2016.1.6 – Big Brother anyone?

Nah not the Celebrity one I banged on about last night…but the REAL Big Brother is looking for victims for another series. 

I auditions years ago for it. It was back for Series 5 I believe. The auditions were happening at the CoOp building in Manchester. Got up about 5am and walked across Manchester on what had to be THE coldest day ever. 

Waited in line and got chatting to the rest of the freaks in the queue. It was a real eye opener.

I didn’t get seen until about half 10. They pulled 6 of us in front of a researcher and then one by one we had to come out to the front and talk about why we would be good for Big Brother. At the time I wasn’t quite as outgoing as I am now…I didn’t have that showman side to me so it very much went like me just chatting about why I would be a laugh in there and how I’d end up being a shoulder to cry on etc. It was really shit and I definitely didn’t put myself out there as much as I should. 

After everyone had done their bit, we had to line up and hold out our hands. If we got a stamp on the hand, we were through…

…I didn’t get one. 

And my Big Brother dream was over. 

But now…now would be a whole different story……..!

Now do I go for it now…? 


Oh and in other news…I got some straight pasta in my pasta twists. Could this be a sign…?  Of what I have no idea!


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