Day 4 : Fair Ball

Lie in! Lie in! Lie in!

Yup we didn’t have to up and about until 10am this morning which was very welcome indeed. 

Pretty relaxing day all around…until the last hour…but here’s the story of the day. 

First up was the Associates Fair. Basically we all got taken to a field in the middle of nowhere and loads of Suppliers had set up stalls and were giving out freebies of absolutely everything! Want a load of Monster energy drink? You got it! As much hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches as you can hammer? Yum yum!

We got mixers to put into water drinks, keyrings, pin badges, protein shake bottles etc. It was great. 

I got to ride a NASCAR simulator (I crashed a lot), meet a UFC champion, drive remote control cars, Create a dog tag and pet a Zorse…! 

After the fair we headed to Arvest Ballpark, home of the Northwest Arkansas Naturals who were playing the San Antonio Missions. 

When we got into the ballpark I got talking to some guys who worked there and they were signing people up to do things during the innings breaks. 

And that’s how I ended up stood on top of the Home Team dugout after the 3rd innings singing Katy Perry’s “Roar” to win a baseball and a T-Shirt. 

It was a good game. There was a really questionable call by the Home Plate umpire to let the Naturals go in the lead but it was all good and they won 5-1 in the end. 

Go Naturals!

Then back to the dorms and it was time for Swap Swap where all the international colleagues start swapping all their gear. I met up with Canadian Don from earlier in the week and we did loads of exchanges. I now have a load of Canadian gear!

Then it was time for bed…tomorrow is a 3am start and I needed to pack all my gear. And the problem with having a room on your own AND being a messy bugger is that I had loads of stuff to sort out and pack up! Oops!

Pictures available once I get better reception. 

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