063/2014 : Pancake overload!

That time of year again when we all stuff our faces with batter-based products stuffed with everything from chocolate to peanut butter to strawberries to cream.

Pancake day.

A religious ceremony to use up all the contents of the cupboard before Lent which starts tomorrow. Nowadays, it’s just pancake day. Ask people the meaning and I bet less than 50% know.

But I ain’t gonna bible-bash, basically because I don’t even go to church so it’s very blaspheme of me to be saying anything in the first place. But still.

My big new system went live at work today and was well received. People liked it and were using it. Feels good to have completed my first project and release it into the world. I feel like a proud parent dropping a kid off for their first day of school, unaware as to whether at home time the teacher will be saying the kid was a little shit or whether he was good as gold.

Watched WWE Raw which was pretty good. They are really building everything. Up really well in the run up into Mania. Cannot wait for that now.

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