Creed 2 – Film #103

Knockout, or throwing in the towel?


Rocky 4 was my favourite Rocky film. I will literally fight anyone over it…WWE Wrestlers, Mr T, anyone!

Rocky vs Drago is perfect. It’s brutal and brilliant all in one. It’s like a 2hr long music video with some fighting in it.

I enjoyed Creed 1, so when they announced a second one, I was looking forward to it…but when they announced it would feature Adonis vs Drago Jr, this was truly too perfect.

And this film is too well done to pick any fault with it. It handles the story following Rocky 4 in a really good way. Creed is wanting to avenge his father’s death in someway, but Rocky knows what it’s like to fight a Drago and warns him off.

Cue training montage (no 80s power ballads here though).

The fight scenes are immense. The story is great.

Go see this


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