What a day

A day I could have done without. 

Started getting chest pains at work today. I often get pains but linked to gastro problems with reflux etc. but this one felt stronger and worse than any other. 

Ended up at St James’ in an ambulance. ECG machine hook up etc. had bloods taken around midday but needed more taking at 10:30pm to rule out any heart problems. 

Thankfully all the ECGs and bloods came back completely normal so they are ruling out anything heart related, which is a huge relief…but what the hell is it? It’s scary when it happens and today was the scariest episode yet!

So I guess my Thank Yous today are numerous. Thanks to all the staff at St James’ who dealt with me today. Everyone was lovely and professional and an absolute credit to the NHS. Thank you to Elle who rushed down to hospital to be with me. Also to my Mum and Dad who came down too to check I was OK. And to Elle’s mum Janet who looked after Althea whilst we were down at the hospital, Dave for picking up my car from work And to all my friends who sent well wishes on Facebook. 

Love you all


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