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2016.2.7 – Cousins and Sleepy films

Had my Niece Megan over for a few hours today to play with Althea. They had loads of fun. We went to play in the new park that’s just been built on the Moor near us. Attempted to watch The … Continue reading

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061/2014 : Slumdog & Slumming

Slummed about all day. Played catchup on loads of TV. Also watched Slumdog Millionaire which Elle has never seen. Watched more Dodgers Spring Training. I am still watching so the game isn’t over yet. 1-0 to the Dodgers vs Padres … Continue reading

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060/2014 : Leonardo Overload

Decided this morning to watch The Great Gatsby. Neither of us had seen it so it seemed like a good idea. I wasn’t a massive fan of it though. Visually it was great and striking but the story was a … Continue reading

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025/2014 : SoA Complete

23 days after we started watching Sons Of Anarchy from the beginning, we get to the end of the sixth season, bringing us fully up to date with the rest of the world. Wow! What a ride! Now we need … Continue reading

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