Gains, Train and Automob-eels

Can I just start off by saying I think I might have excelled myself in the Headline stakes here – “Gains, Train and Automob-eels” might be my greatest moment. Lets see how everything fits together.

So Saturday started off, as explained in a previous blog, with putting 2.5lb on at Slimming World (“Gains”) which wasn’t ideal…but we had a good weekend to look forward to.

Set off for Birmingham around midday (Automobiles). Checked in the Ibis near the O2 Academy in Birmingham…the hotel can only be described as “the type of place where you get murdered!”. I was making light of it…but the OH (oh look I used blogger-speak) literally thought we were going to die in that hotel. I had to stop her wedging a door under all the handles when we were in there!


We were in Birmingham to see Train (“Train” in the headline) at the O2 Academy…but first…Sushi!

I love a good bit of sushi, and in Birmingham is an all-you-can-eat Sushi & Grill restaurant called Kyoto Sushi and Grill that we had to try out.

It was only £22 each to have as much sushi as you want! And DAMN did we eat that sushi! We ended up having no less than 60….yes that’s not a type…SIXTY dishes between us. Bear in mind a “dish” is a single serving of something, so one piece of Sushi or three mini rolls etc.

It was so much fun…my favourite piece being the Eel (and there we complete the Headline “-eels”)


Then it was onto Train at the Academy. I have seen them twice before but this was even better. We were fairly close, they sang all their best (and my favourite) songs and even better…after the show we were able to meet Pat by the stage door. Genuinely a lovely bloke.


Oh…and we didn’t get murdered!

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