy in Leeds. I’ve always been a small fan, always having songs like Drops Of Jupiter and Ordinary and Calling All Angels on my iPod, but recently I have become a massive fan. After “Drive By” was released I really took an interest, and I absolutely fell in love with “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” which is a fun upbeat track all about a guy lying about what’s happened to the girl who has just split up with him.

The O2 Academy is quite an intimate location for a gig and as such we were never going to be too close to the front after getting there late. Gin Wigmore supported and she was great too.

After Gin, whilst all the roadies set up Train’s equipment, everyone did the pre-gig-shuffle and we managed to get closer.

Then the lights went out.

And on came Pat singing “50 Ways To Say Goodbye” a cracking way to start the show…and we were off. Hit after hit, song after song. After listening to their “California 37” album non-stop for the last few weeks, I have grown to love some of the songs. “Mermaid” is an awesome tune and Pat had loads of girls up on the stage with him, taking photos with their cameras, “This’ll Be My Year” is another fun one with some serious points in it too and they did it as one of the encore songs.

Most importantly though they sang “Marry Me” which will be a very special song to me and my fiancée shortly…it’s going to be the song Elle walks down the ramp to…oops, I meant Aisle…slight wrestling reference there…!

The whole show was wrapped up with Drops Of Jupiter and it was all a shame it was coming to and end, although Pat probably didn’t think so with his dodgy throat he’d been suffering from.

…and now onto Friday, Saturday and Sunday…Nottingham bound for my Stag Do…it’s gonna be messy!

See you all with a blog on the other side!

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