You Can’t Beat A Bit Of Bully


Tonight on Challenge TV aired a documentary all about Bullseye, the much-loved darts/general knowledge based show which brought the pub sport to a whole new audience. 

Back in 2006, hot on the heels of being a contestant on Deal Or No Deal, I saw that Bullseye was coming back…and I applied with my Dad. We got on. Dave Spikey was hosting it and it was going to be on Challenge TV…and even better news was that it was going to be filmed in Leeds, so literally around the corner from us. 

I remember getting to the studio and my Dad being really nervous. My Mum, sister Laura, my Grandad and Mally from Deal Or No Deal came to watch us filming. 

When we were in the green room having a few throws of the darts, we found out that the two women we were playing against were our biggest rivals…their dart-thrower was a County Champion…!

So into the studio we went and my Dad had a practice throw on the famous Bullseye dartboard…he hit the edge of the board and the dart flew out and just missed Tony Green’s big toe by about an inch…I knew which way this was going…but all that was confirmed when I asked for Showbiz for the first category, which was the top left of the board…and my Dad hits Faces in the bottom left! Luckily I knew it was George Clooney so we were cooking…£30 banked!

The next round of darts we didn’t fare too well again…Dad just missed spelling and hit Britain and I couldn’t name some motorway in Scotland. 

But in the third round, my Dad nailed Spelling for £30 and I successfully spelt Chihuahua for another £100. 

In the second round, we didn’t add to that total at all because the County darts player was just too good. 

So we came second…we had our money counted out for us by Dave and off we went with our Bendy Bully, tankard and darts. 

The women who did win the show actually went on to score some decent prizes in the Prize Board then greedily gambled them all and lost…now I’m not saying I sniggered to myself………but I did!
So that’s why we were part of tonight’s documentary, talking about the history of Bullseye and reminiscing with the likes of Linda Lusardi and Gary Wilmot!

It was a true honour and privilege to have been part of such an iconic show and to have been part of a great documentary produced for you by some lovely people. 

If you missed it, it’s going to be shown again tomorrow at 8pm on Sky One


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