Ralph Breaks The Internet – Film #102

Fix it or Wreck It?


6 years ago, Disney released a film which didn’t feel like it had been made for kids…Wreck It Ralph was clearly aimed at me and you. Thirty-somethings who grew up with arcades and those old school videogame cabinets, with our hands firmly on joysticks, bashing red buttons, shovelling 10p pieces into the slots.

It worked on such a great level…so finding out that there was a sequel coming, naturally I was excited.

Here we move along 6 years, the same length of time since the first film was released, and when the owner of the arcade plugs in a WiFi router, and Venelope’s game breaks, they head into the Internet to find a replacement part and ship it back to the arcade so that the machine doesn’t get switched off.

And it’s inside the internet where most of the film’s action takes place. The product placement is crazy…but who wouldn’t want their product inside the latest Disney film? The Cameo Count is absolutely off the charts. If you have seen the trailer you will have seen loads of them. The Disney Princesses are actually some of the best parts of the film. There’s a scene of them having a slumber party and all the princesses are wearing PJs with slogans on them that relate to their films. Great little nods to all the references in there.

And this film is full of little nods. Chocka-block full of them.

But where the film grinds to a little bit of a halt for me is the lack of real peril. There’s no antagonist in the film which was such a fundamental part of the first one. It just feels like it’s lacking any kind of evil to counteract Ralph and Venelope’s good.

The film does work though…and top tip…watch ALL the credits until the very end. There’s a nice little mid-credit scene…then one at the VERY end which is not to be missed.

Decent, but just missing out on something that could have made it special


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