Escape From New York – Film #101

Snake… Solid or not?

So let me start off by telling you that I have never seen this movie… It came out in the year that I was born and in all these 37 years I haven’t got around to watching it.
So when Cineworld had it on for a one night special, it seemed perfect to go and catch it.
Is a fun romp which feels pretty dated but is still very watchable.
The score was brilliant and the whole film ferrite like it was pumping with the same piece of synthesised beat throughout. It is definitely a John Carpenter thing as well as being an 80’s thing. You just don’t get iconic tunes thrumming through a film like this and the likes of Beverly Hills Cop… Tunes which became iconic and made superstars of their composers.

If you haven’t got around to seeing Snake Pliskin in action yet, give it a go

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