Giving up!

Right…the novelty has worn off. The plan was to do a daily blog…but this year has been especially tough. I’m finding very little to talk about on here so I’m stopping the daily updates on here. But I will still be blogging, so hey, wipe away those tears of distraught anguish…all is not lost!

I started the daily blog at the beginning of 2013. It was set to be a really big and fun year, which it was, and I stuck to it religiously in order to prove a point that I could do it. I managed it throughout 2013 and thoroughly enjoyed it, but now it’s just a chore and I am going to just post when I have something interesting to say….which may end up being quite often…we’ll see!

It was nice and fun whilst it lasted, but I am sure no-one will really care that I ain’t doing it every day…although the visitor stats do say differently!

If anyone wants to start a “get back to daily blogs” petition, then feel free to do so obviously…all pain and suffering of readers who stress about not knowing what will be going on in my daily life will be duly noted and I will acknowledge everything. (Unless you’re a porn bot, in which case I will just delete you!)

But for now, adios….(I’ll probably post tomorrow anyway…it just means I don’t need to commit to every day.)

Speaking of giving up…went to see Leeds lose to Charlton at Elland Road tonight. Shambolic. Yes, there’s a tonne of stuff happening off the pitch, but once the players go out there and that first whistle is blown, it’s up to them. Charlton were a poor team, but we made them look better than us. We get giddy if we put three passes together. We have nothing happening in the middle of the pitch. It’s embarrassing to watch sometimes. All we ask for, as fans, is a little commitment from the team, some pressure and opportunities but they just don’t come unfortunately.

There’s still a fear that administration could be looming, which would be an absolute disaster because I am not even sure we’d be able to fight our way to safety!

Anyway…the Dodgers are about to start playing…hopefully they can put in a better performance!

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