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Ralph Breaks The Internet – Film #102

Fix it or Wreck It? 6 years ago, Disney released a film which didn’t feel like it had been made for kids…Wreck It Ralph was clearly aimed at me and you. Thirty-somethings who grew up with arcades and those old … Continue reading

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Film #1,200 – Rio

I am a fan of animated films, being a big kid at heart. The soon-to-be-released Wreck It Ralph is a modern favourite (I saw on a freebie preview…click here to see my review). Only yesterday we re-watched Toy Story 3 for … Continue reading

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Wreck It Ralph – Film #1,194

Disney have done it again. Following the massive success of the Toy Story Trilogy, with its all-round appeal to kids and adults alike, along comes Wreck It Ralph, the story of Ralph (Voiced by John C. Reilly) an arcade game … Continue reading

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