061/2014 : Slumdog & Slumming

Slummed about all day. Played catchup on loads of TV. Also watched Slumdog Millionaire which Elle has never seen.

Watched more Dodgers Spring Training. I am still watching so the game isn’t over yet. 1-0 to the Dodgers vs Padres so far. Can’t wait for the season to start proper.

Looking forward to work tomorrow. Sending my first project out into the world for people to use. Hopefully it won’t break and everyone will love the system! Gotta present it first to all the team leaders tomorrow! Wish me luck!

Oscars tonight. I wish I had the ability to stay up and watch. Why do they do them on a Sunday every year??? Pointless recording it too. There’s no escaping the results. Hoping DiCaprio picks up Best Actor for Wolf Of Wall Street, although I get the feeling that 12 Years A Slave will be the big winner.

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