Blackout Day 1

So we’re on with my Social Media blackout. I’m only going on Facebook to sort my football prediction league out, I’ve completely logged out of all Twitter accounts (by all I mean my @FameAsser one and the @ToplessMovies one that I run). 

The reason for this was in yesterday’s blog…attempting to avoid anything Star Wars related until I can get to the cinema on Sunday morning and watch the film for myself. 

So far, so good. I’ve had random people telling me things like “Yoda is Darth Vader’s pet” and stuff like that…but so far spoiler free. 

I have also heard people talking about it as the greatest Star Wars film ever…now THAT is some claim!

Am I missing Social Media? Possibly. I’m finding it more frustrating that not. It’s those convenient times…like nipping to the loo, when it feels like an issue. I find I get quickly bored in my own company but Candy Crush is seeing me through.  
In other news today…you are now reading the blog of the official ASDA Finance Team Player Of The Year 2015! Oh HELL YEAH!

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