Page 57/365 : Catch up, caught up

Bit of a catchup day today really.

Felt much better after an early night last night and plenty of sleep. Really needed it.

Started reading Tales From the Edge of America, Part 1: New York to Montana by Paul Smith who is the person behind Appysnap, my favourite iPhone game of all time. A few years ago he did Twitchhiker where he attempted to use Twitter to get around the world but it didn’t quite work out perfectly. This time he’s travelling all over America and he’s written about his exploits. It’s informative and very funny. Only about 16% in but can’t wait to read more! Look it up on Amazon…it’s great! I will do a proper review when I have completed it.


Also watched last night’s Raw which set up HHH vs Brock Lesnar, which was always going to happen after Vince’s altercation with Paul Heyman. Was a little disappointed on Raw that the Undertaker didn’t turn up after he had done a house show in Texas over the weekend. Will be interesting to see if he gets involved anywhere in the run up to Mania.

John Cena vs CM Punk has officially become my Match Of The Year already. What a stunning performance. They even had Punk hit a Piledriver and Cena take Punk out with a Hurricanrana!!! Unbelievable! Cena won though, and even though I would have booked Undertaker to screw Punk over, leading up to Mania (and a possible end to the streak) it was an absolutely cracking match!

Also watched the final Black Mirror from last night. I have to say I was quite disappointed in it. It wasn’t as good as the previous two but I can definitely see what it was aiming for.

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