Day 5 : Shareholders

The day had finally arrived. The whole reason we were here in America for a week…the final Shareholders meeting. 

It was a super early start today…4am meet up to check out of our dorms and check into our flights. They bring Northwest Arkansas airport to the University for the morning so we can check out properly. They take our bags off us and we just pray we get them back on the other end..!

After our final breakfast it was off into the Bud Walton Arena again for the meeting. The shareholders meeting is the official AGM for Walmart…its just bigger and more fun. So all the normal business was attended to. Shareholders were allowed to vote on motions presented to the business, annual figures were revealed and plans for the next year were spoken about. 
Oh yeah…and the whole event was hosted by James Corden…oh and 80’s musical act Maxwell performed…as did Joe Jonas…oh and Katy Perry headlined with three songs…just your average work meeting!

There was one great moment where CEO Doug Mcmillon (remember Doug from Wednesday’s blog? My mate Doug) was talking about a guy called Dwight who had won an award for integrity and Doig talked about how hard Dwight worked etc…before presenting him with his Assistant Manager promotion which he had no idea he was getting. It was fantastic!

James Corden was amazing though. He was so funny. He was literally ripping the piss out of the top Walmart execs all night long. Mainly Doug for looking so young and Greg Penner for marrying Rob Walton’s daughter!

And that was it. Week over. 

We hung around for a bit before heading to the airport (after playing an awesome game of “Flags” on the way) and we jumped on our plane to Chicago hen back to Manchester. 

It’s been a truly incredible week spent with some amazing people. We’ve had so much fun together. We’ve not stopped laughing all week and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend this week than with all of them. It was sad leaving them all but hopefully it won’t be the last time we all see each other. 

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