Red Sparrow – Movie Review

James Bond this ain’t! There’s no shaken Martini’s in sight, nor are there gadgets galore.

But Red Sparrow is a spy film of the highest calibre.

Jennifer Lawrence plays Russian ballerina Dominika who, following a horrific accident which sets the tone for the rest of the film, struggles to come out of rehab with any real purpose in life.

This is where her Uncle Vanya (Matthias Schoenaerts) comes in. He gives her a small job to do for him which ultimate goes very wrong. Because of her actions, her uncle recruits her to the Russian spy network known only as “The Sparrows”

Here Dominika is taught, along with other women and men, how to use the art of seduction to get whatever you want from the other sex.

Then Dominika is sent on her mission to find a missing Mole in the Russian Spy Network who has been working with American Nate Nash (Joel Edgerton)

We are then treated to a strange yet compelling story of double crossed, seduction and often times brutal account of Dominika’s mission.

First of all, let me say that Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant in this. She is vulnerable whilst remaining in control of some situations. She is unbelievably sexy when it calls for it and she really carries off the part so well that she can be forgiven for the dodgy Russian accent which keeps slipping back to her native American

Joel Edgerton, clearly in the role to also be the eye candy for the ladies, carries the CIA Agent role well without stretching himself too far. It’s a role that anyone could have played. There’s not much depth to his character at all but it serves a purpose.

There’s a great supporting cast from Joely Richardson to Jeremy Irons and to Charlotte Rampling who is nasty, yet understanding as the Matron of the school Dominika is sent to.

The film does get pretty confusing mid way through. There’s a lot of Russian names thrown about which can have you tilting your head thinking “who are they talking about again?”

Some of the set pieces are brutally brilliant. This is not a nice film that you would take your Granny to watch. It’s violent and gritty.

Great performances, gripping storyline and everything comes together nicely at the end.

A solid 8/10 from me for Red Sparrow

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