Cash (and Car Park) Trapped

Audition day today!

I’d got an audition for a brand new show but had to travel all the way down to Bristol for the audition as I missed the Manchester auditions whilst I was away in America last week and these were the easiest to get to. 

I set my alarm for 5am as I needed to be at my 10am audition. That would give me plenty of time for the journey down…..

…my alarm went off at 6am…well Elle’s did, I clearly slept straight through mine. So once I got dressed and in the car…I literally had 3 and half hours to do a 3 and half hour journey…traffic and 50mph zones excluded…this was going to be tight. 

Anyway…lets just say I made it to Bristol for 10am…which I did…I’m sure the motorway police have much better things to do than chase down speeding cars on their way to auditions…

But in Bristol, the fun began. I phoned ahead to the TV guys to let them know that I was running ten minutes late. As I pulled up to the Holiday Inn, I went into the NCP attached to it to park (the hotel said they would validate parking). 

There was a 24hr barrier that raised automatically to let me in. That raised up then went down behind me. I pulled up to the actual NCP barrier to find that there were no spaces available…so I could just reverse back right? Wrong! The 24hr barrier wouldn’t go back up for me…and the barrier into the NCP itself wouldn’t let me in because there were no spaces left. 

I pushed the assistance buzzer but they had no control over the barriers at all and told me I would just have to wait until someone left the car park! Great!

Someone came into the car park behind me and the 24hr barrier rose up…but when I tried to reverse out of it, the barrier closes again! I was trapped!

After about ten minutes (and a couple of frantic calls to the TV people) someone left the car park and I darted in to get the only available space in the car park. 

I made my apologies on arriving at the audition which had lucklily Not started without me!

All details of the new show are top secret though…but fingers crossed for me…it’s going to be a good one…!

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