Alien Isolation – Completed

Just turned off the Xbox One after FINALLY completing Alien Isolation. 

What a game!

Simply put, it’s the most frightening, atmospheric experience I have ever witnessed on a game. 

You really are there. You feel part of the crew aboard the Sevastopol, stranded out in deep space whilst on a mission to find the Nostromo (a ship you may recognise from “Alien”). 

You play the game as Amanda Ripley, daughter of Sigourney Weaver’s movie heroine Ellen and you start off on a fairly slow pace, knowing something is wrong and something big is about to go down. 

That thing that’s going down is The Alien…commonly known as “The Bitch” or on the 300th time she kills you, the “fucking bastard mouth-stabbing long-fingered slimy impossible to kill twat!”  She’s been called that on more than one occasion let me tell you. 

Once she turns up, the game goes into overdrive. Initially she’ll just be stalking the ship. But eventually she’ll know you’re there and she’ll come looking for you. 

The game is never the same twice. The Alien has a life of it’s own. One time it’ll be dropping from a bent directly above your head, another time she’ll come up behind you and spike you clean through your back and out I’ve the front before clawing at your face.

When she appears, you fine a way to avoid her. There’s no killing her here and essentially this is an entire game with just One bad guy…until the Droids come into play and open up a whole new world of pain. 

Save points are few and far between…ammo even more scarce. There are puzzles to solve in the way of unlocking doors through matching symbols, or powering up generators to get things active. 

You’re going to die. You are going to die a lot. Get used it…you’ll get there in the end. 

Such an amazing game. Absolutely terrifying but equally rewarding. As you hit the next save point the sense of relief flows all over you. 

Become part of the crew…but make sure you look up to overhead vents and suchlike 😉

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