Page 49/365 : Elimination

*Spoiler Warning*

Watched Elimination Chamber today and thoroughly enjoyed what I thought was one of the best PPVs of the past year.

Del Rio maintained the title in a decent match against the Big Show, despite completely messing up the ending to the match.

Shamus, Iohn Cena and Ryback vs The Shield was absolutely fantastic. It was a frantic match with tonnes of big moments and a good win for The Shield who needed to win.

Then came the Elimination Chamber and one of the most predictable in years. The match itself was awesome with plenty of big spots as there always is in Chamber matches, but after Del Rio had retained earlier in the night, there was only ever going to be one winner. Jack Swagger’s new angel is that he and his crony Zeb Coulter hate anything non-American. So it makes sense that he’ll be facing the Mexican Del Rio at Mania.

And then we had CM Punk Vs The Rock in a match which completely blew their Royal Rumble match out of the water. What a battle with tonnes of late kickouts and bumping refs (although it was Mike Chioda and he does like a good bump). We were even treated I a non-breaking announcers table!

In the end The Rock retained to set up a repeat of last year’s Mania against Cena.

Cracking PPV. Roll on Mania!

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