Page 365/365 : 2013…what a year!

What an action packed and fun filled year. 2013 was already shaping up to be a good one and I knew it right back on January 1st when the decision was made to write a daily blog of my life.

Yeah sure, some days have been massively boring with nothing more than saying what we watched on TV etc, but there’s been a lot of fun days too.

▪️We placed our first ever Geocaches in Middleton Park. Unfortunately later in in the year they were stolen and had to be archived! Booo!
▪️I appeared on Tipping Point on ITV which I had recorded back in 2012. People laughed at me for gambling! Ouch!
▪️We watched Blood Brothers at the theatre.

▪️We saw Train live in Leeds the night before I went to Nottingham on my Stag Do for a cracking weekend

▪️Elle went on her Hen Do to Chester and I attended Jess & Ash’s wedding down in Wales.
▪️We mourned Paul Bearer who died.
▪️We went to Northumberland for Katy & Kinney’s wedding.
▪️Watched a cracking documentary about The Queen and wrote a letter to Buckingham Palace.
▪️Paid respects to a friends’ father who passed away.

▪️Crooksy wound us all up pretending he was in New York for Wrestlemania when he wasn’t.
▪️Then the best day ever…our wedding day. April 20th 2013 was the day Elle said “I Do” and became my wife. What a wonderful day was had by all. I even managed to fit a bit of Marching On Together into my wedding speech!
▪️Then it was off on Honeymoon. We went to Yellowtop Country Park in York for a short stop off before heading to Las Vegas. The MGM Grand was amazing and massive, we walked miles, we went to the Grand Canyon & Hooters, then had a second wedding with Elvis and went back to Hooters and got wasted, then we drove to LA and I fell in love with baseball and The Dodgers.

▪️Still on honeymoon we did Universal Hollywood then drove to Pismo Beach for a relaxing few days, eating at the Cracked Crab, before heading back to Vegas and The Venetian which took in Penn & Teller, Rock Of Ages on stage and Fremont Street…and who can forget Denny’s!
▪️Back home we saw The Full Monty on stage which was brilliant too.
▪️The Xbox One was announced and looked amazing.
▪️We went camping together for the first time in Colton and absolutely loved it. We need to do that more in 2014.
▪️Finished off the month saying goodbye to a load of workmates who had been made redundant.

▪️News broke that Matt Smith was stepping down as Doctor Who.
▪️We had fully caught up with Game Of Thrones and watched the end of Season 3.
▪️£50k Friday competition on Real Radio sparked some controversy when I managed to get through three times and get through to the final. Spent a cracking day in the studio with Dixie & Gayle but failed to win the £50k after being knocked out by a Michael Jackson question! Gutted!
▪️Went to see Bon Jovi in Manchester. Amazing, even though Richie Sambora wasn’t there.
▪️Saw Robbie Williams live in Manchester too. Awesome show. He was supported by Olly Murs who was great too.
▪️Did the 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Run in Manchester which was one of the most fun things ever! I managed to get the entire way around it without being caught. Amazing!

▪️My Dad turned 60 in July and it was nice to see him.
▪️Also our friends Emma & Luke got married on the hottest day ever!
▪️Cory Monteith from Glee died.
▪️Superman Vs Batman announced! Hell yeah!
▪️The Royal baby is born.
▪️Ken Bates is ousted as Leeds Chairman much to the delight of the fans.
▪️Attended two christenings on the same day – Kev & Kim’s Millie as well as Elle’s work friend’s baby.

▪️Saw the International Space Station pass over for the first time ever.
▪️Megan had her 4th birthday party an Rich and I played Darts for ages whilst Elle did a tonne of face painting.
▪️Started suffering with my Chest again.
▪️Ben Affleck announced as the new Batman….Hahahahahah!
▪️Had a Gangster’s & Gal’s party at Lawlor’s.

▪️Went to Knightcon at Xscape with Lawlor for Stars n Cars which was ace.
▪️Megan started school.
▪️I was Ineligible to play the second £50k Friday game.
▪️Discovered Breaking Bad and started to hammer that.
▪️Auditioned for Show Me The Telly with Lawlor.
▪️Dodgers win the league.
▪️I bought Grand Theft Auto 5…Wow!
▪️Watched the finale of Dexter and was let down massively.

▪️Went to Leeds First Direct Arena for the first time to see Danny Elfman’s music from the films of Tim Burton. It was a cracking arena.
▪️Became an uncle for the second time when Elle’s Sister gave birth to Seren.
▪️Dodgers were knocked out in the Playoffs…typical!
▪️Filmed Show Me The Telly where Steve, Lawlor and I took on Denise Van Outen, Andi Peters and Chris Tarrant. It was a brilliant day filming. Loved every minute of it.

▪️Did Movember and grew the worst moustache ever.
▪️Watched the first ever WWE event from Leeds at the First Direct Arena.
▪️Cashed in the hotel holiday I won on Tipping Point and visited the Woolpack.

▪️Nelson Mandela died.
▪️Massive mid-season finale of The Walking Dead!
▪️Show Me The Telly was shown.
▪️Saw the Boxing at the First Direct Arena.
▪️Got an Xbox One for Christmas!

What an amazing year. Let’s hope 2014 brings more of the same!

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4 Responses to Page 365/365 : 2013…what a year!

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    Dave, we made it. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t read everything you’ve posted but it’s been nice to know that there has been someone nearby suffering that daily feeling of, “what the hell am I going to write about tonight?!” Our work may not go down as the greatest works of the 21st Century but they do show the lives of modern men in 2013! Well done fella.

  2. Now then Dave, Great to have met your team briefly on that Tuesday Morning for Show me the Telly (My lot were the 1st team to record on that morning and your team were the reserves that day if you remember). I see you also did a certain audition last Monday like I did (Did the Midday audition) and there is probably one word to sum up my efforts with that and it’s “merde” ;).

    Anyway hope 2014 is a good one for you and that you get on many other game shows and who knows maybe our paths may cross again!

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