Advent Calendars – Day 1

Merry Christmas everyone.

Welcome to the start of December and everyone’s favourite day. You have probably had the Advent Calendars in the house since around August and now it’s finally time to open up Door #1 on the run up to Christmas.

There are three of us in our house….we have five Advent Calendars. Althea has one. We have two each. The reason for this is simple. We got carried away. Back in September I saw a Reese’s advent calendar and anticipating massive shortages, and an unhappy wife, I paid over the odds to buy one before the price wars started and I could have probably picked one up for half the price. Either way…she had one

Staying with Elle, she came home from work with a Yankee Candle one too yesterday so that is also in the morning opening routine. 

Althea has a simple Millions one. How can this fail? She loves Millions right? More on that shortly…

Then onto me. Elle originally got me a Haribo one. I love Haribo, and the fact I would get to open a packet of them every day and snaffle them like a big kid was very appealing. Plus…it was the largest out of all the ones I could see! 

I ended up with a second one simply because someone made it.

Every now and then, someone, somewhere in the world, is elevated to genius status. It just takes that one idea to set the world on fire and cause a stir, getting people talking and making things fly off the shelf…and by God have they done it!

It’s a Cheese advent calendar. Just let that sink in for a moment….




Made by “So Wrong It’s Mom” after unprecedented demand, ASDA were the first supermarket to stock this beast. 24 cheeses…a cheese a day! This was truly a Christmas Miracle!

So the anticipation began to build and now here we are on opening day. Lets see how each calendar fared on Day 1.

First up…Millions…

This one caused utter carnage…mainly because in the packaging, two small bags of millions were in the tray for today, not one. We realised that some had dropped out of the #10 door so wedged them back into the box…but they were the pink ones. Althea has seen them. She now has green ones in her hand….and, despite having never tasted them in her life…those words were spoken….”I don’t like them!”

Cue tears. Cue arguments about wanting the pink ones and then telling her she will have to wait 9 days for them (I didn’t have to tell her that but life is a hard, harsh lesson!)

In the end she ate some of them. So I would call it a minor success for the Millions.

Next up the Reese’s. Now, this is where I was unhappy. Check it out.

It’s clear that this is just going to be a box filled with 23 of the exact same thing. Nothing fancy, no song and dance. Not even a Christmas message on the inside of the door. Even the Millions one said “Christmas starts here” on the door.

Next up was Elle’s Yankee Candle one.

Again, no message on the inside. But the worst part of this was the candle. No indication as to the flavour. Was it a special Christmassy one, or just one that will have been laying around in the Yankee factory that they couldn’t shift throughout the year. Poor.

Onto the Haribo now. Pointless fact…Haribo is called that after Hans Riegel who set the company up in Bonne, Germany. Take the first two letters of his name and city and you get “Haribo”. 

And I certainly got Haribo! They were special Winterland Haribo. Well done guys! You nailed it!

But then…there was the cheese advent calendar. Here we go.

This calendar truly had everything. It opened up in a book-style so you could access the windows. Opening the window #1 I first noticed that we had a Joke…a bad one, but a joke none-the-less. I wonder what Cheese related comedy we will get in the next few days….

The Cheese was a Jarlsberg….and I will be honest, it wasn’t my favourite. Hopefully it will be a tastier one tomorrow!

Join us again tomorrow for Advent Calendar #2

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