Page 53/364 – The Stag Do Day 1

And it’s here finally. Stag Do time in Nottingham. Met up with everyone at what I told everyone was the Hogs Head in Leeds, but when we got there it was The Hourglass. After being told to pack minimum amounts of clothes, it was always going to be messy. Was given my first outfit in the Hourglass…and seeing as though we were going to Hooters later on…I was dressed in this…


It was funny donning all the gear in the toilets at the Hourglass and Craig putting the makeup on whilst the random people were walking in and seeing us.

There were rules too…and I had to be handcuffed to someone different every hour! The lucky ones were the ones who got me early in the day…!

Headed around to the Markets to jump on the bus to Nottingham. Pagey ha turned up with a load of Skittles Vodka and miniature whiskey etc so they ended up being passed around. Nice!

Most of the conversations of the entire weekend are either too lewd or inappropriate to mention here…

Got to the Nottingham Gateway Hotel and checked in and dumped our stuff before hitting the hotel bar for a few games of Free pool and some more beers before jumping in taxis to Hooters. I hit a wall at Hooters but Lawlor sorted me out with Full Fat Coke and shitloads of food. I perked back up.


Then we hit Pitcher & Piano…where the bouncer wouldn’t even let me wear my wig! Boooooooooo!

And there my knowledge of what went down ended. I vaguely remember being handcuffed to Kev for hours and no-one giving us the key! Haha. It was about half 2 when we bailed out and had a pizza back at the hotel.

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1 Response to Page 53/364 – The Stag Do Day 1

  1. adie1979 says:

    I love the fact that a hooters outfit wasn’t quite enough and they found the need to give you a nice little hello kitty purse 🙂

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