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Raspberry Pi Fight Stick Console Build pt2

Back on with this today. Picked up a pack of 3M strong hanging strips from ASDA today. It’s basically like a form of velcro that holds really fast. I wasn’t sure whether it would work but it would be worth … Continue reading

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072/2014 : Back in fantasy land

Yesterday a retro gaming pad arrived. So now Final Fantasy 7 is getting a battering on the laptop. It’s one that’s easy to play whilst Elle is watching shows like America’s Next Top Model and I am pretending not to … Continue reading

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049/2014 : Titanfall

Oh. My. GOD! That is all. I don’t think we’re allowed to really talk about it. That’s usually the way that Beta testing works. Although it is an open beta so I don’t know. Just get the beta and play … Continue reading

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Page 360/365 : The Short Passing Game (Actually 361/365)

Played a bit of FIFA 14 tonight. Only problem was that I decided to start to learn about the game a bit more by doing the skills test…and I came up against the short passing game. The game is simple. … Continue reading

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Page 279/365 : The Heat Is On!

Interesting day. Played a little bit of GTA this morning. Needed to get up and sort some stuff out. Went shopping and headed up to Morley. Had just topped the oil up in the car. And when we got up … Continue reading

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Page 141/365 : XboxOne

It’s finally here. Tonight from 6pm, Xbox Live hosted a live broadcast of the launch of XboxOne, the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s gaming console and what have they done? Well XboxOne will come packaged with the new Kinect which is … Continue reading

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Completed Game Review : LA Noire

Rockstar, famous for the thrilling Grand Theft Auto series, make a move into the gritty with LA Noire, a game set in and around a 1940’s Los Angeles. You control Officer Cole Phelps, a guy fresh out of the US … Continue reading

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Page 75/365 : White and Noir

Early kickoff today for the Leeds game (bear with me people, this while blog ain’t about Leeds United) My Dad came to the game with me. It was the Paint It White campaign today. I didn’t win any of the … Continue reading

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