Game Night – Movie Review


Sibling rivaly will always be high on the list of family dysfunctions. I cannot even look at a Monopoly board without having horrible nightmare inducing flashbacks to my younger sister flipping the board and sending tiny houses, paper money and a metal cast of an iron flying across the room…or arguments over whether half the words that went down onto the Scrabble board were actually words at all (this was before the days of just looking it up on your phone by the way).

So instantly, I saw the appeal of “Game Night” the movie. This isn’t a live-action recreation of a frantic game of Battleships….that’s been done before…this is the story of Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams), a couple who were brought together through their love of quizzing and board gaming. They host a weekly Game Night where they get together with other couples and play their favourite board games, from Taboo to charades, from Monopoly to anything else they can use to keep a competitive evening up and running.

There’s a side story about how Max and Annie are struggling to conceive, which gets put down to Max’s stress at his brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) coming to town. Max has always struggled to beat Brooks at anything, and is the perfect example of what a successful older brother should be…flash cars, big houses, amazing job.

But when Brooks introduces the group to a new game, one in which one of the group will be kidnapped.

Everything goes wrong.

There’s a real life kidnapping and the group have to race against time to figure out how and why everything has been turned on it’s head.

Now, from that description you would think we were talking about a thriller here…but we’re not…we’re dealing with a full on, no holds barred comedy. It’s brutally funny in places and the characters are perfect. From Ryan who brings a different date to every Game Night, to the life-partner couple Kevin and Michelle who find out a few truths about their relationship and move the comedy forward through that.

There’s the creepy next door neighbour who just wants some friends, played to chilling perfection by Jesse Plemons.

Game Night is laugh out very loud funny from start to end. I was laughing before the title card even showed on the screen, and was laughing all the way to the end of the end credits for the post-credits scene (stay in your seats boys and girls)

Possibly the funniest film I have ever seen…this is going straight in with a 10/10.

If you enjoyed Horrible Bosses, you will love this delight from the same guys.

The film is released on March 2nd in the UK.

Go see it in the cinema…comedy works better in a group setting!

Check out the trailer here :

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